Commencement Schedule

May 19, 2016


SUNDAY, 22 MAY 2016

10:45 am Assemble in the Trumbull main courtyard wearing caps and gowns. If you want to sit with your friends, you should stand in front of or behind them. We will process in a double column towards Woolsey Hall. The lines will split inside so the person walking next to you will sit in the opposite seating section. When we enter Woolsey, you should be seated and remove your caps. Remember to turn your cell phone off!!!
NOTE: Cues for sitting and standing during the service are noted in the program with the following exception. When President Salovey, in his address, says the following: “Members of the Class of 2016,” ALL SENIORS RISE.

11:00 am Baccalaureate Service in Woolsey Hall

3:30 pm President’s reception for seniors and their guests at Beinecke Plaza


1:15 pm Assemble on Cross Campus near the Trumbull sign wearing gowns and DISTINCTLY NON ACADEMIC HEADGEAR (this is one opportunity to show your style!!!). We will line up on Cross Campus before processing to Old Campus for the ceremony.

2:00 pm Class Day exercises on Old Campus

4:30 pm Reception for graduates and their families and friends at the Trumbull College Head’s House

MONDAY, 23 MAY 2016

9:00 am Assemble in the Trumbull courtyard wearing caps and gowns. We will process to Old Campus from Trumbull as a college. Please note that you will be sitting in rows of eleven students on Old Campus, so plan accordingly!

10:30 am University Commencement Ceremony on Old Campus
We will return directly to Trumbull with the class following the ceremony. You can meet up with friends and family in the courtyard after your return.

12:00 pm Trumbull College Commencement Ceremony in the main courtyard

1:30 pm Lunch for Trumbull graduates and guests will be served in the dining hall
(Lunch tickets may be purchased in advance at or at the door after the Commencement Ceremony)
*NOTE: The Class Day and Commencement ceremonies will take place outside the Old Campus rain or shine. Our College diploma ceremony will be moved to Battell Chapel in case of rain (in this case, you may want to wear clothes you don’t care about since the black robes bleed when they get wet).