Trumbull Notes 2-14-17

February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine’s to all in the college.   

A terrific dining staff:

Also I want to express my affection this week for our Dining Hall Staff who keep the dining hall up and running through a major snowstorm.  Most of us live on campus and, for many of us, getting to the dining hall in a snowstorm can be accomplished via an entirely inside the college walk.  For those on Old Campus, boots and a coat are necessary but it’s totally do-able.  Yet for our dining staff, when buses and shuttles are not operating (as was the case during this storm), it is both a major and dangerous challenge both to travel here and to return home.   Yet despite classes being cancelled and faculty and other staff being excused from work, our dining staff got here and fed us.  Thank you everyone in dining!!

Pretty impressive students:

Congratulations to Trumbullian and Freshman Counselor, Tobias Holden on writing an Op Ed for the New York Times that was accepted and published.  If you’ve not seen it, it was originally entitled:  Yale Remove my Racist Ancestor’s Name from Campus.  Then, following the renaming of Calhoun College to Grace Hopper College on Saturday it was re-titled The Right Call:  Yale Removes my Racist Ancestor’s Name from Campus

An engaging race for the Tyng Cup:

We’re in a tight IM race now with Berkeley and we’re doing well.  Keep up the great participation and playing.  Congratulations to our water polo team who won the match against Berkeley last week (as well as to all other Trumbull players who have come out.)

Facilities Updates

We’re always keep our eye on the state of our facility.  In that regard, we have improvements coming.  Our torn and worn leather furniture in the Common Room will be recovered soon.  So too will furniture in The Study room soon be recovered and we have a new updated kiln in the pottery studio with three new wheels to arrive soon.   All these repairs and updates have been facilitated by our Operations Manager, Deb Bellmore.  

 We all greatly appreciate the care with which our students treat our spaces.  Keep that up and do let us know when you notice normal wear and tear issues that we may have missed. 

A Necessary Reminder:  There’s no smoking of any kind in our Trumbull buildings including those on Old Campus:

We’ve gotten several complaints in this regard.  Pay attention.  Read the undergraduate regulations.  Follow them.  Be considerate of those around you too.

Seniors and Commencement:

We’re not yet at mid-term time but we’ve received some queries about commencement.  Of course many families stay in local hotels but know that there is housing for families on campus as well (and it’s less expensive.)   Go to for the link to make reservations.  Don’t forget that there is senior week too.  We traditionally host a lobster bake (with alternative food too) in the courtyard in your honor.  We’re working on a boat trip on the Connecticut River too.  Send your ideas along to me as well.

This week in Trumbull:

We held our Mellon Forum last night.  I always love it.  Thanks to our seniors for their company and presentations.

This Thursday, Feb. 16th our Graduate Affiliates are hosting a Trivia Night in the Buttery.  This occurs from 8 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.  Take a break and join in.  I’ll dream up prizes of some sort!

This Thursday, Feb. 16th at 8:30-9:30 P.M.  Junior Class Reception in the Trumbull House.  Use it as a study break with good food.

Coming up next week in Trumbull:

Heads up:  Lots will be going on in Trumbull next week.  There will be a Sophomore Class Reception on Tuesday 2/21; a tea with journalist Greg Toppo (a journalist interested in national K-12 education, in use of video games in education and in tech issues generally) on Thursday 2/23 in the Common Room, a fellows meeting on Thursday 2/23 with Eileen Galvez (the head of La Casa Cultural Center – let us know if you’d like to join in).  There will be a Rock Climbing Trip on Thursday evening as well (sign up in the office).  Finally, on Friday 2/24 there will be a senior wine and cheese reception in the house at 7 p.m.