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Adam Sexton

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Trumbull College Room 29.

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Yale College Writing Center

The Writing Center offers one-on-one help to Yale College students working on any writing project: senior essays, course papers, graduate school and fellowship applications, or anything intended for publication. Although our tutors all work with writing on any topic, there are some differences in their experience and approaches.

Science and Quantitative Reasoning

Science and QR Tutor Request  
Science and QR Tutor Request

Yale College offers students of science and quantitative reasoning support and guidance through two unique programs: the Residential College Math & Science Tutoring Program and the Science and Quantitative Reasoning Tutoring Program. Tutoring is provided in all areas of math and science as well as in economics.

Center for Language Study  

The CLS offers foreign language tutoring for Yale students.  Undergraduate students enrolled in foreign language classes can request free one-on-one tutoring with a CLS Tutor. Any Yale student–whether undergraduate, graduate, or professional–can attend free weekly Chinese, French and Spanish tutoring drop-in sessions.   

Tutoring with a CLS Tutor: Yale undergraduates whose teachers confirm their enrollment in a language course may request a CLS Tutor. This tutoring is available for up to ten hours per semester (CLS Tutors are paid by Yale College). To get things started, complete and submit a Request for Tutoring. Before you begin the tutoring process, please read the Guidelines for Tutees of CLS Tutors. Once you have submitted a Request, the tutoring program coordinator will confirm your eligibility for tutoring and assign an appropriate tutor to you.

Drop-in Tutoring Sessions: All members of the Yale community may take advantage of the CLS’ weekly, drop-in tutoring sessions. Drop-in sessions are informal opportunities to practice the language and ask questions about usage. Students will meet with tutors on a first come, first served basis. For meeting time and location see the CLS website.