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Seminar Room – Room 204

Use is restricted to Trumbull Students.

This room is for academic and educational purposes and is an official Yale classroom.  When it is not in use for class purposes, students may use it for individual or group study and for meetings.

Apply online to request a standing/reoccurring reservation.  Requests for non-reoccurring reservations must be submitted by 5:00pm two (2) week days (Monday-Friday) prior to date needed.  This allows time to process your request and add it to the on line calendar if applicable.  As soon as your request has been approved, you will receive an email from the Head of College’s Office.

Please check the calendar for approved reservations.  All other requests are first come, first serve.
NOTE:  Use of this room by Trumbull College administration may supersede a standing reservation.

Seminar room access:  Trumbull residents should use their room key, while students living off campus, on Old Campus and in Swing Space will need to sign out an activity room key from the Trumbull Office.

RESTRICTIONS:  No food or drink is allowed.

Complete and submit the following request form to reserve this space
(see full calendar for availability).

If you have any questions, email tcadmin@yale.edu