First-Year Counselors

The First-Year Counselor Program was established in 1938 and has been ever since an intrinsic and essential component of Yale’s advising system for first-year students. The program has evolved in many ways over the years, but the general purpose of the program has remained the same: to help ease the transition of incoming first-years to the academic, social, and cultural life of Yale College. Find out more about the First-Year Counselor Program here.

Trumbull is lucky to have a team of nine great First-Year Counselors. Together they make Bingham and Welch an especially wonderful place for all first-year Trumbull students.

Trumbull First-Year Counselor Team

Dami Adekeye

Dami (she/her) was born in D.C., but lived in Houston, Texas for 9 years and has been living in Abu Dhabi, UAE for 10. After many semesters of uncertainty, she decided to double major in Political Science and Economics. Outside of the classroom, she co-conducts and sings alto in Living Water (Yale’s only Christian a cappella group), is a member of the Yale Nigerian Students Association, and is secretary for the Class of 2022. In her free time, Dami engages in anything music-related including playing instruments, singing, or making oddly specific Spotify playlists. She also loves learning languages, re-watching the MCU, napping everywhere, and staying in the Trumbull dining hall with friends until the doors close. Dami is very excited to welcome the Class of 2025 to Trumbull College! Email Dami

Nellie Conover-Crockett

Nellie (she/her) grew up in Beloit, Wisconsin, and is a proud Midwesterner despite her family having relocated to Olympia, Washington. She started her Yale career with no idea what to study, but is now happy and fulfilled as an Ethnicity, Race, and Migration major and plans to apply to law school this fall. Nellie is the co-director of the Yale Hunger and Homelessness Action Project, and is a regular volunteer at the Community Soup Kitchen and Yale Community Kitchen. She would love to show you her favorite running and walking routes around New Haven, and if you need to find her, the first place to check would be the student kitchen—Nellie is an avid baker and chef, and is looking forward to whipping up all kinds of treats for duty nights and study breaks!Email Nellie

Sophia DeVito

Sophia (she/her) grew up in Baltimore, Maryland, and knows more Rupaul's Drag Race trivia than all the other Trumbull Frocos combined. Before coming to Yale she spent 13 years attending a small, all-girls school where she found a love for robotics and computers that led her to major in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. This combined major allows her to explore both the hardware and software of embedded systems. When she is not grinding on CS psets, Sophia is involved with Danceworks (Yale's largest non audition dance group), Yale Children's Theater, and other theatrical productions on campus. Since the pandemic limited the opportunity for performing, she has spent this past year picking up every crafty hobby she could think of - including building miniature dollhouses, crochet, pottery, and giant paint by numbers - as well as spending a lot of time with her three siamese cats. She cannot wait to be back in the Trumbull dining hall and to welcome the class of 2025 into this amazing community!Email Sophia

Eamon Goucher

Eamon (he/him) will say that he is from Philadelphia but he is a LIAR. He is actually from a small suburb of Philly called Blue Bell, Pennsylvania––if he ever says that he is from Philly, feel free to call him out. At Yale, Eamon is majoring in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry (MB&B), but recently discovered a love for education studies, which pushed him to join the Yale Education Scholars Program. For the past three years, Eamon has been passionately singing and traveling with his a cappella group, the Spizzwinks(?). He also volunteers with Matriculate, does part-time neuro research at the medical school, and enjoys writing articles for the Yale Scientific Magazine. Outside of school and activities, Eamon likes meeting friends for breakfast at Silliman (don't @ him), talking about memory, jamming out in the Trumbull common room, and going to his friends' concerts and shows. When Eamon's not in Trumbull, he can usually be found reading in the Blue State on York Street or hanging out in the Pierson courtyard with his boyfriend, Adrian. Eamon is super excited to meet the class of 2025 and welcome everyone into the best residential college!Email Eamon

Daniel Guerra

Daniel/Dan (he/they) was born and raised in San Antonio, TX and is majoring in Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry. Outside of the major, Dan also loves taking classes on medical anthropology and the history of science and medicine, so definitely talk to them if you’re interested in medicine/pre-med at all! During the last four years, Dan has been engaged in student government with both the Yale College Council and Trumbull College Council, danced for Yale Danceworks (the largest, non-audition dance group at Yale!), and taught as an instructor for the Yale Young Global Scholars program. Other than that, Dan loves going to concerts, collecting vinyl records, and going on runs at the park; on campus, you can find him hanging out in Bass Library or walking up and down Science Hill at least six times a day. Dan is so ready to meet the class of 2025 and welcome them to the best res college on campus!Email Daniel

Davornne Lindo

Davornne (she/her/hers) was born and raised in Jamaica - a small, but gorgeous island that's still home to most of her extended family. She moved to the US when she was seven years old and has lived here ever since. Her home state is Alabama, where it is illegal to wrestle a bear. Davornne is majoring in Intensive Political Science and "minoring" in French. For her first two and a half years at Yale, she hurdled for the Yale Women's Varsity Track and Field Team and trained as a midshipman of the Yale NROTC program (Oorah!). Now, her main hobbies include going to church, hosting bible studies, and volunteering as a part of a worldwide community service and bible study group called 'ASEZ - Save the Earth from A to Z'. This summer, Davornne is dedicating her time to two Yale fellowships - one in New Haven that involves helping underprivileged children in the Yale community and another to return abroad to France and explore French art, with a specific focus on sculpting. She's super excited to meet the Class of 2025 and pass on all she's gained over the course of her time at Yale!Email Davornne

Sarah McKinnis

Sarah (she/her) was born in Seattle, Washington, but grew up in Fairfield, Connecticut, and remains a proud Connecticutian. She started her Yale career very much undecided, but is now a political science major with interests including human rights, education and mental health policy, journalism, international relations, politics, and public interest law. Sarah is currently the chair of the Yale Globalist (an undergraduate international affairs magazine), and during her time at Yale has been involved with Danceworks, Yale Club Gymnastics, Havenly (a New Haven nonprofit and delicious cafe), and Yale Dems. In her first year at Yale, Sarah also competed as a walk-on diver for Yale Women’s Swim and Dive (go bulldogs!). Outside of class, she can be found spending long meals talking with friends in the Trumbull dining hall, and she also loves sitting on cross campus with a good book, journaling, eating cookie dough, hiking, and listening to music. Sarah can’t wait to meet the class of 2025 and welcome them to the Trumbull family!!! <3 Email Sarah

Wyatt Sluga

Wyatt (he/him) hails from the small town of Randolph, NY – a farm town in Upstate New York near the city of Buffalo. At Yale, he is a Mechanical Engineering major and is also working towards the Energy Studies certificate. Some of his academic interests include renewable energy, sustainability, and architecture, with hopes of pursuing a career in the green building field. Outside of academics, Wyatt is also captain of the Yale Club Wrestling Team. He’s an outdoorsy fellow with a great love for coffee, climbing, and nature. In his free time, you can find him attending Yale Athletics events, working at Payne Whitney Gym, or going for a joy ride on his motorcycle. He hopes you’ll come play intramurals with him as his biggest flex is scoring the winning goal in the Intramural Broomball Championship. Other notable info about Wyatt is that he spent the Spring 2021 semester on a gap semester in Montana, loves buffalo chicken quesadillas from the Trumbull buttery, his favorite color is grey (not gray), and he is almost always wearing a backwards baseball cap. He can’t wait to share Trumbull and everything it has to offer with the new Trumbull First-Years! Email Wyatt

Shannon Sommers

Shannon (she/her) is a New York City native with very strong opinions on pizza and bagels. She is a Political Science major and a Human Rights Scholar at Yale Law School’s Orville H. Schell, Jr. Center for International Human Rights. Over her time at Yale, she has become especially interested in public policy and law around women’s health, which she is very excited to examine further in her senior thesis and capstone project. She spent her first two college summers interning for the Center for Reproductive Rights, where she focused on communications strategy for the Center’s most recent Supreme Court case, June Medical Services v. Russo. This summer, she is interning as an American Law Division Junior Fellow at the Library of Congress, where she is researching and writing biographies of former justices for their Supreme Court project. She plans to attend law school after graduation, pursuing a career in public interest litigation with dreams of maybe one day becoming a federal judge herself. She also works as a research assistant at Yale Law School, an intern for the Yale Law Journal, and a Director’s Fellow with the Yale Institution for Social and Policy Studies. In her extracurriculars, Shannon has served on the boards of The Politic and the Reproductive Justice Action League, and she was formerly a student staffer at the Women’s Center. In normal times, you can find her spending too long at Trumbull brunch with her suitemates, speed-walking to Rosenkranz Hall for her seminars, and rewarding herself with a waffle cone from Arethusa after finishing her readings. She is a huge fan of Taylor Swift, black cats, long-form journalism, art museums, Schitt’s Creek, Veep, Twitter, public transportation, breakfast food, and Trumbull College. She can't wait to welcome the Class of 2025 and be your FroCo! Email Shannon