Trumbull Notes 8-28-17

August 29, 2017

(I’m sending this out at 9:30 p.m. We have half a chocolate cake and half a Claire’s coffee cake from today’s reception for our fellows who serve as first year advisers. Rocky Mt. Candy Company also sent some Carmel Apples today as samples to each Head of College. I’m taking these items to the Buttery after I send this out. Help yourself.)

Now on to the real Trumbulletin: Welcome first year students and welcome back everyone else. Although Trumbull is full of activity in the summer (summer events and programs use the space) it’s not the same without you all– not the same at all. People come and go for one or two weeks. Faces change all the time. I have no idea whom everyone is. As our Trum-welcome sign goes up on Bingham Hall, as Deb Bellmore’s tent, bagels, coffee, and pizza appear outside Bingham on move-in day and cars pull up with our new students, as I look out the windows from the house and see more and more suite lights on at night in the Trumbull courtyards and the people I know return along with our Dean things feel right again. Trumbull is Trumbull again. It is aglow, active again and filled with greetings, hugs and questions about people’s summers. It’s home again. I hope that our newest community members have enjoyed the move in process, reception, the first year assembly (with great advice from our new Dean of Yale College on avoiding trying to multi-task), family lunch, the first year picnic, and the orientation meetings. Thanks to many. A special shout-out is due to Catherine Yang who did a fabulous job designing our move-in tee shirts. Thanks too to all Trumbullians who came out on Friday to help members of the class of 2021 to move in. Thanks to Deb Bellmore who made sure all had coffee, water, bagels, fruit, pizza and cookies as move in took placed and (wo)maned our tent all day and to Debbie Rueb who organized so many aspects of the opening reception, picnic, luncheon for families and first year dinner and to Karen Eisenman for all her work pulling together the opening reception and first year advisors’ reception. Of course, my thanks to Dean Chandhoke and our FroCos for all the meetings, advising, and duty nights (with many more to come throughout the year.

Hurricane Harvey. We are a community – a truly national and international one. That means that as events happen in the US and the wider world, they very often affect Trumbullians quite directly. Trumbull, it turns out, has many current students from Houston itself and from the surrounding areas in Texas and Lousiana. As the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey unfolds we’ve been in touch with many from the affected areas. So far the good news is that all are well. Yet some homes have flooded and several parents of our students have had long flight delays getting home follow opening days. We wish everyone the best. Of course the situation is still unfolding. Stay in touch and let us know if support is needed.

Events. For those new to Trumbull, know that I try to send out notes relevant to our community each Monday. In that regard here are some dates to keep in mind. We have some events already planned for the coming days. For those of you joining us for the first time, here’s how they work. For trips outside of Trumbull, you sign up in the main office at the Trumbull Aides desk. Sometimes there is a small charge; other times not. Yet we never want this to keep someone from attending so if the cost is an issue, just let me or Deb Bellmore know. For teas and other talks there are no charges and all are welcome. After teas we often hold a dinner with the guest. If more people wish to attend than can be accommodated, we pick students by lottery.

Tuesday, August 28: First Year reception in the house (immediately following the first year lecture) & first year dinner in our dining hall immediately following the reception in the house. We’ll eat well, introduce you to Trumbullians you’ll need to know, have some singing groups coming by, and have a slide show.

Wednesday, August 29: Classes begin.

Saturday, September, 16th: Trumbull sailing trip out of Mystic, Ct. (There’s more to Connecticut than New Haven and the shuttle or train from New York. Come find out. We board a bus at the Trumbull gate, travel to Mystic, and have a two hour sail. We’ll have lunch on board. No sailing skill is needed. I will host this with Associate Head Polner. We’ll have a Trumbull Fellow, Peter Dickenson, aboard. He’s regular volunteer at Mystic Seaport (where he helps curate a collection of unique sailboats) and is very knowledgeable about the area and about sailing.

Saturday, September, 23rd: Yale Symphony Concert in Woolsey Hall featuring Trumbull’s own sophomore James Carrabino. We’re very proud that last year, as a first year student, he won Yale’s Waite Award (a very rare occurrence for a first year student!). We’ve purchased some tickets for our Trumbull students and Fellows, join in.

Saturday, September, 23rd: TrumBall in the main courtyard starting at 10 p.m.. This is run by the TCC. Shah Kahn is in charge this year. We put down a dance floor and tent in the courtyard. We have lots of food and a DJ. All Trumbullians are invited. Trumbullians may bring a guest from a different college if they wish (but it’s not generally open to other colleges—we’ll have tickets with a nominal fee.) Don’t at all feel you must have a date to attend this. It’s a Trumbull event for all Trumbullians. The TCC will be advertising this.

Saturday, Oct. 7: Kayaking trip out of Clinton, Ct. We board a shuttle at the Trumbull gate and travel to Clinton, Ct. (on Long Island Sound). Our leaders are very experienced kayakers and Trumbull Fellows (Rich Wells, Tamar Wells, Robert Clark). I’ll be kayaking myself (love it). We’ll kayak to a beach on the sound and have lunch.

Thursday, Nov. 7: Trumbull Tea with author Ann Packard. Sign up in the main office. All are welcome. For authors, we give priority to those who have read a book or more by the author. If you did that over the summer you can email me right away to get on the list for dinner. (Also if you want to read one, I have some copies. Google her name to read about her and find out about her books.) No experience is necessary

Like the theatre? We have purchased tickets to the Yale Rep for a number of two shows this fall (on Friday evenings). Our Trumbull graduate affiliates host trips to the theatre and go with you and out for dessert afterwards. Watch for notices on this.

A note about that cold weather: It’s been a beautiful for opening days and the fall will continue to be beautiful through October. But then, we must warn those of you are from lovely, consistently warm-weather areas of the country and world, the winter comes. If you’re new to New England, here’s what you need to know. By mid-October, if you don’t already have a good winter coat, get one and by November add a good hat, boots and gloves! It’s still great to get outside in the winter (we’ll ice skate and ski if there’s interest but you really do need the right clothing.) If cost is a problem, see me. If you need advice on what to get, ask any upper class student or check the L.L. Bean or Lands End catalogues on line.

Best wishes for a wonderful year!