Welcome, Class of 2026!

Dear Class of 2026,

Welcome!  We are looking forward to meeting you and to having you jump into our community and to all we do here in Trumbull.  You’ll soon meet each other, our upperclass people and all of Trumbull’s staff and resident fellows.

You’ll receive a welcome letter from me and from our Dean Surjit Chandhoke. In it we outlined who we are, where we are on campus, our facilities and some of the many things we do.

You’ll also receive a letter from your First Year Counselor who – along with Dean Chandhoke, your assigned first year Trumbull fellow advisor, me, and many others – will help guide you through opening days and your first year at Yale.

Ask us questions.  Let us know your concerns.   We’re here to support you and help you to thrive at Yale and love Trumbull.

Right now I’m making plans for next year’s outings, events, speakers, and groups.  We have some traditional activities already planning including a sailing trip out of Mystic, Ct. in the fall, a fall dance in our courtyard and a fall festival in the courtyard.  In addition, Yale has a huge number of extracurricular activities from which to choose.  (So many that we’ll be urging you not to over commit.)

Please join me now in being part of our community.    I encourage you to write to me over the summer (margaret.clark@yale.edu) with: a) any questions you have (big or small) and  b) any suggestions you have (big or small) for events and activities to take place within the college. For instance, I invite you to suggest speakers (to talk to you in a small group in the Trumbull House living room and to have dinner with you afterwards).  Those speakers might be professors at Yale or at a nearby university, someone with whom you personally happen to have connections and think others would like to hear, champions of a causes about which you care.  It could be anyone.  Also please suggest activities.  These could be outdoorsy things (hiking, kayaking, beach trips), or indoorsy things (card or board game nights, cooking, baking).  They could involve going to plays, going to art museums or really, anything.  

Would you like to read a particular book this summer and discuss it with other Trumbullians when we get together?  Suggest one.  (I’ll read it too.)  Would you like me to try to get hold of the author and see if that person can visit us? Be creative.   Suggest away.

We compete with other colleges in fun, intra-mural sports.  Do you want to participate in one or more IM competitions?  Let me know and I’ll put you in touch with our IM leaders and enthusiasts so you can dive in right away.

Again, Class of 2026, welcome to Connecticut (for all but the six of you who grew up here), welcome to Yale, and welcome to Trumbull College.

With enthusiasm and warmth,

Margaret Clark
John M. Musser Professor of Psychology
Head, Trumbull College
Dean of Academic Affairs
Yale University

Trumbull College

Comprised of four hundred students, along with resident faculty members and their families, Trumbull is one of Yale’s most beautiful and most intimate residential colleges. It is also by far the most picturesque; a Gothic edifice that looks just the way Yale is supposed to look. Trumbull stands in the middle of all the activity that makes Yale the vibrant university it is. James Gamble Rogers, who designed nine of Yale’s fourteen residential colleges, considered Trumbull his masterpiece.

Dean's Notes

September 12, 2022
TRUMBULL COLLEGE: September 12, 2022 I hope you all had a nice weekend! Now that we’ve settled in for the term, I want to draw your attention to the Academic Strategies...

Trumbull Notes

September 12, 2022
Thanks to all who joined in yesterday’s sailing trip to Mystic, Ct.   I am glad the weather held, there was some wind and that the number of spaces on the trip seemed to work...

Contact Information

Campus Address
241 Elm Street
New Haven, CT 06511

Mailing Address
Trumbull College
P.O. Box 208219
New Haven, CT 06520

Head of College Margaret Clark

Head of Colleges Assistant Reese McLeod

Head of College’s Office Phone:
(203) 432-0720
Fax: (203) 432-0732

Operations Manager Deborah Bellmore
(203) 432-2004

Dean Surjit Chandhoke

Dean’s Assistant Leah Jehan

Dean’s Office Phone:
(203) 432-0722