Shipping Information

Instructions for Shipping Packages to Trumbull College:

For U.S. mail:

Student name
Yale University
P.O. Box [6-digit box number]
New Haven, CT  06520-[last 4 digits of box number]

Letters can be picked up at the Yale Station post office, 206 Elm Street, on Monday through Saturday during regular operating hours.

Use Yale Student Receiving Center for UPS, Fed Ex or DHL ground service and express mail packages:

Students Name
250 Church Street
New Haven, CT 06511

Additional information can be found on the Mail and Shipping Info page.  Do not ship before August 10, 2018!

Incoming new students, first-year students and transfer students, must follow the mailing and shipping directions on the first-year site here.

If you have any further questions on shipping procedures, please contact the Trumbull College Office at 203-432-0720.

Find updated mail and shipping information here.