Trumbull Tea with Dean Sten Vermund 3-18-21

March 16, 2021

Trumbull Tea with Dean Sten Vermund (Dean of Yale’s School of Public Health)

Thursday Evening, March 18th at 7 p.m.

All Trumbull Students are invited

Trumbull is extremely fortunate to have the Dean of Yale’s School of Public Health, Dr. Sten Vermund,  as one of our very own Trumbull Fellows.  All Trumbull students are invited to join in this Thursday evening as we host a tea with Dr. Vermund this Thursday evening.  Dr. Vermund  is, simultaneously, a physician, a public health expert, a top scholar in his field and an extremely cordial person who really wishes to connect with undergraduate students.

Here’s a bit about Dr. Vermund from his Yale website:  “Dr. Sten Vermund is a pediatrician and infectious disease epidemiologist focused on diseases of low and middle income countries. His work on HIV-HPV interactions among women in Bronx methadone programs motivated a change in the 1993 CDC AIDS case surveillance definition and inspired cervical cancer screening programs launched within HIV/AIDS programs around the world. The thrust of his research has focused on health care access, adolescent sexual and reproductive health and rights, and prevention of HIV transmission among general and key populations, including mother-to-child. Dr. Vermund has become increasingly engaged in health policy, particularly around sustainability of HIV/AIDS programs and their expansion to non-communicable diseases, coronavirus pandemic response and prevention, and public health workforce development.”

Dr. Vermund will give a short presentation and address our questions as well.  I, myself, want to hear from him what it’s been like to be a public health expert during a pandemic.  I want to hear what he thinks about how our country has handled it, how the state of Connecticut has handled it and how Yale has handled it.  I also want to know what he thinks of public policies going forward, the threat of the variants and the effectiveness of the vaccines.

You’ve had experiences with Yale’s public health policies for undergraduates.  You’ve had to sign the compact, if you are a sophomore you were remote in the fall and if you are a first year student you are remote now.  You’ve had to adhere to Yale’s quarantine, pod and party mandates, the dining rules, our testing and tracing rules program.  Some of you have tested positive and been isolated and others have been quarantined during the semester. Others have had inconclusive or false positive tests, still others have visited the CRC committee.  Opinions vary, I know, regarding all these things. 

If you have opinions on all of these things and want to know what an expert thinks, ask.  (If you want to send a question ahead of time, anonymously or not, I’ll pass it along. Or, if you want, I will call on you during the tea, introduce you as you’d like to be introduced and you can ask your question.

Please join in.  Dr. Vermund is an engaging individual and it’s also a time for our Trumbull community to gather as a group.

(I’ll be asking a few of our other Trumbull fellows to join in including the former Dean of Yale’s school of public health, Dr. Paul Cleary, and public health faculty member, Dr. Joan Monin, as well as some of our recent graduates who are now physicians.  If any of you end up wanting to make a more personal connection with any of these folks I can introduce you over email afterwards.)