Graduate Affiliates

Graduate Affiliates

The Graduate Affiliate Program facilitates interaction between graduate students and undergraduates in both social and academic contexts. Trumbull Graduate Affiliates are a great resource for students and are involved at TC via the Mellon Forum, the Graduate Connections Program, study breaks, Thanksgiving and spring break dinners, and more.

Carrie Heilbrun

School of the EnvironmentCarrie is a Master's student at the School of the Environment and specializes in energy economics. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Yale in Environmental Studies and Energy Studies. She then worked in Boston as an economic consultant to energy utilities. Carrie is a proud Trumbull alumna - Bull is Life! - and can't wait to cheer on Trumbullians in their quest for a 4th Tyng Cup. Carrie loves to swim, powerlift, curl up with a good book, climb mountains, and discuss the future of energy markets with anyone who will listen.Email Carrie

Dena Shata

LawDena Shata is a first year law student, originally from Williamsburg, Virginia. She earned a Bachelors of Science from Stanford University in 2016 in Management Science & Engineering. After graduating from college, Dena worked at the Boston Consulting Group in Washington, D.C. and as Condoleezza Rice’s Chief of Staff. In parallel, Dena has continued to work on her passion for community justice and criminal legal reform — focusing on prison reentry and alternatives to incarceration in Virginia and California. At Yale, Dena is interested in continuing to work at the intersection of racial justice and civil rights. In her free time, Dena enjoys cooking, exploring new restaurants, playing tennis, reading memoirs, and traveling just about anywhere. She is looking forward to getting to know Trumbull students and is happy to chat about academic interests, varied paths after college, or anything else.Email Dena

Diego Fernandez-Pages

LawDiego is a first-year student at Yale Law School and a proud alum of Trumbull College, Class of 2018. His favorite extracurricular as an undergrad was serving on TCC: building community at the college, from Trumball to Pamplona, was a highlight of his time at Yale. After college, Diego worked in local government in Sonoma County, California, earned a Master’s in Public Policy at the University of Cambridge, and became a labor organizer with a union. His interests include labor and migration law, art history, and community organizing. Email Diego

Eva Landsberg

HistoryEva is a third-year PhD student in History, originally from Southern California. After graduating from Yale College in 2017, she worked in early education policy in New York before returning for a second round in New Haven. Her current research explores colonial America and the wider early modern Atlantic World, with a focus on the intersection of gender and political economy. In her free time, Eva enjoys painting, kayaking, exploring local restaurants, and (badly) playing intramural softball. She’s thrilled to be joining the Trumbull community!Email Eva

Hannah Elizabeth

PsychologyHannah is a second year PhD student in social psychology. She majored in psychology and minored in gender & sexuality studies and anthropology at Northwestern. Her work focuses on the experiences of people with marginalized identities in romantic relationships. She is originally from Lexington, MA but most recently moved to New Haven from Washington, DC.Email Hannah

Jennifer Strtak

Renaissance Studies and History

A native of Toronto, Canada, Jennifer is a student in the combined Renaissance Studies and History PhD Program. Her academic interests include travel, transportation, and mobility in early modern Europe, and her dissertation will focus on the development of artisanal knowledge and technique in carriage production. Before arriving at Yale, she completed an Honours Bachelor of Arts at the University of Toronto (2015) and a Master of Philosophy at the University of Cambridge (2016). When she isn’t in her office happily buried under piles of books, she can be found cooking, museuming, skiing, swimming, and shopping for sneakers.

Email Jennifer

Katherine Fang


Katherine Fang is a second year law student and a Trumbull grad! She was born and raised in Houston, Texas. After graduating from Yale College with a B.A. in Global Affairs and Modern Middle East Studies, she moved to Jordan and worked in refugee policy. She then served as an economics research associate at Harvard Business School, where she investigated how gender and former incarceration status interacted with the future of work. Katherine is happy to chat about living abroad, feminist lit, the American South, pickling things, and leisurely morning jogs. 

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Manik Kuchroo


Manik is a 4th year MD/PhD student, writing novel machine learning algorithms to understand the complexities of biology as a member of the Krishnaswamy Lab. He spends his time outside of lab taking care of patients in the hospital, playing cricket and working at a local biotechnology company. He was a neurobiology major in undergrad and wrote his thesis on the genetic architecture of multiple sclerosis. Talk to Manik about entrepreneurship, medicine or research in biology or computer science!

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Nicole Sonnert

Physics and Engineering Biology

Nicole, a native of Cambridge, MA, is a second year Ph.D. student in the department of Microbial Pathogenesis and part of the Physics and Engineering Biology (PEB) program. She studies the human gut microbiome at the interface of the host and microbe. She split her college years between Western Massachusetts and New Hampshire in pursuit of a 3-2 dual degree with Mount Holyoke College and Dartmouth College, where she studied Biomathematics and Chemical Engineering respectively. Before coming to Yale, Nicole worked at an awesome antibody discovery company, doing early stage drug development in New Hampshire. 

Outside of lab, Nicole likes rowing, cooking, crafting, and hiking. She also really likes whales. She is excited to get to know you and would love to talk to you about anything!

Email Nicole

Raquel Leslie

LawRaquel is a first year student at Yale Law School. She grew up in Danvers, Massachusetts, spent the last few years in San Francisco, and has family in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Raquel graduated from Harvard College in 2019 with a Bachelor of Arts in Government and East Asian Studies, where her thesis explored soft power influence and perceptions of China among government officials in East Africa. Before law school, Raquel worked on international labor migration policy at the World Bank, intelligence and national security matters at the Department of Defense, and cross-border trade secret litigation at Kobre & Kim LLP. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, tending to her house plants, skiing, biking, and scoping out the best ice cream and coffee shops in New Haven. Raquel is thrilled to be joining the Trumbull community!Email Raquel

Ryan Carlson


Ryan is a third year PhD student in Psychology focusing on social neuroscience. He grew up in Canada outside of Vancouver, BC, where he attended Simon Fraser University. After graduating, he spent two years at Stanford conducting neuroimaging research on empathy and social connection. At Yale, he now studies how we infer people’s moral character. Outside of school, Ryan likes to bike, climb, and make lamps. He’s thrilled to join the Trumbull family, and would love to chat any time about psychology/neuroscience, grad school, and beyond!

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Tyler Kellenberger

Public Health and Healthcare Management

Tyler is a first year MPH student in the Health Care Management program at the Yale School of Public Health. He grew up in Fort Myers, Florida and recently graduated from the University of Florida with a bachelor’s degree in health science. He has a fervent passion for quality and process improvement in the health care sphere. Currently, he works as an internal consulting intern for the Yale New Haven Health System and serves as the on-site Public Health Coordinator for our very own Trumbull College. Outside of the classroom he can be found hiking, running, biking, or exploring. He would be delighted to chat about graduate school, public health, or life in general!

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Zara Contractor


Zara is a third year PhD student studying economics. She plans to research labor markets, macroeconomic policy and international development. Before that, she was an undergrad at Yale (Trumbull!) studying economics and mathematics interspaced with classes in biology, literature and creative writing. Her hobbies include reading (anything, but especially fantasy), running (but not jogging), learning martial arts and playing strategy-based games/puzzles. She is very excited to once again be part of the Trumbull community, and would love to talk about economics, books, or just about anything!

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