Dean’s Notes 9-10-2018

October 2, 2018

TRUMBULL COLLEGE: Dean’s Notes for the week of September 10, 2018

Hi, all! Hope you had a good weekend. Schedules are due this week! See the deadlines below. It’s time to settle in for the term, and I wish you all a wonderful week. Last week, it was, “stay cool”. This week, it’s “stay warm and dry”! :)
Meeting with me: To make an appointment, please visit the office or call/e-mail Leah at (203) 432-0722 (; when e-mailing, give Leah 2 or 3 times when you are free for ease of scheduling. Our hours are M-F 8:30-5:00pm and I have a set of office hours each day of the week. It is best to make an appointment, but feel free to stop by to see if I’m available. Keep in mind that we do not set up appointments during the evening/weekends. Please also note that I teach on Wednesday mornings.


Course Schedule Deadlines:
Class of 2022 TODAY, September 10, 5:00 pm
Class of 2021 Tuesday, September 11, 5:00 pm
Class of 2012 Tuesday, September 11, 5:00 pm
Class of 2019 Wednesday, September 12, 5:00 pm

Schedules are handed in to Leah Jehan in the TC Dean’s Office.

The deadline is strictly enforced. A late schedule incurs a fine of $50. (Clerical error on schedule is $50)
A schedule of 3.0 course credits or a schedule of 6.0 or 6.5 course credits needs my permission before the schedule is handed in. Schedule an appointment to see me (see above).

Online Course Selection:
1. Use the worksheet capabilities to search courses to shop during shopping period.
2. After you have settled on the courses you will take, print your finalized/sealed schedule.
3. Take the final schedule to your adviser for his/her signature. Sign the schedule yourself, too.
4. Hand in your signed schedule to the TC Dean's Office by the deadline for your class.
(see deadlines above and in the Blue Book)

I remind you that (1) the program does not check for conflicts in class meeting times (that is the student’s responsibility – see “overlapping meeting times” in YCPS and below) and that (2) once you print your final schedule, you cannot reenter the program to make changes and print a different final schedule. Including or removing a course (after meeting with your adviser, for instance) must be hand written on the printed final schedule itself (in the Include and Remove Sections), and each change must be initialed by your adviser or me before the deadline for handing in your schedule.

Overlapping Class Meeting Times: Required are a conversation with me before the Course Enrollment deadline, compelling academic reasons for the overlap, and with my assistance, a petition to the Committee on Honors and Academic Standing.

A schedule with a course in a professional school requires an additional form, which is available in the TC Dean’s Office or here. Hand in the completed form with the syllabus attached by the deadline for your course schedule. [Note: SOM courses cannot be added to your schedule through OCS; they must be written by hand in the “include” section on your schedule.
Only four professional school credits can be offered toward the 36 credit requirement; however, students may enroll in more than four credits understanding that all courses will remain on the academic record and be included in the GPA even if not offered toward the 36 credit requirement.
Courses at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and at a professional school cannot elect the CR/D/Fail option.
Credit for these courses on your transcript: When you put a Professional School course on your schedule, zero (0) course credits are recorded for the course until you hand in to my office the form for the courses (syllabus attached) and the Registrar’s Office determines the course credits for that course after that. Some courses earn 1 course credit in Yale College and some earn 0.5 course credits (most commonly in SOM and EPH). Some do not earn credit.

Independent Studies (Directed Reading, Directed Research, etc. as listed by most departments). There are limits on the number that a student can enroll in during a given year and over four years. Enrolling in an independent study requires the additional permission of a Director of Undergraduate Studies.
A list of Sc courses without prerequisites may be found at

A list of QR courses without prerequisites may be found at

Yale Degree Audit: Yale Degree Audit (YDA) is a tool that tracks your progress toward the bachelor’s degree. YDA is located on the Academics tab of Student Information System (SIS). YDA displays the Yale College degree requirements that you have already completed and those that are still pending. A “Look Ahead” feature shows you how future course enrollment might apply toward your degree. Yale Degree Audit does not take the place of face-to-face advising, although you may wish to share your audit with your adviser. Instead, it provides an easy-to-read summary of requirements, allowing you and your adviser to spend more time discussing course selection and academic goals. Do not rely solely on your degree audit when planning your courses; continue to use Yale’s standard systems for schedule planning, and employ YDA as an additional tool. More features will be added to YDA in the future, including the ability to track progress toward major requirements. If you have suggestions, general observations, or questions that are not answered by the FAQs, send them to using the subject line “Degree Audit.” If you believe that academic information in your degree audit is incorrect, contact our office.


September 12 Deadline to apply for a fall term Leave of Absence. See me if you are thinking about requesting a leave of absence for this fall term.
September 21 Last day to withdraw from a course offered in the first half of the term without the course appearing on your transcript
Writing Center/Tutors/Partners:;
Sc/QR Tutoring:
Language Tutoring:
Advising Resources;
Trumbull Mathematics and Science Tutor: Conor Walsh is the Trumbull College Mathematics and Science Tutor. Conor, who is a 4th year graduate student in Economics, is eager to start work helping the undergraduates. Conor will start with the following schedule:
TC Basement Rm 29 (near Entryway G); Sun 8.00 PM-9:30 PM
SML 116 C/D: Wed 8.00 PM -9:30 PM

First-Year Distributional Requirements: At the end of your first-year (after two terms of enrollment) the student’s record must record enrollment in at least one course credit in two of the three skills categories (WR, QR, and foreign language). For a course with two distributional designations, only one or the other designation can be counted toward the distributional requirements; in other words, no double dipping. A course may, however, count toward both the requirements for a major and for a distributional requirement.

Sophomore Year Distributional Requirement: At the end of the sophomore year (after four terms of enrollment) the student’s record must record enrollment in at least one course credit in each disciplinary area (Hu, Sc, and So) and at least one course credit in each skills category (WR, QR, and foreign language). For a course with two distributional designations, only one or the other designation can be counted toward the distributional requirements; in other words, no double dipping. A course may, however, count toward both the requirements for a major and for a distributional requirement.

Junior Year Distributional Requirement: At the end of the junior year (after 6 terms of enrollment) a student’s record must show successful completion of all skills requirements: two course credits in QR, two course credits in WR, and foreign language). A course completed CR cannot count toward a distribution requirement. For a course with two distributional designations, only one or the other designation can be counted toward the distributional requirements; in other words, no double dipping. A course may, however, count toward both the requirements for a major and for a distributional requirement.
Distributional Requirement for the degree: Successful completion of two course credits each in WR, QR, Hu, So, and Sc and completion of the foreign language requirement. A course completed CR cannot count toward a distribution requirement. For a course with two distributional designations, only one or the other designation can be counted toward the distributional requirements; in other words, no double dipping. A course may, however, count toward both the requirements for a major and for a distributional requirement.
Senior Fall Term Completion: All students planning to complete degree requirements at the end of the fall term must file a petition by September 12th. See Special Arrangements.
Yale Academic Strategies Program

The Yale Academic Strategies program offers guidance and practical advice to help undergraduates be empowered and satisfied in their pursuit of their education. Through peer academic mentoring, interactive workshops, and connections to resources, we offer the tools that can propel you towards your educational goals.

Pathways for Sophomores
Sophomore year offers new challenges, including increased course loads, upper-level classes, and identifying a major. This interactive workshops helps students set goals and make long-term plans for the year.
Monday, September 10, 6:00 PM, Ezra Stiles College Fellows Lounge
Fresh Start
Want to refresh your approaches to your academic work? Our mentors will lead you through a series of activities to help you identify your current strengths and develop new strategies for meeting the new challenges presented by your current semester’s courses.
Monday, September 10, 7:30 PM, Trumbull Room, Branford College

Succeeding in Seminars
Learn strategies for effective engagement in class discussions, working closely with professors, and preparing for seminar projects.
Tuesday, September 11, 4:00 PM, 301 York St. CTL M104A (mezzanine)

Time Management
Set priorities and develop a weekly schedule that can lead to an active and balanced academic life.
Tuesday, September 11, 6:00 PM, 301 York St. CTL M104A (mezzanine)

Managing a Heavy Reading Load
Feeling overwhelmed by piles of reading? Learn some essential strategies to make the most of your limited reading time. Have less stress and create more free time!
Tuesday, September 11, 7:30 PM, Morse College Fellows Lounge

Pathways for First Years
First years get a lot of advice from a wide variety of sources. But what do you really want to get out of your first year? This interactive workshop helps students identify goals and sources of satisfaction, and offers strategies for avoiding common pitfalls like overextension and burn out.
Wednesday, September 12, 4:00 PM 301 York St. CTL M104A

Succeeding in Lectures
Learn strategies for effective note-taking, classroom engagement, and exam and assignment preparation for lectures.
Wednesday, September 12, 7:30 PM 301 York St. CTL M104A

Academic Strategies for Transfer Students – Funding, Fellowships & Study Abroad
Thursday, September 13, 6:00 PM 301 York St. CTL M104A

Creating a Timeline for Your Senior Project
Learn how to plan your writing and research, and how to access support resources for your senior thesis.
Friday, September 14, 1:00 PM 301 York St. CTL 120 A

Academic Strategies Peer Consultations
An individual meeting with a peer academic mentor can help you identify and focus on your educational goals and develop the strategies to maintain balance and satisfaction in your work. Sign up for a meeting by clicking here, or contact

Academic Strategies Peer Consultations
First-Generation/Low-Income Community Initiative
FGLI Community Initiative (FGLI CI) Intro Dinner
We will be sharing our current and future resources for students, and begin our series of Monday discussions for anyone interested in exploring and sharing about the first-generation and/or low-income experience at Yale. Bring your friends to a homestyle dinner and meet other FGLI students on campus!
Monday, September 10, 6:00 PM, 301 York St. CTL RM 120A & B
FGLI CI: Overview & Pathways for First-Years
First years get a lot of advice from a wide variety of sources. But what do youreally want to get out of your first year? This interactive workshop helps students identify goals and sources of satisfaction, and offers strategies for avoiding common pitfalls like overextension and burn out.
Thursday, September 13, 6:00 PM 301 York St. CTL 121

FGLI Community Initiative Study Hall
Thursday, September 13, 7:00 PM 301 York St. CTL 121

Writing Center
Writing Study Halls
Working on a paper? The Writing Center’s Writing Study Halls can help you get work done and produce great papers. Study Halls offer:
1) A quiet space to write
2) Tutoring support available
3) Snacks to fuel your work

Study Halls are offered Sundays 2-5pm and Wednesdays 7-10pm in SML 120A (near the York St. entrance to Sterling Library).

Writing Center – Expanded Hours
The Writing Center opens Sunday, September 9 with expanded hours. We’re now open until 10pm Sunday through Thursday and have added new Friday morning and Saturday shifts. Our full drop-in hours are:
Sun-Thu: 3-5pm & 7-10pm
Fri: 10am-12pm & 3-5pm
Sat: 3-5pm
Just bring a printed copy of your paper to our offices on the mezzanine level of the Center for Teaching and Learning (take the stairs near the York St. entrance to Sterling Library). A friendly undergrad or graduate student will be waiting to work with you no matter where you are in the writing process.

Annual CIPE Calendar Contest
Each year since 2007, CIPE has sought the best photos taken by students who participated in CIPE sponsored programs internationally and domestically for the CIPE calendar. The calendar is distributed to offices around Yale's campus, and the first place winner receives their photo professionally framed. We want YOUR amazing photos to feature! See our website for more details and to submit your photos.
Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to keep up with CIPE announcements!


Light Fellowship Info Session #2: Wednesday, September 12, 4:45pm – 5:45pm, 55 Whitney Avenue, 3rd Floor, Room 369:
Supporting Yale undergraduate, graduate, and professional school students pursuing intensive language study in East Asia.
Fellowship Drop-In Hours Friday, September 7th, 2:00pm – 4:00pm, 55 Whitney Avenue, 3rd Floor.

September 12 - Knight-Hennessy Scholars National Deadline
September 17 - Charles B. Rangel International Affairs Program National Deadline
September 18 - Richard U. Light Fellowship Early Fall Preliminary Deadline
September 20 - Pickering Graduate Fellowship Program National Deadline
September 25 - Luce Scholars Program Campus Deadline
September 27 - Schwarzman Scholars Program National Deadline
October 5 - Churchill Scholarship Campus Deadline
October 10 - Gates Cambridge Round 1 National Deadline
October 23 – Michel David-Weill Campus Deadline
Contact Fellowships with questions or comments.
Visit the Calendar of Events for a full list of upcoming events and deadlines.
OCS – Office of Career Strategy

OCS Drop Ins: Available when classes are in session, Monday-Friday, 10:00am-4:00pm
Online Resume & Cover Letter Review: Downloadable resume templates and cover letter samples can help you get started.

Job & Internship Offer Guidelines: Check out the OCS guidelines created to help balance the interest of students and employers.

Fall 2018: Industry Networking Events: Check out the Fall 2018 networking events and sign up to attend in Yale Career Link (under Events-OCS Events). Dress code: Business Casual.

Visit the Calendar of Events for more upcoming events and log in to Yale Career Link under Events/Employer Information Sessions to Sign-up.

Are you considering Yale Summer Session next year but worried about the cost? Yale Summer Session offers financial assistance for tuition to Yale College students who receive financial aid during the fall and spring semesters.
Financial assistance covers 50% of the tuition of one course, and students may receive financial assistance for a maximum of two credits each summer. Some courses also include all-expenses-paid trips to museums, neighboring cities, and events.
Summer 2019 course offerings will be posted in December. Sign up for email updates from Yale Summer Session so you hear first when classes are posted.


Financial Aid Info Session for Spring 2019 Abroad: Tuesday, September 18, 4:00pm – 5:00pm, 55 Whitney Avenue, 3rd Floor, Room 305
Nicole Rothfuss, a representative from Yale’s Undergraduate Financial Aid office, will go over the financial aid transfer process for semester study abroad students.
Drop-In Hours: Available every Friday from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. when classes are in session.
Credit for Spring 2019 Abroad – Deadline to apply October 15, 2018
Yale in London – Deadline to apply October 5, 2018
Search the Study Abroad Calendar for information sessions and other study abroad events throughout the academic year.

STEM Program Evaluation & Research Lab
From the STEM Program Evaluation & Research Lab, here’s a link to opportunities for 1st- and 2nd-year Yale undergraduates to get involved in STEM research:
Spend Spring 2019 taking Yale classes in London!
Yale-in-London is now accepting applications for Spring 2019; the deadline is October 5th. New and exciting courses are on offer...and you earn Yale credits automatically as well as distribution credits in Humanities. Take classes that immerse you in your subject, with visits to historical sites and museums--all while living in one of the world’s greatest cities! Details on courses, faculty, and the application process are available at Talk to our YIL alums in your college to find out more, or come to our info session at the Yale Center for British Art, September 19 from 6:30-7:30 p.m.
Discover New Haven: First-Year Challenge
What: By now you probably know where to check out a book on campus, but do you know where the best cookies are sold? Come learn what you really need to know for the next four years as you experience and explore New Haven. Using a smart phone app, search for clues around downtown that will help you learn all about the City. Teams of 4-5 participants will be arranged by residential college. Only one smartphone per team required.
When: Saturday, September 22nd from 3-5pm
Where: Meet on Old Campus, rain or shine.
Why: Free t-shirts for all participants who register. Prizes will be awarded. Get to know the city you’ll call home for the next four years. It’s good exercise. It’s a great way to make new friends. Need we say more?
Registration required:
Questions? Contact Karen King,
Hosted by the Yale Office of New Haven and State Affairs

Peer Mentoring for Students with Disabilities
Are you looking for guidance on living with a disability at Yale? This could include physical impairments, chronic illness, mental illness, "invisible illness", or anything similar.
If so, sign up to be matched with a Disability Peer Mentor! We will pair you with an upper-level student for connection and guidance, who you can talk to about the unique issues you may be facing. There's no need to put any personal medical information on your signup form, and all signups are confidential. Forms are accessible at this link:
Please email with any questions.

CTL Student Focus Group:
The Center for Teaching and Learning is creating a volunteer Student Focus Group. This group will provide feedback and share new ideas about specific teaching and learning topics during four in-person meetings per academic year. The group will share and discuss personal experiences from the classroom and other learning environments. Diverse viewpoints and backgrounds will produce useful suggestions and out-of-the-box suggestions for the CTL to try out. Apply to be a member of the CTL Student Focus Group by filling out a short form on their website.
The Policy Lab
The Policy Lab provides Yale students a physical space and dynamic programming to conduct data-intensive policy-related investigations, develop specialized technical skills, and engage with policymakers. During the past academic year, we organized student working groups on issues like mass incarceration and educational inequality, gave students opportunities to gain policy expertise from former U.S. Senators, and much more. We hope you will join us this coming year for more exciting programming. Please join our email list to learn more about future events.

We would also like to invite you to participate in our first event of the fall semester. On Wednesday, September 19th from 2:30 to 3:30 PM we will be hosting a discussion on “Civil Discourse in an Uncivil Age: The Quest for Post-Partisan Citizenship” with Alexander Heffner, the host of The Open Mind on PBS. We hope you can join us for this exciting discussion about partisan polarization and its effects on media and politics. Please click here to learn more and RSVP. This event will be held in the Policy Lab, which is located at 77 Prospect Street.

College Night at the Shops at Yale:
4:00 – 9:00 p.m. on Broadway Island at 56 Broadway (across from Apple/J.Crew)
Check-in begins at 3:30 and closes at 7:30 p.m. On-site registration is also available.
(Valid Student I.D Required)
FREE Food: Churro’s from Tomatillo Taco Joint, Ashley’s Ice Cream and more.
Free food while supplies last.

Want a chance to win? Spend at least $20 at any of our Shops at Yale retailers and bring your receipt back to Broadway Island at 9:00 p.m. to enter for a chance to win an Apple iPad, $100’s in gift cards to your favorite stores or restaurants and other amazing prizes!

Dance to live music performed by Crystal Clear and Jersey Slide.

Be dazzled by live entertainment, “say cheese” for the photo booth, and challenge your friends at the game station inside L.L.Bean.

Looking for a good deal? One-night-only exclusive discounts to retailers and restaurants such as J.Crew, Lou Lou Boutique, Yurway Boutique, L’ Occitane En Provence, The Juice Box, Tarry Lodge and so many more.

The event is completely FREE and the registration link is: