Dean’s Notes 12-7-2021

December 7, 2021

Apologies for the delay in sending out Dean’s Notes this week! Here we are: the last week of classes. You’re busy with assignments/exams/papers/projects – hang in there everyone! Know that I’m here to talk. I have a couple of sets of open Zoom hours (one this afternoon!) this week in addition to appointments (see below). Please know that I will hold in-person and Zoom office hours until the last day of finals.

If you want a printout of the Study/Work Plan I included in my first end-of-term notice last week (Subject: Time Management & Planning), please stop by the office to see Leah.

Have a wonderful week! Know that I’m cheering you on!!

Fun fact: 15 years ago (I believe to the day), I visited Yale’s campus for the first time. Why was I here? I was interviewing for a postdoctoral fellow position with Prof. Mark Mooseker in MCDB. I had an amazing visit and started the following summer…and I never left. :)

A friendly reminder about e-mail: As many of you know, it’s very helpful to copy Leah when reaching out with questions. That allows us to triage better. Also, if you find yourself coming up with a series of questions, please set up a meeting with me or visit my open Zoom hours. Finally, particularly when you’re waiting on a reply, make sure “message” is NOT in the e-mail address – we do not receive messages when students reply to Dean’s Notes or other notices (unfortunately). Please e-mail us directly. Thank you.

Meeting with me
To make an appointment, please use the Calendly scheduling tool,, or reach out to Leah with any scheduling issues. I will have a mix of Zoom and in-person meetings each week. Zoom meetings (including open office hours) will be through my Zoom page: For in-person meetings, come to the office – masked, of course.

My OPEN (Zoom) office hours for each week are also listed on my Calendly page (at the top of the main page). No appointment is required. When you click on the Zoom link, you will be placed into a waiting room. I speak (1-on-1) to students in the order they “arrive”. This week, my open hours are: today, Tuesday, 12/7 from 3:00-4:30 and Friday, 12/10 from 2-4pm.

Please note that our office is open Monday-Friday from ~8:45-5:00 (closed during lunch). You shouldn’t hesitate to stop by or call (203-432-0722) to speak with Leah, who is an incredible resource to you (and me!). She can answer many academic questions you may have that are relevant to the end-of-term and also to early registration.


Yale Degree Audit: Yale Degree Audit (YDA) is a tool that tracks your progress toward the bachelor’s degree. YDA is located on the Academics tab of Student Information System (SIS). YDA displays the Yale College degree requirements that you have already completed and those that are still pending. A “Look Ahead” feature shows you how future course enrollment might apply toward your degree. If you believe that academic information in your degree audit is incorrect, contact our office.


December 10 Classes end; reading period begins.
Last day to withdraw from a full-term course and/or a course offered in the second half of the fall term.
Last day to convert from a letter grade to the Credit/D/Fail option.

December 16 Reading period ends, 5pm
Final examinations begin, 7pm
Deadline for all course assignments, other than term papers and term projects. This deadline can be extended only by a Temporary Incomplete authorized by Dean Chandhoke.

December 22 Final examinations end, 5:30pm
Deadline for all term papers and term projects. This deadline can be extended only by a Temporary Incomplete authorized by Dean Chandhoke.

December 23 residences close, 12 noon

JUNIORS and students in their 4th term of enrollment
First-Year Counselor Applications are available online! The application will be open until Monday, January 31st, at 11:59pm. Please note that I will hold an info session in late January.


The Registrar’s Office has extended their Open Zoom Office Hours! Please drop by their office hours with your registration questions!
Thursday 12/9 2:00-3:30
Friday 12/10 1:00-2:00
Monday 12/13 3:00-4:00
Tuesday 12/14 1:00-2:00
Wednesday 12/15 1:00-2:00

Advising: All students are expected to meet with their college adviser or DUS before the close of early registration (December 15th). These conversations are important and help shape your Yale experience in formative ways. Know that I am also here for consultation (see above).
December 15, 5:00 p.m. Early Registration period ends, and the registration worksheets in YCS are closed until the Add/Drop period begins on January 12.

Course Overlap Information:
To enroll in two overlapping courses, you must petition the Committee on Honors and Academic Standing through my office. The rules governing overlaps depend on the type of courses that overlap: namely, whether they are “asynchronous” or “synchronous.” Please see below for details. But regardless of the type of course, it is always the case that:

*petitions to my office are due by the end of Add/Drop period;
*no more than two courses may overlap;
*the express permission of both instructors is necessary, but not itself sufficient, for approval; and
*the two final exam times, as given in Yale Course Search, may not overlap.

Synchronous/Asynchronous Overlaps
Every course must have an in-person synchronous component, such as a lecture, section, or lab. An asynchronous course (as below) refers to a course approved to have a period that does not require in-person meeting at the same time; a synchronous course refers to a fully synchronous course.
(a) Two synchronous courses may have a small and insignificant overlap in meeting times (i.e., no more than 15 minutes once per week, including travel times), with permission from the instructors of both courses, via petition to the residential college dean, so long as the final exams do not overlap.
(b) One asynchronous course may overlap with one synchronous course, including for the full class meeting time, with the permission of both instructors, via petition to the residential college dean, so long as the final exams do not overlap.
(c) Two asynchronous courses may overlap with each other, including for the full class meeting time, with the permission of both instructors, via petition to the residential college dean, so long as the final exams do not overlap.

To petition, here’s what you need to do:
1. Confirm that the final exams for the two courses are not offered at the same time;
2. Explain how enrollment in the two courses is possible, despite the conflict in published meeting times (refer to the information above).
3. Secure both instructors’ explicit (written) permission to take the two overlapping courses
Send the answers to #1 and #2 to me and attach/forward the e-mails from the two instructors to me, with Leah copied on that message, under the email Subject line, “Overlap petition from (your name here).”

Writing Center/Tutors/Partners:;
Sc/QR Tutoring:
Language Tutoring:

Advising Resources;

Trumbull Writing Tutor: Adam Sexton is the Trumbull College Writing Tutor. Adam teaches three courses in the English department (Reading Fiction for Craft, Reading and Writing the Modern Essay, and Writing About Music) and is a Critic in the graduate School of Art. During summer 2022 he will be teaching Writing About Music for Yale in London. Adam is also a writer; his next book, Difficult Listening, is due to be published in 2022.

To meet with Adam, please reserve a half-hour by logging on to, and be sure to email him the document you want help with by 7:00 a.m. on the day of your appointment. Include the instructor’s prompt, your focus for our meeting, and when the paper is due. Adam looks forward to working with you!


Our mission is to help all Yale undergraduate be active, empowered learners at Yale. Though peer academic mentoring, interactive workshops, and connections to resources, we hope to provide you with the tools that can propel you towards your goals.

Individual Mentoring
Get organized by meeting with an Academic Strategies Mentor. Mentors will help you develop a study schedule, offer strategies for approaching complicated readings and p-sets, and help you develop a plan for prepping for final exams. If you’d like to arrange a meeting, please email us at or sign up on our online scheduler.

Meet with our Learning Specialist
Have a learning difference or other condition that affects how you accomplish your academic work? We can talk with you about new approaches for meeting Yale's academic challenges. Contact Academic Strategies Learning Specialist Sarah Cussler ( for an appointment.

Disability Peer Mentorship Program
A collaboration between Academic Strategies and Disability Empowerment at Yale, this program matches students with disabilities with peer mentors who have similar experiences navigating academic life at Yale for individual mentoring. Students can request a mentor via this form: First-year students can also request mentorship and guidance about Student Accessibility Resources through the SAS Peer Liaison Program.

Many of our workshops are now in-person! Register via YaleConnect for location and to access Zoom links:

Public Speaking (in person)
Tuesday, Dec. 7, 4-5 pm
Professors are increasingly asking students to engage in public speaking, from leading class discussion to more formal presentations. This workshop suggests preparation and performance strategies to help you do your best.

Approaches to Your Leave of Absence
Tuesday, Dec. 7, 7-8 pm (online)
Monday, Dec. 13, 4-5 pm (in person)
Planning to take a leave of absence this spring? Join our discussion about how to transition in and out of your leave and practices that can help you make your leave meaningful and productive for you.

Procrastination: How to Work Through It (in person)
Wednesday, Dec. 8, 4-5 pm
This workshop offers strategies for identifying the sources of procrastination and pursuing productive habits that can get you back on track.

Time Management (in person)
Thursday, Dec. 9, 4-5 pm
Time management is key for lowering stress at Yale. Set priorities and develop a weekly schedule that can lead to an active and balanced academic life.

Getting the Most Out of Mentorship (online)
Monday, Dec. 13, 7-8 pm
Join Yale undergraduates for a conversation on how to make the most of any mentorship opportunity, including peer, graduate student, faculty, and alumni mentorship.

Strategic Planning for Your Senior Project (online)
Tuesday, Dec. 14, 7-8 pm
Learn how to plan your writing and research, and how to access support resources for your senior thesis. For full-year and 1-semester senior thesis writers.
ADHD Support Groups (online)
Wednesday, Dec. 15, 4-5 pm
Monday, Dec. 20, 1:15-2:15 pm
Do you struggle with time management, disorganization, or other classic symptoms related to ADHD? Come share, reflect, and strategize in our monthly meetings. No diagnosis required.

Cultivating Faculty Mentors/Recommendations (online)
Wednesday, Dec. 15, 7-8 pm
Initiate conversations, ask for assistance, request recommendations, and build mentoring relationships with Yale faculty, teaching fellows and staff.


Sponsored travel for Yale College students will be governed by the Yale College Travel Policy, but should public health concerns require, further restrictions may be imposed at any time.

Yale students have a free subscription to the Daily Chatter, a great resource for keeping up with global news presented from a non-partisan perspective.

Follow CIPE on Instagram and Twitter to keep informed


1stGenYale and Yale Fellowships & Funding Panel
Wednesday, December 8, 7pm - 8pm
Register here

Fellowship Proposal Writing Workshop
Monday, December 13, 3:30pm - 4:40pm
Zoom link available here

Light Fellowship Info Session 6
Monday, December 13, 4pm - 5pm
Zoom link available here

Study Break with Fellowships & Funding Student Outreach Coordinators
Wednesday, December 15, 2pm - 4pm
The Underground at Schwarzman Center

Cultivating Faculty Mentors/Recommendations
Wednesday, December 15, 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Register here

**Light Fellowship Info Session 7** FINAL SESSION
Friday, December 17, 2pm - 3pm
Zoom link available here

December 15 - Rotary Foundation Global Grant Scholarships; District 7980 Foundation Scholarships; Contact District 7980 Administrators with application questions | Eligible: Seniors/Alumni
January 5, 1:00pm ET - Richard U. Light Fellowship (Summer, Fall, and Academic Year Study) Campus Deadline | Eligible: First-Years, Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors, and Graduate Students
NOTE: Attending a Light Fellowship info session is an application requirement. The final Light Info Session takes place on December 17 @2pm.
January 5, 1:00pm ET - Davis Projects for Peace Campus Deadline | Eligible: First-Year Students, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors
January 14, 1:00pm ET - Beinecke Scholarship Program Campus Deadline | Eligible: Juniors
January 14, 1:00pm ET - Boren Undergraduate Scholarship Campus Deadline | Eligible: First-Years, Sophomores & Juniors
February 3, 1:00pm ET - Yale College Postgraduate Fellowships Campus Deadline | Eligible: Juniors & Seniors
February 3, 1:00pm ET - Frederick Mortimer Clapp Fellowship Campus Deadline | Eligible: Seniors
February 4, 1:00pm ET - Henry/Mellon/Kings Fellowships Common Application Campus Deadline | Eligible: Seniors
February 4, 1:00pm ET - Udall Scholarship Campus Deadline | Eligible: Sophomores, Juniors
February 15, 1:00pm ET - Fox International Fellowships Application for Outgoing Yale Students Campus Deadline | Eligible: Seniors, Graduate Students
February 16, 5:00pm ET - South Asian Language Fellowship Campus Deadline | Eligible: First-Year Students, Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors & Graduate Students


Check out Yale Fellowships & Funding’s tips for Starting a Fellowship Application.



Fellowships: A Part of your Career Journey?, December 7
Insight Partners Information Session, December 8

Health Professions, Grad School & STEM

SEICHE Center Fall Seminar Series on Policing and Health (Dr. Lisa Bowleg), December 8
ChooseDO Medical School Virtual Expo, December 8
Career Paths: Medical Science Liaison, December 9

Upcoming Common Good & Creative Careers Events

Summer 2022 Community Organizing Fellowship Information Session, December 7
Harvard Business School (HBS), Research Associates
The Voleon Group, Rotational Program
Putnam Associates, Associate Consultant



Visit the Study Abroad COVID Updates page for the latest information and resources relating to Yale Study Abroad.
Learn more about a Year or Term or Summer Abroad by viewing recent recordings of our online info sessions.
Meet with a Study Abroad Adviser to explore goals, programs, credit transfer, and more.
If you need to apply for or renew a passport, get started now! Passport processing has been significantly delayed, up to 18 weeks. Review U.S. Passport Services for more information and find a local Passport Office.

Summer’s over. Start thinking about summer! In Yale Summer Session, focus on difficult classes, try out a new subject, or ease your course load in future semesters. With over 200 courses in New Haven, Online, and Abroad from a range of disciplinary fields, every Yale College student can find a course that meets their needs and helps them succeed.
Summer 2022 course offerings will be posted in early 2022. Check out our website and social media for updates. Reach out to with any questions.

The Institution for Social and Policy Studies at Yale (ISPS) is pleased to announce that applications are open for the Director's Fellows program. The fellowship is open to Yale sophomores and juniors who are committed to working in U.S. domestic politics and policymaking. Selected Fellows will join ISPS as members of the Domestic Policy Group starting spring semester 2022, and over the course of one calendar year, will receive sophisticated policy training from ISPS faculty and affiliates, integrate into ISPS research activities, and test their development through real world application and feedback. To apply, please visit our webpage and click on the Application Form near the bottom of page. Deadline for applying is January 5, 2022, at 11:59pm. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Tory Bilski at
Want to talk? We're here to listen. Walden is Yale's only undergraduate-run, completely anonymous, non-judgmental, and non-directive peer counseling service. Our office, in the basement of Welch B, is open from 8pm-1am Sunday through Thursday for walk-ins, and you can call us at 203-432-TALK (or 203-432-8255) from 8pm-8am any day of the week while classes are in session. No issue is too big or too small.

The Silver Scholars Program at the Yale School of Management allows students to earn a Yale MBA degree within three years, directly after graduation, spring-boarding them toward their career goals and leadership positions. The program is designed for exceptional students with strong leadership potential. These students enroll in our full-time MBA program where they make up about 5% of the student body. Rather than the traditional summer MBA internship, Silver Scholars complete a year-long internship, extending their experience to three years. All Yale College students receive a 50% tuition discount and an application fee waiver. The admissions committee seeks applicants with a combination of intelligence, maturity, and curiosity who aim to be future leaders in their field of interest. Candidates from all majors are welcome to apply; we enjoy the diversity of interests and backgrounds that Silver Scholars bring to the broader MBA class at Yale SOM. If you would like to speak with an admissions representative, please email to schedule an appointment.

The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program is looking for more volunteers! VITA is a low-commitment opportunity to get more involved in New Haven by providing low-income residents with free tax services. Plus, you’ll learn how to prepare taxes which is a valuable life skill. In past years, we have helped anywhere upwards of 1000 families file their tax returns. VITA is especially in need of intake coordinators and tax preparers (no previous tax knowledge necessary). These commitments are only 2 hours per week. We have weekly training lessons to get you up to speed on tax knowledge if you’d like to be a preparer! If you are interested in getting involved with VITA this semester, please fill out THIS form as soon as possible to receive more information about certifying as a volunteer!

The French Department is hosting this semester’s tables françaises on Zoom!
Les Tables françaises are a great place to practice your conversational French in an informal setting. French-speakers at all levels from the Yale Community are welcome.