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Trumbull Notes 10-3-16

A Happy Rosh Hashana.

Today I wish all Jewish members of our Trumbull Community a very happy Rosh Hashana.  To them and, indeed, to each and every one of you in our community I wish you the best for a sweet and joyous coming year. 

(There are still tickets available for the High Holy Days services and meals at the Slifka Center available in the Head’s office.  Come by if you want one or more.)

Trumbull Notes 9-12-16

Now that shopping period is coming to a close, I hope all  of you have a schedule with which you are very happy.  I also hope all of you have had some time to relax and enjoy the great weather we have had.

The wonderful weather will last for a while longer.  As it does join us for sailing or kayaking on Long Island sound, for TrumBall in our courtyard, for a bonfire in our courtyard this Thursday evening and for our fall festival known as Rumble in Trumbull. Oh, yes…. and participate in Trumbull IMs. 

Trumbull Notes 8-29-16

Monday, August 29, 2016

Welcome, new (but very experienced in advising!) Dean Chandhoke!!!!!

All our new students have met our new dean; if you are a returning student, please introduce yourself.  The Dean’s job starts out intensively as  our new students arrive, but soon I’ll host a reception to formally welcome her (and her husband too.)  We’ll invite Dean B back to join us as well.

Sophomores, juniors and seniors, welcome back to Trumbull. To our new freshmen, just plain welcome. Trumbull truly isn’t Trumbull without you.

Trumbull Notes 4-29-16

The last week of classes is always a very busy and often stressful one for all of us – myself included.  For most of you, this will continue through reading week and finals.  Take care of yourselves.  Watch out for yourselves and your friends and be considerate of all those around you. 

I want to briefly address two issues and say that I more than welcome further discussion with all on these issues. 

Trumbull Notes 4-18-16

Our Trum-Freshman have won the Freshman Olympics!!!!!!!!!!!

On a beautiful Saturday our Trumbull Freshman won the Freshman Olympics!  Congratulations!!  This, according to reports I have been given, is just the second time this has happened since 1932.  You freshman were awesome.  We’re the smallest college so it’s always a bigger challenge for us to win any competition than other colleges.  But, of course, we have the best people and you came through big time.

Trumbull Notes 4-4-16

I’ve not sent out notes since the end of spring break.  It’s been just a week, yet it now seems ages ago.  I hope the break was a good one for all.  Many of you remained on campus and experienced some lovely warm days during which our daffodils bloomed followed by snow that almost completely covered those daffodils.

Trumbull Notes 3-8-16

Yesterday, a professor from New York University who gave an academic talk

at Yale and, later in the day, came over Trumbull  to talk about research but also  to see Trumbull and residential colleges at Yale.   In the short time she was present (just before our Mellon Forum began) she got a better view of life at Yale than I could have imagined. 

Of course she got to see the buildings here – the House and college. 

Trumbull Notes 2-29-16

Leap-Day, February 29, 2016

Congratulations to Laurel Lehman and Caroline Powers on their very recent selections as members Whim n’ Rhythm for 2017.  And congratulations to Zak Kayal and Ben Paltiel for their selections as members of the Whiffenpoofs for 2017 just a bit earlier in time.  We’ve known how well you four sing for years – now many more people in many more places will know that as well.

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