Freshman Advisers

Trumbull College freshmen are all assigned to a faculty adviser for their first year; in subsequent years they may choose to remain with the same adviser or pursue others who may be more closely suited to their field of study. The faculty advisers for the 2015-2016 year are listed below.

2017-18 Trumbull College Freshman Faculty Advisers:

Pilar Abuin

Center for Teaching and Learning
Email Pilar Abuin

Jasmina Beširević Regan

Assistant Dean, Graduate School
Email Jasmina Beširević Regan

Susan Brady

Beinecke Library
Email Susan Brady

Margaret Clark

Psychology; Head of College
Email Margaret Clark

Christina Coffin

Yale Press
Email Christina Coffin

Margaret Fikrig

Internal Medicine
Email Margaret Fikrig

Moira Fitzgerald

Beinecke Library
Email Moira Fitzgerald

Kirk Freudenburg

Email Kirk Freudenburg

Mark Graham

Molecular Cellular & Developmental Biology
Email Mark Graham

Gregory Huber

Politial Science

Ann Kuhlman

International Students & Scholars
Email Ann Kuhlman

William Massa

Head of Collection Development, Manuscripts & Archives
Email William Massa

Patrick McCreless

Music Department
Email Patrick McCreless

Mark Mitchell

Art Gallery
Email Mark Mitchell

Joan Monin

School of Public Health
Email Joan Monin

Maria Moreno

Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology
Email Maria Moreno

John Murray

Stephen Naron

Fortunoff Archives
Email Stephen Naron

Paul North

Germanic Lang/Lit
Email Paul North

Suzanne Noruschat

Library Manuscripts and Archives
Email Suzanne Noruschat

Michael O'Brien

School of Medicine
Email Michael O'Brien

Kevin O'Connor

School of Medicine
Email Kevin O'Connor

Ruzica Piskac

Computer Science
Email Ruzica Piskac

Frederick Polner

Attorney; Associate Head of College
Email Frederick Polner

Matthew Regan

Cowles Foundation
Email Matthew Regan

Richard Richie

Curator, SE Asian Collection SML
Email Richard Richie

Andrew Shimp

Email Andrew Shimp

Stefan Simon

Preservation Cultural Heritage
Email Stefan Simon

Christina Spiesel

Law School; Artist
Email Christina Spiesel

Sydney Spiesel

School of Medicine/Pediatrics
Email Sydney Spiesel

Kathy Trputec

Yale Summer Session
Email Kathy Trputec

Jack Vees

School of Music

John Wa'Njogu

African Studies
Email John Wa'Njogu

Marta Wells

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Email Marta Wells

R. John Williams

Email R. John Williams

Brendan Woo

Yale School of Management
Email Brendan Woo

Amy Wrzesniewski

School of Mangement
Email Amy Wrzesniewski