Trumbull College Council

Trumbull College Council (TCC) meetings are usually held from 4-5 PM on Sundays.  A notice will go out to all regarding meetings.  All members of the Trumbull community are invited to attend! TCC aims to enrich residential college life, discussing matters ranging from community service to college-wide social events.  The council is responsible for the creation of the ever-famous line of Trum-gear, and hosts annual events such as Trumbull Dance, Halloween Pumpkin Carving, TrumBall, and the fall and spring outdoor festivals Rumble in Trumbull and Pamplona. 

Trumbull College Council 23-24

Co-Presidents:  Alex Mirrer ‘24 and Ursula Hardianto ‘25

Secretary:  Ryan Bose-Roy ‘25

Treasurer:  Mary He ‘24

Student Activity Chair:   Lydia Choi ‘26

Gear Coordinator:  Jaxon Havens ‘25

Class of ‘24 Representatives:  George Lan ‘24 and Brendan Wilkowsk ‘24 

Class of ‘25 Representative:  Yvonne Wang ‘25

Class of ‘26 Representatives:  Lydia Choi ‘26 and Hiroko Kawase ‘26