Trumbull Notes 2-20-17

February 20, 2017

Stop.  Think.  Not every idea that pops into our heads is a good one.

Sometimes I have conversations that I never imagined I would have. Yesterday at brunch I was asked if I might request that our students not throw things out their windows.  Why?  Well, it seems that some members of the dining team were standing outside our dining hall this week, when popcorn thrown from a Trumbull window above rained down upon them, hitting their heads and landing in their coffee cups.  What can I say?  Don’t throw things out your windows.  At the least, it makes a mess below which someone else must clean up.  At worst, objects thrown may hit someone below as occurred this past week.

I offer my Trumbull apologies to our dining team members of which, I remind folks, went way out of their way to make sure we all were fed during last week’s major snow storm and also voluntarily made Valentine’s Day special last week by serving special treats that appeared on a table set up in the middle of the dining hall.

This said, I also know that our Dining Team did receive lots and lots of thanks from students for their efforts during the snow storm. Those thanks were appreciated.


to the Yale Women’s Swimming and Diving Team (and, especially, to its Trum-Members).  They not only won the Ivy League Championship in a four day meet this weekend, but they did so by accumulating a record number of points. 

If anyone missed the picture of the coach leaping into the pool, fully-clothed, at the conclusion of the meet, look at today’s Yale Daily News.  It’s a wonderful win and a wonderful picture.

…. to our Trumbull junior Zachary Wilson.  After years and years of hard work and planning Zach has reached a goal he’s long had:  He has been selected to be a pilot in the United States Air Force.

…. to Abby Burgess who participated in the 2017 Yale Playwrights Festival this weekend by directing the new play Short Rib by Alcindor Leadon and, rumor has it, did a wonderful job.  Congratulations to our Trumbull Office Resident Toni Dorfman as well for orchestrating the entire festival.

….to Trumbull Senior Administrative Assistant Debbie Rueb.  Debbie has completed 30 (thirty!) years of service to Yale University.  The majority of those years involve service to Trumbull College.  Indeed, she is the longest serving Trumbullian here now – by a mile.   Thank you Debbie!  (She’s seen a lot.  Just ask her.) 

Thanks to…

Our graduate affiliates, Danielle Williams and Jenny Schmidt for hosting Trumbull Trivia Night last Thursday, serving us Donut Crazy Donuts.  Thanks to Katie Oltman and Danielle Williams for hosting our regular trips to the Yale Rep (also accompanied by eating Donut Crazy donuts)  and to Jennifer Hirsch who will host the next one.

The graduate affiliates are actively hosting many activities, more thanks will appear in the next TrumBulletin.

I also want to thank Christian Fernandez who, rumor has it, was extremely helpful in cleaning up after the Super Bowl despite not being one of the regular TCC team.  (Good deeds do not go unnoticed, Christian!)

IM news:

There are many IM games this week.  Sara Seymour, our IM leader, has sent out an email with much of this news but it bears repeating.    First of all, we’ve made it to playoffs for B Hoops, C Hoops, W Hoops and Water Polo!  (Go Trumbull!).  Keep up the good work. 

Of course I know you want to go for the exercise, great company and the love of Trumbull.  Yet   our secretaries are also providing lots of incentive gear too.  See Sara’s email for the details but there are t-shirts, including vintage ones, buttery bucks, socks, and sports bags to be had.

There’s also a stuffed bull for the top Trumbull Bowler and… who knows what else might appear for our IM players.  Also, it’s traditional, you should know, for the overall winners in a particular sport to go out together for a Trumbull sponsored dinner.

Up this week

Lots of IM games. There are events every evening.  See the schedule Sara sent out yesterday and/or the white board as you enter the Trumbull Dining Hall.  (Women:  We need you for women’s basketball tonight.  Come to the gym at 8 p.m.!)

Monday, Feb. 20.  8 p.m.  Hosted by the Chaplain’s Office and Fellows.  A Study Break in the Trumbull House from 8 to 9 p.m. with Donuts from Donut Crazy (and Coffee).

The folks who call themselves Chellows (the Chaplain’s Fellows) are hosting this one.  I’m just welcoming them (and their donuts) in Trumbull.  Join them tonight from 8-9 p.m. for some sweetness.

Tuesday, Feb. 21.   The Final Cut (tomorrow, early evening)

On Tuesday evening Trumbull’s Final Cut culinary team of Sara Seymour, Zachary Wilson and Stephany Hou will compete against teams from the eleven other colleges in the Commons in Schwarzman Center.  They’ve been practicing and I’ve sampled some of what they will make. (It’s good!) Come cheer them on.  They will present their dishes to the judges sometime between 6 and 7 (I’ll send out a notice when we can estimate the time more closely).  There are prizes not just for the best food but for the best college cheering as well.   Two years ago we came in third place for the food; last year we came in first place for cheering.  We can do even better this year.  Please join Associate Head Polner and me in leading the cheering.  (There will be free Trumbull winter scarfs for those who turn out and wave them).  There will also be food from a variety of vendors for all students. 

Tuesday, Feb. 21.  Sophomore Class Reception 8:30 until 9:30 p.m.

A bit later on Tuesday evening I’ll host a reception/study break in the Trumbull House for all Sophomores. 

Thursday, Feb. 23 4:00 p.m.    Trumbull Tea with journalist Greg Toppo

Journalist Greg Toppo, a Poynter Fellow in Journalism and National Education and Demographics Writer for USA Today will speak to us in the Trumbull Common Room on Thursday at 4:00.  Gregg has interests in National K-12 educational issues and especially in the use of video games in education and in the use technology generally in education.  Gather in our Common Room on Thursday to hear him talk and engage in conversation.  He will be introduced by our own Sarah Siegel

Thursday, Feb. 23.  Fellows Meeting with Eileen Galvez, Trumbullian Fellow and head of the La Casa Cultural Center at Yale.

On Thursday, soon after the tea I will be host the fellows of Trumbull in the house.

We have dinner followed by a talk.  The speaker on Thursday will be Eileen Galvez with whom many of our students are familiar.  We would like to include some Trumbull students in this event.  Contact Debbie Rueb in the main office if you are interested in attending this event for dinner and the talk (dinner begins at about 6 p.m. with a reception beforehand) or just for the talk (which will begin around 7 p.m.) 

Students involved with La Casa are especially urged to contact us in this regard. 

Thursday, Feb. 23.  Rock Climbing!  8-10 p.m.

Trumbull, assisted by our wonderful graduate affiliates, Elizabeth Mo and Wilhemina Koomson, is sponsoring a Rock Climbing Trip at City Climb in New Haven.  Bus transportation will be provided leaving the Trumbull Main Gate at 7:40 p.m.  No experience is needed. Wear comfortable clothing.  Sign up in the Trumbull Main Office by Feb. 21st at noon.  (That’s soon!!)

You’ll need to sign a waiver at that time as well.

Friday, Feb. 24.  Senior Wine and Cheese Reception

On Friday I will host a reception for our seniors in the Trumbull House.  It will begin at 7 p.m. and last until 8:00.

Coming up the following week……

On Monday, Feb. 27th, at 4 p.m. there will be a special Trumbull Tea featuring Sara Mearns from the New York City Ballet.

If you’re a ballet fan (as I am), you’ll recognize this name.  If you’re not but you are interested in dance or what can come of hard work and talent, just google her name.  Sara a pretty impressive individualI particularly recommend reading a 2015 New York Times piece written about her entitled “Sara Mearns, in Her Prime at City Ballet, Inspires Debate and Awe.”

Last but not least…

Attention Seniors!  It is time to start planning for the senior dinner that will take place towards the end of the spring semester (exact date coming soon) and we are looking for a group of 5-7 seniors, including off campus seniors, to represent the TC Class of 2017.  The senior committee helps plan the senior dinner reception menu, dining hall decorations and the after dinner program.  The committee needs to meet the week March 27, after spring break. 

If you’re interested, please contact the office as soon as possible ( and let me know why you would like to serve!