Holiday Trumbulletin

December 2, 2021

Holiday TrumBulletin 

Dear Trumbullians,

We’re nearing the end of the semester.  The holiday dinner will occur for sophomores tomorrow night and for everyone else Saturday night.  (Sophomores, it’s okay to attend the dinner on Friday as well as Trumbull’s on Saturday.)  Tomorrow night I’ll sponsor two low key events in the House.

First, I invite everyone to a:

Community Hanukkah Candle Lighting:  If you’d like to participate in a community lighting of the Menorah, come on over at 7:30 pm.  We’ll have a Menorah and jelly donuts will be available.  

Associate Head Polner will lead this event.

Second, I invite anyone who wishes to join in to:

Christmas Tree Decorating at 8:00 pm:  The House Christmas Tree arrived today. I have a terrible record of quickly getting it decorated.  Just ask Karen Eisenman about that.  So, on Friday night if you wish to help decorate it (or just sit in the living room and watch others do so as you eat cookies) come on over any time between 8:00 and 9:30. 

I’ll host this part but will be more than happy to let you take over.

All may attend either or both events.  Both will be low key and mostly a chance to relax after what’s probably been an intense academic week for you. 

Those Holiday Dinners:   Note that the holiday dinners will not be low key!  You will find that our Dining Staff goes all out for these dinners.  They will be good!  I’d not miss them if I were you. 

I urge you to thank members of the dining staff at the dinners and afterwards.    

Importantly, Saturday will be a Family Night in Trumbull (meaning that all off campus Trumbullians are invited and dining will be limited to Trumbullians.  Swipe in if you have a meal plan but if you don’t know that we are covering the cost of your meal.)

I send my very best wishes to you all as the semester winds down. 

Pace yourself. There’s lots of work to be done but watch out for your own welfare and that of those around you.  Get sleep.  Get exercise.  Eat well.   Do your best with your work but know that perfection is generally not possible.  It’s all about learning.  

Please keep noise levels down as your peers write papers and study for exams. Seek support if you need it; give support if others need it; do both.  Next week and through finals we’ll sponsor lots of study breaks. 

Warmly, Head Clark