Trumbull Notes 5-8-17

May 8, 2017

There’s lots of good news for Trumbull.

We won the Tyng Cup!  What a way to end the year!  Thanks to our leaders, Sara Seymour, P.J. Tuckman, Sweyn Venderbush, Zoe Henry, and Josh Swerdlow and Mila Rostain.  Thanks especially to a stellar group of Trum-Golfers who brought their clubs and talent to the course and came through for us in the end carrying us to victory.   Thanks to all who came out to play throughout the year making sure we didn’t have to forfeit games.     Thanks to all who tried something new in the process and all those who are truly athletically talented.  We’re one of the smallest colleges; this is a big win.

We’ll have cake (and the Tyng Cup!) tonight during our study break, Monday, May 8th, to celebrate.

The Yale Lacrosse Team won also big this weekend.  Congratulations to Trumbullians

Will Robinson, Jerry O’Connor, Conor Mackie, Owen Jones, Sam Selati,  Phillip Huffard, Brendan Rooney, & Brian Ward.  Well done!!

Congratulations and thanks to our “Bring back the dishes” raffle winners:  Emma Green, Katherine Brumberg, & Devyn Rigsby.

As we’re about to finish the year, to give my thanks to our Freshman Counselor 2016-2017 year:  Evy Behling, Tobias Holden, Laurel Lehman, Aparna Nathan,  Mila Rostain.

And John Volquez and also to TrumAides for the 2016-2017 year:  Mackenzie Adelberg, Kaye Burchfield, Michelle Chintanaphol, Tori Hall, Vincent Bleizer, Luc Ray-Schreiber, Nicholas Viva Nikonorow, Sabine Decatur, Shah Khan, Anton Xue, Seamus Houlihan, Sabrina Long, Hailey Zhuang, Victoria Hernandez, Shah Khan, Kartik Srivastava, and Carlin Zia.

There will be more thanks and congratulations coming in a final TrumBulletin.  For now,

best wishes on finishing up any remaining work well and quickly, travel safely home or to where ever you are traveling now and, seniors, we’ll be socializing with you and celebrating you more in the coming two weeks. 

To All:  Trumbull doesn’t disappear in the summer as a community.  Although Summer Events and Programs takes over much of the college, they don’t take over the Trumbull House nor New Haven.

We’ll have Trumbull get togethers over the summer.  If you will be in town for the full or partial summer, send me an email and let me know when you’ll be here.   We’ll compile a list and invite you to summer events.  These events tend to be low key and social and fun.  I’ll also plan a beach day in RI sometime over the summer. 

Moo-rah.  Boy did this year past by quickly.  Soon we’ll know whom are new Trumbullians for the coming year will be.