Trumbull Notes 8-29-16

August 29, 2016

Monday, August 29, 2016

Welcome, new (but very experienced in advising!) Dean Chandhoke!!!!!

All our new students have met our new dean; if you are a returning student, please introduce yourself.  The Dean’s job starts out intensively as  our new students arrive, but soon I’ll host a reception to formally welcome her (and her husband too.)  We’ll invite Dean B back to join us as well.

Sophomores, juniors and seniors, welcome back to Trumbull. To our new freshmen, just plain welcome. Trumbull truly isn’t Trumbull without you.

 Over this past summer the university used the Trumbull space for Summer Events and Conferences.  This meant this place was busy with various programs moving in and out and we had a busy dining hall was open.  Yet I don’t eat in the dining hall during the summer and I didn’t know a soul. I’m so happy to have my familiar faces (and ones which will soon be familiar) here.   Whether you are in Bingham Hall, Swing Space or the college proper I hope you’re all here using our spaces right away.

Freshmen:  Know that we expect you to be here in Trumbull for meals, using our library, coming to events in the house, lounging in our courtyard, eating in the Buttery, dancing in our dance studio, and visiting the Dean and me in our offices.  It’s here for Trumbull.  Bingham is Trumbull too, of course and our FroCos are there.  You’ll see me visiting too.

If you have ideas for speakers whom you’d like to hear, let me know.  Just send me an email.   (  If you have connections with people whom others might like to hear, let me know.  If you want to meet with me, I’m here for you.  Just send me an email or contact Avis Williams (in the office now) or Debbie Rueb, my senior administrative assistant—returning to the office soon, to set up an appointment. 

We’ll host a variety of trips, events, speakers and study breaks.  If you have ideas, just let me know.  I’m open to considering anything.  I have to worry about the budget, of course, and also your safety, but suggest away.  (With regard to safety, know that Yale has a “risk management” office.  They do nix certain ideas!  Parachuting, for example, and buying sleds that might slide into roads.)  Yet there are lots of possibilities for activities. 

Coming up: 

Tonight!  August 29th at 10 p.m. in the  Trumbull Courtyard (rain site is the Buttery):  Big Sibs/Little Sibs Ice Cream Social.    Free t-shirts for everyone.

On Tuesday evening, August 30, we’ll hold our freshman reception in the Trumbull House followed by our freshman dinner in the Trumbull Dining Hall.  I’ll be introducing our staff and resident fellows and their families then. 

On Wednesday, Sept. 1, classes begin

On Saturday, September 17th we will host our annual sailing trip out of Mystic, Connecticut.  We take a bus to Mystic, leaving from our main gate at about 8:30, traveling to Mystic and sailing on the schooner Argia.  We get back around 2 p.m. We have room for about 50 sailors.  Sign up in at the Trumbull Aide’s desk in our main office.  

On Saturday, Sept. 24 we have two events; one new one ; one tried and true one.

First, we’re trying something new – a kayaking trip.  We’ll rent a van and travel just a bit east to Clinton, Ct. and the Hammonasset River.   We’ll leave in the morning and return about 2 p.m.  In Clinton we’ll get in kayaks (I’ll be in one too) and paddle to Long Island Sound.  We are starting with about 10 people (and some guides).  Sign up in the main office.  No experience is necessary but if you’re not already 18, we will need you to have a parent sign a waiver.

Then on Saturday, Sept. 24 in the evening we will have our TrumBall in the courtyard.  Our Trumbull College Council hosts this.  We put down a dance floor and put up a tent, we’ll have a DJ and lots of food.  We’ll send more information out about this soon.

Losing things and finding things.  (We’ve found three chairs from last year and are trying to re-unite them with their owner.)

Unsurprisingly, things are often left in the house or around the college and we try to get these items back to their rightful owners.    Indeed, my first two messages to you this year were about missing items.  I’ll not send messages out every time something is found (unless it looks really important). 

Instead, if you find something in our dining hall, Common Room, Buttery, etc. take it to the Trumbull Aides desk.

If you are missing something, please check there to see if they have it.

Those found chairs:  Yesterday some returning students reported finding three chairs that were not their chairs in their suite.  Here’s the description:  Two chairs are black in color, one with wooden arms.  A third chair looks as if it is a rocker with rattan curved parts and blue and white striped cushions covering the seat and back.  Let me know if these items are yours. 

My job is to oversee the college, lead the social and intellectual life of the college and….. ensure your physical safety.

With regard to that last part of my job:  1) You really do need to leave your rooms and gather outside when the fire alarms go off.    There are false alarms, of course, but we have had at least one fire – thankfully a minor one. 2) Get enough sleep!  It’s way too easy to let that slip.  3) Get exercise (participating in intramurals is a fun way to do this).  4) avoid binge drinking  (and anything else you know very well is unwise.)  5)  I’ll have sunblock for my sailors and kayakers; use it.  6)  I’ll often ask you how things are going; if they aren’t going well, don’t hesitate to say so.  7) Spend time relaxing time with friends. 8)  Don’t prop your doors open with coat hangers (or anything else).  9) Don’t use the handicapped button to exit the college (unless you have a handicap of course!)  It leaves the gate open for a long time.    In time I’ll write more about why it’s important not to spend much time comparing yourself to others or expecting yourself to be perfect.  In the meantime, don’t compare or expect yourself to be perfect!

HC (Head of College) Clark