Center for International and Professional Experience

The Center for International and Professional Experience (CIPE) is a group of offices that work together, and with other academic advisers on campus, to support students throughout their four years at Yale as they make decisions about their academic plans and explore career options. Through workshops, information sessions, and individual advising, the office staff help students to clarify their goals, to identify opportunities in the U.S. & abroad that are right for them, and to build upon their experiences in a meaningful and purposeful way.

At 55 Whitney Avenue, the office representatives offer a wide variety of resources for students seeking international experience. They provide information, advice, and guidance to potential travelers, as well as contact information for returned students. At the Center, you can:

  • Meet with a program adviser. Staff advisers can help you formulate goals, answer questions, and guide you through the process. Most offices offer both appointment and walk-in hours.
  • Attend information sessions. Check out each department’s online calendar or sign up for their list-serv to be notified of upcoming events.
  • Contact peer advisers. Networks of peer advisers are willing to serve as resources for other students. Get advice from students who have already participated in an international experience.
  • Read program evaluations. Find out what other Yalies had to say about their experiences abroad.
  • Stop by one of Yale’s international opportunities events. These include such events as the Academic Fair for Freshmen, the annual International Opportunities Fair, and the Summer Options Mini-Fair. Information meetings about specific programs are held throughout the academic year. You can sign up for departmental email lists and so be informed of upcoming meetings and program deadlines. Residential College Deans often include information about international opportunities, events, and deadlines in their weekly emails, and useful sessions and meetings are organized in the Colleges and on Old Campus.

For more information visit them at

CIPE Study Abroad Peer Advisers:

CIPE Peer Advisers assist students in navigating the wide array of academic opportunities and career resources offered by the Center:

  • Assist students in a walk-in basis by providing an overview of the different types of summer and term-time study abroad opportunities offered by CIPE including: Yale Summer Session, Yale in London and credit for non-Yale study abroad programs
  • Connect prospective students with appropriate peers in their college who have already participated in study abroad programs
  • Attend and assist with CIPE events such as pre-departure orientations, re-entry workshops, International Opportunities Fair, Family Weekend, Bulldog Days, and other events as needed
  • Manage special projects and develop creative programming to promote study abroad opportunities
  • Provide general overview of funding opportunities.