Trumbull Notes

TrumBulletin 4-19-24

Friday April 19, 2024

If you are feeling the rush of the semester as we approach the last week of classes, we are with you! So here are some helpful reminders of upcoming events at Trumbull so that you can find some relief and distraction.

TrumBulletin 4-12-24

Friday April 12, 2024


With an earthquake and an eclipse behind us, let’s embrace all that comes our way for the rest of the spring semester.

On celebration of Eid ul Fitr, there was an Open House at the HoC House this past Wednesday. We were graced by presence of many Trumbullians and other Yale students, as well as several Yale dignitaries. Also, I hope you enjoyed some new dinner items at the dining hall in celebration of Ramadan and Eid ul Fitr.

TrumBulletin 3-8-24

Friday March 8, 2024


Hello Trumbullians! A quick set of updates for today and shortly after you return from spring break!

Friday, March 8th (today): Come to Trumbull Common Room (12:15-3pm) if you want Trumbull Merchandise. Representing the TCC, Jaxon Havens ’25, Mary He ’24, and Alex Mirrer ’24 will be present.

TrumBulletin 3-1-24

Friday March 1, 2024


Hello Trumbullians! I sincerely apologize for absence of the Trumbulletin the last couple of weeks. Some personal matters needed my full attention. Thus, let me highlight a busy February month with a wonderful line-up of events since the last edition.

Friday, February 9th: CPA Awards for the spring semester were announced. Congratulations to all the winners! Please be on the lookout for some amazing exhibits in March and April in and round the college.

TrumBulletin 1-26-24

January 26, 2024

Hello Trumbullians!

I hope your shopping period ended without much disappointment. I hope you have landed on courses that you had planned for. I wish you good beginnings for a great semester. It’s amazing how quickly two weeks have passed since the semester began, and many initiatives are already beginning to populate our calendars.

TrumBulletin 1-19-24

Friday January 19, 2024

Welcome back Trumbullians!

I sincerely hope last semester is a fond, somewhat distant, memory. For those whom I’ve met since last weekend, you all look well rested, suggesting a very good winter break. Although some of us may be in midst of shopping period, I hope that most of you have landed on the courses that you had in mind. I wish you best as Spring 2024 semester begins, as there’s always lots of opportunities to consider almost right away.

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