Trumbull Notes 10-17-16

October 17, 2016

Despite last week involving lots of work to be done, tests to take, and problem sets to hand it, it was a lovely fall week and weekend.  I hope all were able to enjoy it.  I know for sure that at least some of you did (as you’ve posted photos from hikes on Facebook.

I thank all of you who attended the Nina Russell tea last Tuesday.  Attendance was great. I personally thought her talk on the Gates Foundation’s work in tracking and reducing the prevalence of HIV and on what is involved in striving to achieve an effective HIV vaccine was great.  Nina, herself, was a most gracious guest.   

During the week immediately following break we’ll have two additional teas – one on Tuesday, Oct. 25th with Mark Singer (when he’ll speak about his interviews with Donald Trump and the book he wrote based on those interviews) and another on Thursday, Oct. 27th with James Waller and Tibi Galis (when they will speak on the very nature of evil and on working toward preventing genocide).  Singer tea will be in the house and the Waller/Galis Tea will be in the Common Room.

The book Mark Singer has written (Trump and Me) is a quick read.  I have copies in the office. You are welcome to stop by and borrow a copy to read over break. 

Thanks to the TCC for Rumble and for the Junior/Senior Bonfire on Saturday

I thank the TCC for hosting Rumble in Trumbull on Friday afternoon followed soon thereafter by a bonfire Saturday evening in our courtyard for our juniors and seniors.  Both events went well.  I am grateful for all the work this group continues to do for us.  (I saved one of Friday’s apple cider donuts to have with my coffee very early on Saturday morning.  I savored it then.)

Registering Parties

You may remember me saying each time we hold fireside chats that I’ll respect your privacy and I will only visit a suite which is hosting a party if I’m explicitly invited or if it gets noisy enough that I start getting complaints.

I’m rarely explicitly invited to parties.  :-<  Oh well.  Guess I’ll just have to handle that.

More surprisingly I’m actually rarely “invited” via noise either.  Indeed, in my 3.5 years here, there have been just two times when I’ve been invited via noise. (with one occurring this past weekend.)    Here’s what happens when I’m invited via noise:

If you have registered your party: I call the host’s cell phone number that you provide on the form.  I tell the host I’m beginning to get complaints and that’s that so long as the noise subsides.

If you haven’t registered your party and the complaints are valid (it’s very easy to tell!): I follow the noise and go visit. I’ll ask for the hosts and talk to them.  I try not to make this awkward but, of course, there’s nothing quite like me showing up to your party to dampen it.

And, in all cases, if there is underage drinking I have to attend to and stop that. 

(Do register your parties.   It’s a requirement.)


I actually have received far more complaints about smoking this year than about partying and noise.

Smoking of all types is prohibited in all buildings of Trumbull and in Potty Court, Stone Court, and all but one designated area of the main Courtyard.

Smoke travels easily throughout entryways.  I’ve received quite a number of  complaints about smoking in  two different entryways.  All students in these two entryways will be notified of the complaints this week via a flyer.  If the smoke continues in these entryways, I’ll visit the suites from which the smoke appears to be coming. 

Fall Break

It’s a short week.  Break begins after classes on Tuesday and classes resume on Monday.  Most students travel home for but many of you will still be in Trumbull to complete work or due to the distance and expense of traveling home. 

For those of you traveling home, travel safely and enjoy your time with family.

For those of you staying here, you’ll not be alone.  Lots of people are staying and we have a …..

Farm Trip on the Saturday of Break (hosted by Yale Dining with special attention to Trumbullians)

For those who have signed up for the Farm Trip, we leave early!  We board the bus at 8 a.m. on Saturday.  Yet it’s worth getting up we’ll be rewarded with a great brunch at one farm and a chance to pick produce at two and I’ll plan an event in the House that evening (possibly making use of the produce).  Details will be sent to all who have signed up. 

(Yale Dining has graciously agreed to host all 28 Trumbull students who had signed up by Friday.  I thank them.)

Watch for announcements of other Trumbull activities during break as well. 

Dining Hall Schedules During the Break:  

Trumbull Dining Hall will not be open over fall break, but meals will be provided

and are covered on the Yale Dining Plan. 

Five (5) dining halls will be open during Fall Break –Morse, Stiles, Branford and Silliman will be open for lunch on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (11:30 am-1:30 pm), brunch on Saturday and Sunday from (11:00 am-1:30 pm) and dinner (5:00-7:00 pm) from Wednesday, Oct 19th through Sunday, October 23th.  Saybrook will also offer continental breakfast (8-10:30 am) during that time.  Trumbull, Davenport and Rosey Thompson will reopen with brunch on Sunday, October 23th and all other dining halls will be open for dinner on Sunday.