Trumbull Notes 4-10-17

April 10, 2017

To all Trumbullians celebrating Passover, I wish you a happy Passover and the best for enjoying wonderful seders and traditions whether you are home this evening with family members, heading to the Slifka Center or celebrating with friends elsewhere.  Enjoy and revel in the beautiful spring day we have to kick Passover off. 

I have two sets of people to thank today for events that have occurred both publically and privately.  First I thank the entire TCC and, especially Al Nurani, for all their work on TrumFormal, held Friday at the Quinnipiac Club.  This probably rates as one of our classiest events yet.   We may just make this a tradition, holding TrumBall in the fall in our courtyard and TrumFormal in the spring (when weather can be very unpredictable) at the Quinnipiac Club. 

My other thanks go to all the people in Trumbull who quietly support one another as the semester comes to a close and stress is at its highest levels.  For sure most of this support does (and should) fly under our radar by its very nature. Yet that often means that people who are feeling stressed may feel quite alone.  You’re not.  Although this is a time when people are openly celebrating coming jobs, grad school admissions, and final performances of groups including shows and projects that took much of the year to pull together, it’s also a time of looming deadlines and some disappointments for most of us.  Hang in there.  Seek and provide support as needed.  Recognize that if you are the supporter that too can be very stressful.  Know that the Dean and I are in the college and available if you need us.

Intramural News.  Heading to the Tyng Cup, I hope!   I cannot do a better job commenting on IMS than our IM leaders did yesterday in summarizing your wonderful IM efforts last week.  Sara, P.J., Josh, Zoe and Sweyn say, “Last week, Trumbull absolutely killed it when we beat Berkeley in both Spikeball and Ultimate! This is a huge step for us! THE TYNG IS IN OUR SIGHTS! Monday is a big day for us with three games in one day, so hoping to see many of you out there. To win the Tyng we have to get players to every game possible. It’s looking like a beautiful week up ahead, so why not take a break from the p-sets and the papers and come out and play some IMs?”

Congratulations to the players of last week Alan Lamar (also a Yale football player on the side) and Evy Behling (also a Trumbull Freshman Counselor on the side). 

It is going to be a gorgeous day today and exercise reduces stress. 

Come out TODAY (Monday, April 10) for:

 Ultimate versus Saybrook 4 to 5 p.m.

Spikeball versus Davenport 5:15 to 6:15

Badminton versus Saybrook 8 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Head’s Tea TOMORROW, Tuesday, April 11th in the Trumbull House.   Lisa Feldman Barrett will be in the house tomorrow at 4:00 to talk about How Emotions are Made.

All are welcome.  There’s a dinner to be held afterwards in the house.  If you want to join in, let us know ASAP!  (If you’ve already signed up for dinner, you’re set.)  The dinner will be appropriate for those celebrating Passover.