Graduate Affiliates

Graduate Affiliates

The Graduate Affiliate Program facilitates interaction between graduate students and undergraduates in both social and academic contexts. Trumbull Graduate Affiliates are a great resource for students and are involved at TC via the Mellon Forum, the Graduate Connections Program, study breaks, Thanksgiving and spring break dinners, and more.

Curtis Perry


Curt grew up in Cambridge, MA, and graduated from Cambridge Ridge and Latin High School in 2003, at which point he presumed that he had learned everything important, or else why were they handing him a high school diploma? Ten years later, he is still at school for the foreseeable future, having been frantically trying to learn from all sorts of experiences as a Yale undergraduate and MD/PhD student. He was TC class of 2007, a freshman counselor (to say as way of apology for falling into that role at times), and started at Yale med in 2008. He was initially EP&E, then chemistry, then MB&B, first thinking of a Ph.D. in biochem and then MD/Ph.D. by his senior year. So, it has been a bit of a journey. He joined a lab in immunology (Susan Kaech).

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Jennifer Hirsch


Jennifer is a fifth year PhD student in the psychology department. She graduated in 2013 from Carnegie Mellon University where she received her degree in Psychology and Decision Sciences (yes, that is a real major). Her current research focuses on close relationships, the need to belong, and emotion. Hobbies include cooking (and subsequently eating), watching an unhealthy amount of television, extreme couponing, and the internet. If you are looking for someone to bond over pop culture or have an in depth conversation about your love of The Olive Garden, she’s your go-to gal.

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Jennifer Schmidt

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Jose Dario (Dario) Martinez


Darío grew up in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He is a second-year PhD student in the Department of Spanish, focusing on betrayal in 20th-century Latin American literature. He graduated from Yale University in 2012 with a B.A. in Literature and was a very proud member of the Trumbull College Class of 2012! At Yale, he was a four-year member of the Varsity Fencing Team, a Trumbull C-Hoops Championship Winning Captain (while mostly sitting on the bench), devoted buttery employee and a froco. He was very sad to leave the comforts of Potty Court, but in 2013, he moved to England to pursue a Master’s in Modern Languages and Literatures at the University of Oxford. After a year studying Arabic and working in Amman, Jordan, Darío found his way back to New Haven for a second dose of wenzels, chicken tenders days and moose-tracks milkshakes. His younger sister, Mercedes, is also a Trumbullian and you can usually find them having long, stimulating lunches at 11:30 AM on Mondays (feel free to join!). His interests include traveling, reading and writing, soccer and anything but winter.

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Katie Oltman


Katie Oltman is a 5th year PhD student in Social Psychology. In her former life, she was a recruiter for the Nebraska Cornhuskers, teacher, swim instructor for people with development disabilities, bread-delivery-person, nanny, lab tech, and (extremely small) business owner. In her current life, Katie researches how impressions of group cohesion impact prejudice and discrimination. In her future life, she hopes to become the first female vice-president of the United States, or maybe an extreme sports athlete. If you’re looking for someone to rehash the latest “Game of Thrones” death with, obsess over the British Royal family with, or go star-gazing with, she’s happy to be of service.

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Matt Meizlish


Matt grew up in Fairfield and Weston, CT and then made the long trek to Yale for undergrad, graduating from Trumbull in 2011.  He was a History major, studying mostly 20th century European ideas, wars, and revolutions, and then figured out how cool Latin America is and wrote his senior essay on Nicaragua’s Sandinista Revolution in 1979.  He was also premed and did research in immunology (with Kevin O’Connor, now a Trumbull fellow) during college.  Matt made a brief escape from CT after college to study the history of immunology and the philosophy of biology at Cambridge University.  But he couldn’t stay away for long and is now a second-year MD/PhD student here, destined to continue his love affair with New Haven for the foreseeable future.  Matt also likes to write, spends a lot of time educating the New Haven community about health reform (interested? email me!), and is passionate about skiing.  Though his real winter sports have become, of course, Trumbull IM volleyball and basketball.

Misha Semenov

Schools of Architecture and Forestry/Environmental StudiesMisha Semenov is a third-year student in the joint program between the Schools of Architecture and Forestry/Environmental Studies and the Graduate Affiliate Coordinator for Trumbull. Originally from San Francisco, Misha graduated in 2015 from Princeton with a major in Architecture and minors in Urban Studies and Translation. Misha views buildings and cities as complex human habitats, and hopes to combine the disciplines of design and ecology to create a healthier relationship between people and nature. In addition to his studies, he works on urban ecology research at FES, TAs undergraduate courses on architecture and urbanism, sings with the Yale Camerata, and enjoys all kinds of outdoor activities. He is also a translator of poetry from Russian to English, and loves discussing languages, literature, and culture. He is looking forward to developing a closer relationship with the undergraduate program, and can't wait to spend time in Trumbull!Email Misha

Molly Ryan

GSAS/PharmacologyMolly is a fourth year PhD student in the Pharmacology department where she studies drug resistance in lung cancer. She grew up in a small town in Northern California and received her undergraduate degree in Molecular and Cell Biology from UC Berkeley in 2013. She loves running, baking, and painting, and has an unhealthy obsession with Harry Potter (but only the books!). She would love to talk to you about anything except for the Harry Potter movies. Email Molly

Staci Hill

ChemistryStaci is a first year graduate student in the chemistry department. She thinks the world is full of wonder and as a result spends a lot of her time marveling at it. Said marvels include everything from puzzling over chemistry in the lab to admiring the yellowjacket that just landed on her computer screen. She particularly enjoys reading good books, learning new words, and running on rural dirt roads. Her craving for a good conversation is forever present, and she looks forward to satiating it by discussing the good life in New Haven with the Trumball fam. Email Staci