Trumbull Notes 10-11-16

October 11, 2016

It’s a truly busy time in Trumbull and in Yale College given the arrival of mid-terms, family weekend this past weekend and many, many groups performing and athletic competitions occurring including varsity competitions, club competitions, and IMs. Yet I love family weekend with the opportunity to meet or re-connect with parents and to see Trumbullians perform.  For me, on this particular weekend, this involved going to Yale’s water-polo match against Boston University and seeing Yale win 10-6 (aided by adept moves by Trumbullians), seeing South East Asian groups sing and dance (they were wonderful) in our own Nick Chapel, and attending Yale College Opera perform Down in the Valley with Trumbullian Rachel Kaufman performing.

As activities were unfolding on Saturday, Yale’s football team was busy defeating Dartmouth and I was receiving email updates (from many fans) which took special note of the fact that Trumbullian freshman Alan Lamar scored two touchdowns for Yale.    Congratulations!  We’re impressed.

Thanks to all who attended the family reception in the Trumbull House on Saturday at 4 p.m. I love meeting parents and grandparents as well as all of you who come with your own families, or with the families of your friends, or on your own (given the many families who live far away and even more who have work and other obligations to fulfill.)   Special thanks go to the team who put that reception together:  Christina Wethington from dining, Karen Eisenman in the house, and Deb Bellmore (who came bearing pastries) as well as Debbie Rueb and all the Trumbull Aides who make this all work.    It takes a village to feed our village (and their visiting parents.)  Many, many of you (a dining hall full) also showed up for the second presidential debate and for help with that I thank Kaye Burchfeld and Vincent Gleizer.  I was glad to see a contingent of World Fellows there as well led by Trumbullian World Fellow Joshin Raghubar.  (I did wonder and cringe a bit regarding what they must think of US politics!)  Then we kicked off our Mellon Forum last night with Victoria Hernandez, who for years helped with these meetings as an underclass woman, showed us all just how to present one’s senior thesis work clearly and impactfully in just under ten minutes.  Our resident fellow, John Williams, organizes all of this and it’s one of my own favorite Trumbull activities.  (Now I know what Victoria does in her research; soon I’ll know about what many of our other seniors have been up to academically). 

Coming up this week:

Tuesday, Oct. 11th in the House at 4 p.m. Nina Russell, MD speaks on developing an HIV vaccine.

Thursday, Oct. 13th will be our Fellows Meeting with a talk by our World Fellow, Joshin Raghubar, at approximately 7 p.m. in the house.  All fellows AND students are invited. 

Friday, Oct. 14th there will be a Phi Beta Kappa reception for all new members (old ones are welcome too!) in the House from 2-3p.m.

Friday, Oct. 14th  from 3 p.m. until 5 p.m. Rumble in Trumbull (our annual fall festival hosted by our TCC occurs in our main courtyard.

Concerns and Reminders

I’ve received a number of messages/complaints that prompt me to send all of you a number of reminders.

#1  There is no smoking of any kind in the buildings of Trumbull nor anyplace outside except in the small alcove near the bicycle storage area. 

#2  The  gluten free area of our serving area in our dining hall should remain gluten free.   As you use it and areas nearby be very careful not to leave crumbs of any sort  nearby.

#3  Please don’t leave messes of any sort in the bathrooms of Trumbull.  These are

shared areas.  Our custodians clean all bathrooms regularly but this doesn’t obviate the need to clean up after yourselves.  Also, our custodians absolutely ought not have to cope with non-routine and very unpleasant messes.  (I’ll not be more graphic.) I’m getting complaints about such messes particularly during the weekends.  Please clean up after yourselves. 

#4  We live in close quarters.  It’s a very, very good idea to get a flu shot.

Upcoming:  Fall Break

Remember fall break occurs starts after classes end on Tuesday, Oct. 18th and extends through Sunday, Oct. 23rd.  Many of you may be staying on campus. 

For all who stay over break:  I’ll be on campus during this time. Trumbull is hosting a farm trip on Saturday morning, Oct. 22nd.  Sign up in the Head’s office.  It includes

Transportation a great breakfast and opportunities for pick our own produce.  I’ll host a related dinner in the House that evening.  Sign up for that in the Head’s office as well.  This is a very special trip that is cost free and hosted by Dining Services at Yale.  If you are going to be here I urge you to sign up.

For freshman staying over break:  Our FroCo Evy Behling is putting together a shopping trip to a mall specifically for you.  It will occur on Wednesday, Oct. 19th.  We’ll be sending out details, but keep this in mind if you don’t have warm clothing for the coming months (pay attention you new people from California or Florida!)  or if you just feel like shopping for shampoo or even just want to get off campus for a bit.  (We’re going to Connecticut Post Mall in Milford.)   Contact Evy or sign up in

the main office if you want to go.

You probably noticed, it’s cold outside now

If you need support in getting warm winter clothing, let me know.  (You’ll need it!)