Welcome Class of 2025!

We, your Head of College (Margaret Clark) and your Residential College Dean (Surjit Chandhoke) write to very warmly and enthusiastically welcome you to Trumbull College.

Trumbull is comprised of four hundred students, along with resident fellow families, our own families, and our main office staff, dining, and custodial staff members and fellows of Trumbull college (faculty, administrative and community members who have joined our Trumbull Fellowship).

Trumbull is named after the first governor of Connecticut and is one of Yale’s most beautiful and most intimate colleges. Our buildings sit right in the middle of campus adjacent to Sterling Library. We think we have the most picturesque college. It was designed by James Gamble Rogers, has a Gothic edifice that it looks just the way many think Yale is supposed to look. It includes a main courtyard with trees and grassy spaces and flowers (in season), it is lit at night by the beautiful windows of Sterling Library. It includes two additional smaller courtyards as well, a beautiful dining hall, a Common Room, Library, pottery studio, dance studio, buttery, theatre, art room, music rooms, a TV room and gym.

Most important, by far, though, Trumbull houses a community of wonderful people. Our students (now including you!) are the heart of our college. Right away you’ll be assigned a first-year counselor (a Trumbull senior) and an upper-level student. You’ll get to know many others as we engage in community activities.

You’ll find that we have a very active Trumbull College Council which plans activities for all of us. We also have active graduate student affiliates who do the same. Our resident Trumbull Faculty members and their families represent different disciplines. Dean Chandhoke is a biologist and her spouse, Gurbakhshash Singh, is a statistician. Her son, Sahej Singh, is starting his (literal) third year in the college. Head Clark is a psychologist (and her spouse, Fred Polner, is an attorney). Her daughter is a Yale College graduate and now a neuroscientist living with her husband and new son in Cambridge, Mass. Her son Michael is a health care administrator and lives with his wife in Pittsburgh, Pa. Resident Fellow Matthew Makomenaw serves as an Assistant Dean and Director of the Native American Culture Center. His wife, Angie, is a wellness counselor for Yale College and their son and daughter live with them in Trumbull.

I addition, Trumbull has an active fellowship of faculty which represent all academic departments at Yale as well as many of its professional schools. (The Deans of Divinity, Nursing, Medicine and Public Health as well as the Provost of the University are all Trumbull Fellows).

Finally, there are some key Trumbull staff members whom you will come to know well. They include Deborah Bellmore (our Operations Manager), Kodi Scott (our Facilities Manager), Leah Jehan (The Dean’s Senior Administrative Assistant) and Debbie Rueb (the Head’s Senior Administrative Assistant). In addition, we have Adam Sexton who is an English professor who serves as our writing tutor and as the leader of our Mellon Forum for seniors. We will have an assigned quantitative tutor as well. All these people have offices in Trumbull and you will get to know them well.

We’re all here to support you and make your experience at Yale and in the College a wonderful one. You don’t know us yet. That will change quickly.

As a first-year student, you will receive a great deal of guidance. You will be matched with a First-Year Counselor who is a Trumbull senior. This senior will be with you throughout the year and will be living on Old Campus near you. You will also be assigned a College Adviser who is a Trumbull Fellow and member of the faculty or administration. This person can help you think through your educational goals and provide you with general advice. Dean Chandhoke will serve as your primary academic/personal advisor in the college, and together with the Directors of Undergraduate Studies in those departments in which you are interested, she will help you meet academic milestones and support you in many ways. Margaret Clark, as College Head, serves as another academic presence in the college and will work toward fostering the social and intellectual fellowship within the college by conducting teas and social events of a variety of sorts. She is available to all of you to meet when you wish and to provide general support as well as to receive your suggestions for events in the college.

We’re anxious to welcome you to Yale very soon.


Margaret S. Clark
Head of Trumbull College

Surjit Chandhoke
Dean of Trumbull College

Comprised of four hundred students, along with resident faculty members and their families, Trumbull is one of Yale’s most beautiful and most intimate residential colleges. It is also by far the most picturesque; a Gothic edifice that looks just the way Yale is supposed to look. Trumbull stands in the middle of all the activity that makes Yale the vibrant university it is. James Gamble Rogers, who designed nine of Yale’s twelve residential colleges, considered Trumbull his masterpiece.


March 16, 2021
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August 7, 2020
WELCOME CLASS OF 2024!!! A very warm welcome to our new Trumbullians! Moo-Rah! We are so happy that you will be part of the Trumbull family!
May 15, 2020
Contratulations Class of 2020! Wishing each and everyone of you the very best of health, happiness and luck always. We are together in spirit even though we are apart!

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Campus Address
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New Haven, CT 06511

Mailing Address
Trumbull College
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Head of College Margaret Clark

Head of Colleges Assistant Debbie Rueb

Head of College’s Office Phone:
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Fax: (203) 432-0732

Operations Manager Deborah Bellmore
(203) 432-2004

Dean Surjit Chandhoke

Dean’s Assistant Leah Jehan

Dean’s Office Phone:
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