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Trumbulletin: Feb. 6, 2017

The semester is now well underway. Schedules are set. I hope you are all happy with your classes. I also hope that most of you have evaded the flu. (It is clearly around us. Be careful, wash hands often, get rest and drink plenty of fluids if you get it. You can still get a flu shot if you have not already done so. If you have had the flu or get it, you have my sympathy.) It’s great to have everyone back. Over break this place is very, very quiet. The dining hall is dark at night and the courtyard empty. No one is in the gym. No lights are on except for those in the stairwells.

Trumbull Notes 11-18-16

We’re here at Thanksgiving break. Whew!  For many of us, perhaps most, it couldn’t get here soon enough. Take a deep breath (or two or three) and relax.

Some of you are traveling straight home.  Travel safely.  Enjoy your families (or the families who have adopted you for the break).  Get more sleep, work on those papers that will be due soon under less stressful circumstances, and do relax. 

Trumbull Notes 11-17-16

Today I send you a mini-Trumbulletin about a very special tea guest; tomorrow I’ll send you a broader one.  To get right to the point of today’s message…….

Come hear a very special guest, Karen Diver, Special Assistant to President Obama for Native American Affairs speak today at 4 p.m. in the Trumbull House.

Today, at 4 p.m. in the Trumbull House I will be hosting a very special Tea Guest: Karen Diver.

Trumbull Notes 11-8-16

It’s a big day….. 

It’s election day.  I left the house at 6 a.m. this morning to drive to my polling place in Madison, Ct. – at Exit 61 just off Route 95.   It is a clear, beautiful fall day.   Lines were long but they moved quickly.   By the time I arrived back in Trumbull I found that the rest of our Trumbull staff had voted as well.  Do the same.  Vote (if you’re a US citizen, and, if not, encourage your friends to vote today.)  Then gather in our Trumbull Dining Hall beginning at 8 p.m. to watch the returns.   

Trumbull Notes 10-14-16

I hope everyone, whether you stayed on campus, went home, went to someone else’s home or did a little traveling, had a fall break with opportunities to connect with friends and families, sleep and wake up with no alarm.  I hope all were able to get outside as leaves change and the weather remains good (or perhaps is always good where your home is.)  I hope you got some exercise. 

Trumbull Notes 10-17-16

Despite last week involving lots of work to be done, tests to take, and problem sets to hand it, it was a lovely fall week and weekend.  I hope all were able to enjoy it.  I know for sure that at least some of you did (as you’ve posted photos from hikes on Facebook.

Trumbull Notes 10-11-16

It’s a truly busy time in Trumbull and in Yale College given the arrival of mid-terms, family weekend this past weekend and many, many groups performing and athletic competitions occurring including varsity competitions, club competitions, and IMs.

Trumbull Notes 10-3-16

A Happy Rosh Hashana.

Today I wish all Jewish members of our Trumbull Community a very happy Rosh Hashana.  To them and, indeed, to each and every one of you in our community I wish you the best for a sweet and joyous coming year. 

(There are still tickets available for the High Holy Days services and meals at the Slifka Center available in the Head’s office.  Come by if you want one or more.)


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