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Holiday Trumbulletin

Holiday TrumBulletin 

Dear Trumbullians,

We’re nearing the end of the semester.  The holiday dinner will occur for sophomores tomorrow night and for everyone else Saturday night.  (Sophomores, it’s okay to attend the dinner on Friday as well as Trumbull’s on Saturday.)  Tomorrow night I’ll sponsor two low key events in the House.

First, I invite everyone to a:

Trumbulletin 11-19-21

TrumBulletin for Friday, November 19th 

I wish all of you a wonderful visit to The Game tomorrow (if you’re going) and a wonderful Thanksgiving Break. 

Cheer hard.  It’s the one time I do not suggest wearing Trumbull Gear. (We share Harvard colors!). Wear Yale gear – lots of blue and white.  Cheer hard.  Cheer especially hard for our Trumbullian players.  They are David Pantelis, Darrion Carrington, Kevin Jourdain, Reid Nickerson, Melvin Rouse, Mason Shipp, Sean Sullivan, and Rodney Thomas.

Trumbulletin 11-5-21

TrumBulletin for November 5, 2021

There’s lots going on in Trumbull today, next week, and through the weekend prior to Thanksgiving as well as on Thanksgiving itself.  (In addition to all the academic work I know you are all doing.)

Rumbull in Trumbull; Today, Friday, November 5

TrumBulletin 10-26-21

We’re halfway through the semester.  I hope all had a good October break whether you remained here on campus or traveled home or elsewhere. 

Of course we’re still in the midst of mid-term season which seems to me to last from a couple of weeks into the semester until Thanksgiving break.

TrumBulletin 10-15-21

TrumBulletin (weekend edition, Oct. 15, 2021)

Savor the good weather while it lasts.   Enjoy your weekends even as I know well that everyone is facing mid-term tests, p-sets and papers being due.  Oct. break will soon be here.

Please sign the cards (now in the dining room) for our recently retired, long term, Trumbullian Dining Staff members!

Trumbulletin 8-30-21

TrumBulletin for Monday, August 30, 2021

Welcome new Trumbullians!!  Welcome back established Trumbullians!

First of all, welcome to our new Trumbull Class of 2025!  I’m so sorry that the weather was so rotten on the Monday many of you moved in (way too wet; way too hot) as well as rotten last Friday when many of the rest of you moved in (then it was just plain too hot.). I’m happy that the weather is better now.

Trumbulletin 5-18-21

We’ve made it (almost) to the end of the academic year and to the end of our pandemic year.

You’ve been wonderful and I hope we’re back to normal when you return.

As you move out, keep a couple of things in mind.

Our dining hall will close at the end of the day tomorrow (Wednesday).  Our underclass people, of course, do not have to leave the college until 2 p.m. on Thursday.

 We’ll have coffee, juice and breakfast times available in the courtyard on Thursday morning and some snacks at noon as well. 

Trumbulletin 5-10-21

TrumBulletin for May 10, 2021

Classes are over and we’re already into reading week.  We still have CoVID restrictions but we do have a bit more flexibility now.  As you finish up work this week and prepare for, and then take, finals we want to support you.

Trumbulletin 4-7-21

It’s April.  Spring has been a long time coming.  Its arrival is always welcome yet that’s especially true this year given all the CoVID restrictions and rules to which we’ve all had to adhere.  I know well that work loads are still high and end of the term senior theses and papers remain due but at least you can get outside more.  We are still restricted in what we can do socially but we’ll all be working to provide as many breaks and as much support as we can.

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