First-Year Counselors

The First-Year Counselor Program was established in 1938 and has been ever since an intrinsic and essential component of Yale’s advising system for first-year students. The program has evolved in many ways over the years, but the general purpose of the program has remained the same: to help ease the transition of incoming first-years to the academic, social, and cultural life of Yale College. Find out more about the First-Year Counselor Program.

Trumbull is lucky to have a team of seven great First-Year Counselors. Together they make Bingham an especially wonderful place for all first-year Trumbull students.

Angel Alvarado Amaya

Angel (he/him/his) grew up in Brentwood, Long Island and majors in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology, along with an Advanced Language Certificate in Japanese and a Certificate in Statistics & Data Science. He has contributed meaningfully to the Urban Philanthropic (UP) Fund as the Head of Development, forging a tight-knit sense of community through planning fun mixers and facilitating projects bridging the New Haven nonprofit scene and Yalies on campus. He has also coordinated empowering and fun events for first-gen, low-income students through YFAM (Yale’s First-Gen and/or Low-Income Advocacy Movement). Outside of clubs, he works in a cholera lab and enjoys events planned with CAfÉ (Central Americans for Empowerment). Here, in our very own Trumbull College, he has also served as an Aide and Housing Coordinator, helping to engage Trumbullians and debunk common misconceptions on housing. Ask Angel any questions about studying Japanese, hating matcha but loving watermelon rinds, his formative relationship psychology class, or playing a Pokemon game—he will have an answer for you! He spent this past hot girl summer in New York and Greenwich, CT working in a risk management role and is super excited to welcome you all to Trumbull soon! Moo-rah!

Hannah Foley

foley_hannah(Hannah (she/her) is originally from Los Angeles, with roots in Guadalajara, Mexico. At Yale, she double majors in history and art, with concentrations in photography and oral history. She is originally from the Class of 2023, but took a gap year during the 2020-2021 school year to work with the Urban Resources Initiative as both an outreach coordinator for the New Haven Botanical Garden of Healing and a Green Skills supervisor supporting high school students on environmental justice projects in the city. During the school year, you can find her chasing a shuttle bus to the intramural fields, playing goalkeeper for the Women’s Club Soccer Team, or finding new hikes to try around New Haven. Hannah was also involved as a peer liaison for La Casa Cultural, the Latino Cultural Center, for two years and is happy to help connect people to any of the cultural centers on campus. She is so excited to welcome the class of 2027 to New Haven and Yale!

Resty Fufunan

Resty FufunanResty (he/him/his) is a proud native Chicagoan—though recently, he now also considers the Bay Area home! At Yale, Resty is a double major in Ethnicity, Race, & Migration and Statistics & Data Science. His interests lie at the intersection of data and activism, and much of his work is focused on preserving and protecting the communities that raised him. As a Director’s Fellow with Yale’s Institute for Social and Policy Studies, he spent this previous summer working on Asian American policy issues at a Washington D.C.-based nonprofit. He also previously served as the co-head staffer at the Asian American Cultural Center (AACC), co-moderator of the politically-oriented Asian American Students Alliance (AASA), and co-president of Kasama: the Filipinx Club at Yale. Outside of being a full-time Asian, Resty is also proud of the ways in which his queer and FGLI identities have shaped his time at Yale. Nowadays, however, he is most known for spending inordinate amounts of time in Trumbull Dance Studio preparing choreography for Danceworks, Yale’s largest nonaudition dance group! Resty is excited to meet the Class of 2027, perhaps over boba or coffee; he is even more excited to (possibly, maybe) recruit Trumfrosh for his dances.

Colson Jones

jones_colsonColson (he/him) is the youngest of four siblings and was born and raised in Perry, Georgia. He is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in History, concentrating on Social Change and Social Movements. On WYBC, Yale’s Student Online Radio, he co-hosts “Honky Talking” (The best and only country music radio show at Yale). He also contributes to the funniest publication on campus, the Yale Record. Colson attends nearly every Trumbull IM game (and he is confident we will win the Tyng Cup next year). He enjoys watching films and attending screenings held frequently in the basement of HQ (Make sure to ask for his letterboxd). If you ever need to get in touch, you can find him most breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Yale’s best residential dining hall (Y’all know which one). Most of all, he is excited to meet all the new bulls in the Fall. Moo-Rah!

Matt Midy

midy_mattMatt (he/him) is from Stamford, CT and is a Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry (MB&B) major with a certificate in Statistics and Data Science. Despite being an MB&B major, he is not pre-Med and instead plans on going to graduate school to pursue a PhD in Chemistry. Therefore, most of Matt’s time on campus is spent on Science Hill, where he is either in class or doing research on RNA engineering in the Breaker Lab. Outside of academics, you will typically find Matt in the Trumbull buttery, where he is either eating a quesadilla or making a quesadilla (so he can eat it). He also really enjoys biking and playing/watching basketball, which are some other things you may see him doing in the wild. Matt is very excited to welcome this next class of Trumbullians into the best residential college at Yale!

Hedy Tung

Hedy (she/her/hers) majors in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology, along with an Advanced Language Certificate in Chinese. At Yale, she has conducted research at the School of Medicine and School of Public Health. She’s also enjoyed taking courses in Comparative Literature and Film and Media Studies and she’s excited to help incoming frosh explore various academic interests! Originally from New York City, Hedy has found community on campus through serving as Cultural Chair and President of the Chinese American Students Association, as well as taking the helm as President of the Yale First-Generation and/or Low-Income Advocacy Movement. She also loves her student job as a Recruitment Coordinator at the Yale Admissions Office. In her free time, you can find Hedy scrolling through cute animal videos, taking photos of her friends, and exploring New Haven coffee shops (for the pastries, of course!) Hedy can’t wait to welcome the Class of 2027 to campus! In the meantime, don’t hesitate to reach out to her if you have any questions or want New Haven food recs.


Eileen Yang

yang_eileenEileen (she/her) is Ohio born and raised, a fact she loves to remind people of and reminisce about. She majors in Economics with a certificate in Statistics and Data Science (somewhat ~spicy~ econ). Outside of academics, Eileen has served time as group head for the Yale Student Investment Group and on Board of Yale Undergraduate Diversified Investments. She also ULAs for S&DS classes and pole vaults for the Yale Track and Field team. Throughout the day, Eileen can be found by a window anytime there is sun (she loves experiencing the outdoors from the climate controlled inside), crocheting whimsical hats for her friends, or baking the only cookie recipe she knows. Most importantly, Eileen LOVES Trumbull college and can’t wait to share it with the class of 2027!