Graduate Affiliates

Graduate Affiliates

The Graduate Affiliate Program facilitates interaction between graduate students and undergraduates in both social and academic contexts. Trumbull Graduate Affiliates are a great resource for students and are involved at TC via the Mellon Forum, the Graduate Connections Program, study breaks, Thanksgiving and spring break dinners, and more.

Chance Adkins


I am a third year PhD student in the psychology department. My research broadly focuses on the experience and expression of emotion in relational contexts. I am from California originally and received my BA from the University of California Santa Barbara where I studied psychology. My interests outside of research are going to concerts, playing a variety of sports, and watching movies.

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Chijioke Ukwuegbu

School of Management

Chloe Stewart

Public Health

Chloe is a second year MPH student at the School of Public Health in the Environmental Health Sciences department. She grew up in Iowa and attended the University of Iowa where she studied Human Physiology and Global Health. Since coming to Yale, she has focused her studies on green chemistry and exploring the many toxic substances we are exposed to on a daily basis. In her free time she loves trying new foods, being outside, and drinking coffee. Chloe is excited to be a part of the Trumbull family! 

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Hope Bigda-Peyton

Forrestry and Environmental Studies

Hope is a second- year student at the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies where she focuses on sustainable food policy and inclusive economic development. Originally from Bedford, Massachusetts, she attended McGill University for her undergraduate studies, majoring in International Development and Development Economics with a focus on Latin American history and anthropology. After six years working in sustainable food systems in Southern Mexico, Hope is excited to reconnect with her New England roots. You can find her guiltily staring at stacks of the New Yorker that she never has time to read, or jogging in East Rock Park with her adorable little dog Chewbaca. She also enjoys singing folk music, all kinds of artistic endeavors, experimenting with different plant-based meals, and catching shows at the New Haven Rep. She is excited to be part of the Trumbull family – come talk to her about anything from seltzer water to climate change!

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Jennifer Strtak

Renaissance Studies and History

A native of Toronto, Canada, Jennifer is a student in the combined Renaissance Studies and History PhD Program. Her academic interests include travel, transportation, and mobility in early modern Europe, and her dissertation will focus on the development of artisanal knowledge and technique in carriage production. Before arriving at Yale, she completed an Honours Bachelor of Arts at the University of Toronto (2015) and a Master of Philosophy at the University of Cambridge (2016). When she isn’t in her office happily buried under piles of books, she can be found cooking, museuming, skiing, swimming, and shopping for sneakers.

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Karen Hsu

Management and Public Health

Karen is a Taiwanese American second year joint MBA/MPH degree at the School of Management and the School of Public Health. Prior to Yale, she worked at a nonprofit in San Francisco managing statewide quality improvement trainings on medically complex care and primary care practice transformation. Karen grew up in the Bay Area and went to UC Berkeley for her BA in Public Health, concentrating in Health Policy & Management. She is passionate about improving healthcare access and coordination in the US, especially for geriatric and minority populations. You can find her reading the news, trying new teas, going on photowalks, playing cello, visiting museums, and hiking to waterfalls in her free time!

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Katherine Fang

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Keni Sabath


Kenneth Khoo Chian Yian

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Leonardo Lizbinski

Public Health

Leonardo is the Head Graduate Affiliate for Trumbull College and is a second-year M.P.H. student in Health Care Management at the Yale School of Public Health. Prior to Yale, Leonardo attended Brown University, where he graduated magna cum laude and Sigma Xi with a A.B. in computer science and a Sc.M. in pathobiology. At Yale, Leonardo is interested in global biodiversity, environmental conservation, multidisciplinary healthcare, and start-up entrepreneurship. Leonardo enjoys premier league football (Chelsea F.C.), volunteering at animal shelters, suspenseful mystery cinemas, and creative dessert recipes. He is looking forward to this wonderful experience and the Trumbull dining hall, most especially. Leonardo is excited and humbled to be a member of the wonderful Trumbull family!

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Manik Kuchroo


Manik is a 4th year MD/PhD student, writing novel machine learning algorithms to understand the complexities of biology as a member of the Krishnaswamy Lab. He spends his time outside of lab taking care of patients in the hospital, playing cricket and working at a local biotechnology company. He was a neurobiology major in undergrad and wrote his thesis on the genetic architecture of multiple sclerosis. Talk to Manik about entrepreneurship, medicine or research in biology or computer science!

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Matt Meizlish


Matt is a 7th-year MD/PhD student, studying how macrophages sense the stiffness of their environment in order to regulate tissue repair (in the Medzhitov Lab in Immunobiology). He spends time outside the lab working on patient access to quality health care—through organizing medical students for political activism and running a program in which students learn to help patients navigate social and economic barriers to health. He was a History major as an undergrad (Trumbull 2011) and wrote his senior essay on Nicaragua’s 1979 Sandinista Revolution. He was also premed and did research in immunology (with Kevin O’Connor, now a Trumbull fellow). Matt made a brief escape from CT after college to study History and Philosophy of Science at Cambridge University, before returning for medical school. Matt also likes to write and loves to ski.

Nicole Sonnert

Physics and Engineering Biology

Nicole, a native of Cambridge, MA, is a second year Ph.D. student in the department of Microbial Pathogenesis and part of the Physics and Engineering Biology (PEB) program. She studies the human gut microbiome at the interface of the host and microbe. She split her college years between Western Massachusetts and New Hampshire in pursuit of a 3-2 dual degree with Mount Holyoke College and Dartmouth College, where she studied Biomathematics and Chemical Engineering respectively. Before coming to Yale, Nicole worked at an awesome antibody discovery company, doing early stage drug development in New Hampshire. 

Outside of lab, Nicole likes rowing, cooking, crafting, and hiking. She also really likes whales. She is excited to get to know you and would love to talk to you about anything!

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Ryan Carlson


Ryan is a third year PhD student in Psychology focusing on social neuroscience. He grew up in Canada outside of Vancouver, BC, where he attended Simon Fraser University. After graduating, he spent two years at Stanford conducting neuroimaging research on empathy and social connection. At Yale, he now studies how we infer people’s moral character. Outside of school, Ryan likes to bike, climb, and make lamps. He’s thrilled to join the Trumbull family, and would love to chat any time about psychology/neuroscience, grad school, and beyond!

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Samuel Walter

School of Music

Samuel Walter is a second year graduate student at the Yale School of Music majoring in cello. He grew up in Philadelphia and was always interested in music. However, he decided against going to conservatory and pursued a Bachelor’s degree at Haverford College. During the four years Samuel continued his musical studies, but also pursued studies in other disciplines, primarily philosophy and political theory. After arriving at Yale he currently spends much of his time practicing, rehearsing, performing and teaching in the New Haven/ New York area. Samuel’s primary passion is music pedagogy. He works as a teaching artist at Yale’s Music in School’s initiative and has worked as a teaching assistant for two summers at the Meadowmount School of Music.

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Sherry Tanious


Sherry is a student at Yale Law School originally from Cleveland, Ohio. She earned a Bachelors of Science from Cornell University in 2017 (and is a proud Bethe House alumna), where her studies focused on economics and psychology interspaced with classes in literature, government, and history. During her time at Cornell, she also completed a fashion and fiber science co-op in Sydney, Australia. After graduating from college, Sherry worked at Google in New York City in Operations. At Yale, Sherry is interested in labor law and the intersection of the social sciences  with law. In her free time, she has enjoyed exploring the New Haven food scene and the East Rock farmer’s market. She is looking forward to meeting undergraduate students and talking about academic interests, working in tech, or anything else.

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Sophie Tyack

School of Management and School of Forestry and Environmental Studies

Sophie is a second year joint degree between the School of Management and the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. Originally from Massachusetts with a brief stint in Italy and CA growing up, she then moved to Princeton NJ for undergraduate studies in Classics. After spending inordinate amounts of time writing about Rome’s transition from republic to empire, she moved on to a teaching fellowship in Lawrence, MA before changing tacks once again to work in environmental consulting, where she worked on policy analysis, natural resource damage assessment, and environmental economics projects for a variety of federal agencies. At Yale, her work focuses on energy and economic development, and is especially excited about the potential for infrastructure and intelligent design to help create more sustainable and livable communities. Outside of the classroom, Sophie loves anything outdoors and is always up for a trip to East Rock Park or Sleeping Giant. She also loves a good book, learning new languages (branching out to coding languages right now, so if anyone has Python resources they like, let her know!) and pot lucks.

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Walter Hsiang

School of Medicine

Walter is currently a 4th year medical student enrolled in the dual MD/MBA program at the School of Medicine and School of Management. He grew up in the Bay Area, California and moved to New Haven nearly 10 years ago to study biology as a Yale undergrad. During that time, he became interested in the business behind pharmaceutical and medical device development. After graduating Yale, he worked as a healthcare consultant in Boston for Simon-Kucher & Partners. He then returned to Yale to pursue medicine, while also remaining actively involved in healthcare policy research and business endeavors. He enjoys cooking, hiking, alpine skiing, and attending concerts of his old rock band, “Low Strung.” He enjoys mentoring undergraduate students and he leads a team of aspiring researchers that works on projects that investigate health policy, surgical outcomes, and the opioid crisis.

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Xanni Brown


Xanni is a third year doctoral student in the social psychology program, originally from Cincinnati, OH. She majored in Social Studies at Harvard University, then worked in New Hampshire at a non-profit organizing for campaign finance reform before becoming an RA in the Sidanius intergroup psychology lab. Xanni’s research interests include intergroup relations, inequality, empathy, and political psychology. Her non-research interests include climbing, bicycle touring, mountains, and rugby.

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Xiaobo Pu


        Xiaobo is a first year master student at the Yale School of Music. He has performed as a soloist and chamber musician at top international venues around the world, such as Carnegie Hall, National Centre for Performing Arts in China, Beijing Music Hall among others, and earned the first prize in numerous guitar competitions. Originally from Kunming, China, he then went to Philadelphia and received his Bachelor of Music’s degree from the Curtis Institute of Music. While at Curtis, he also served as Residence Assistance for two years.

      Outside of music, Xiaobo likes trying different foods, filming funny videos and learning new languages, he’s looking forward to sharing his music with Trumbullians!

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Zara Contractor


Zara is a third year PhD student studying economics. She plans to research labor markets, macroeconomic policy and international development. Before that, she was an undergrad at Yale (Trumbull!) studying economics and mathematics interspaced with classes in biology, literature and creative writing. Her hobbies include reading (anything, but especially fantasy), running (but not jogging), learning martial arts and playing strategy-based games/puzzles. She is very excited to once again be part of the Trumbull community, and would love to talk about economics, books, or just about anything!

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