TrumBulletin 2-27-19

February 27, 2019

Trumbull Tea, also Tomorrow, Joette Katz, at 4 p.m.:

Tomorrow, Thursday, Feb. 28th (the last day of Feb.  How did that happen?) at 4 p.m. in the house Joette Katz will speak.  

If you are interested in law, state politics, or the welfare of children at risk, Joette Katz (who is a Trumbull Fellow) should be of interest to you and also a good connection for some of you. Joette Katz is an attorney with Shipman & Goodwin, for 18 years she was an associate justice with the Connecticut Supreme Court, and, importantly, she served for 8 years as the Commissioner of the Connecticut State Department of Children and Families.  When she stepped down from that role the Hartford Courant ran a story entitled “Connecticut losing the gutsiest leader in child welfare” (published on Dec. 6, 2018 if you want to look it up.)  It’s conveys clearly how much Joette Katz cares about children’s welfare.  If you want to make a difference, she’s a great role model.  We’re proud she’s a Trumbullian. 

Upcoming Trumbull Tea on April 12, 2019

On Friday, April 12th Trumbull will host a completely different sort of tea and dinner featuring

Vanessa Friedman, chief fashion editor for the New York Times.  It’s not too early to let us know if you would enjoy participating in a dinner with her.  Let  know if you wish to join in.

Class of 2022 Reception; Tomorrow:

Thursday (tomorrow!) there will be a first year (class of 2022) reception in the Trumbull House. 

I know lots of people have lots of work due now and next week so think of this as a study break too.  It will take place from 9:30 until 10:30 and there will be lots of food.  Please come over, make yourself at home.  Know that if you happen to have a test or paper due the next morning and feel you just have to keep working, we’ll have paper plates etc. and you can grab something and get right back to work.  That’s fine, but sitting down and taking a deep breath too can be helpful. 

Thanks to an amazing Trum-dining team (and a request from them)

Thanks to our amazing Trumbull dining team who put together (in record time!) a spectacular coffee-tea dinner last Thursday evening.  Many people commented that the salmon, the risotto, the chicken or one of the salads was the best they ever had.  I loved it myself.  Thanks to Yasser Ezzelden, Bernadette Janis and Bob Sullivan (Trumbull Fellow) and to all the cooks and servers and our tea (and coffee) guests as well. 

Please, please, please be aware that keeping china and silverware and cups and glasses in the dining hall is a real challenge and big expense for the dining staff.  Sometimes things break but the real problem is people taking china out of the dining hall and not returning it.  When this happens, dining must purchase new items and it’s been a problem this year.   (We have 400 of our own students and visitors to Trumbull too.  Think about it.  If everyone takes one cup it means Trumbull may have none.  Look around your rooms and bathrooms and take any dining items that may be there back to the dining hall.  Dining has also asked that you not take china from the dining hall doing forward.  We also worry about sustainability and not having to replace things that shouldn’t have to be replaced. 

Some congratulations

As usual lots of congratulations are in order to individual students.  I don’t even come close to knowing all accomplishments of all Trumbullians each week.  You’re an amazing group. So let me apologize for not being able to recognize everyone.    (But, do let me know when these good things happen (I love good news) and also know that stressful things happen too and let us know these things too just so we can quietly and confidentially provide the best support possible.)

First, to all of us:  For the spring re-cycling competition, Trumbull came in #2 out of four colleges.  (I’m proud of us; keep it up, we’ve done well.)  The winning college will win an extra study break for the college which will be granted to us in the fall.  (This really is an extra break which does not have to come from our budget; it makes me happy.)  We will post updates on the competition throughout the spring.

Also, to all the Trumbull skiers on Saturday, congratulations for managing to get up and be on the bus at 5 a.m.!  I’m used to people complaining about 9 a.m. classes being too early.  I was impressed.  (Thanks too for your understanding of our dinner-in-a-bag for 33 people meal.  Your patience and help was appreciated. 

For this week, I’ll note the following.

First, to some of our athletes:  Congratulations go to Jade Buford and to Kendal Toy for their roles in bringing home the Ivy Classic all-around gymnastics championship to Yale.  Our junior, Jade, performed so well in the floor exercise, vault, uneven bars and balance beam that she took the all-around first place position in the meet (against several teams performing in Philadelphia).  It’s the third Ivy Championship for me.  Our first-year student and my own first year advisee, Kendal Toy, excelled on the uneven bars where she was described as “swinging big release” moves (indeed, I’ve seen her do this – I don’t know how she does it) and Jade was described as “demonstrating a gorgeous release move and stunning dismount”. 

Meanwhile, in women’s lacrosse another one of our first year Trumbullians,  Payton Vaughn scored two goals in a winning game against Quinnipiac.  Congratulations!  (What a nice start to what I suspect will be many future goals made.) 

And, to Rachel Kaufman, congratulations on your award from the Connecticut Poetry circuit and for your reading of those poems in Trumbull on Monday.  They were/are wonderful!

An interim Dean for Trumbull

We will be gaining two new Trumbullians very soon.  First as Dean Chandhoke has written, there will be a very little, very new Trumbullian.  After taking care of all of us for a long time, Dean Chandhoke (and her husband too) will be turning their attention to taking care of this new, quite literally, first year member of our community.

While Dean Chandhoke is on leave we will have an interim Dean who will be here and working closely with Leah and others in the main YCDO and with me to make sure that you have someone from whom to request academic support and advice.  Our interim dean has been selected and I’ll be able to announce whom she is very soon.

Our interim Dean will join us as of March 8th and remain in place for eight weeks.  Of course, the rest of our team (me, Leah, Deb, Debbie, Karen, the Wargos and John Williams, our FroCos, aides, TCC, graduate affiliates, PLs, CCEs and Luna) also remain in place. 

Please feel free to contact me if you need to do so.  That’s always true but I just want to remind people as this will be especially important during this period.

Spring Break

Spring break is almost here.  Next week will be packed with mid-terms and papers for many of you.  I wish you the best.  I also have separate messages for those of you who won’t be here over break and for those of you who will be here.

For those going away:  If you will be traveling out of the country, do not forget your passports.   During my time here at Trumbull someone has always forgotten their passport and, whereas I like traditions for the most part, I’m striving to break this one.  Put a note on your calendar to make sure you have yours if you’re going to need it.

For those of you who are staying put at Yale for some or all of break for athletics, finishing work or just because getting home is too expensive:  It can be very quiet (and lonely) anywhere on campus but perhaps especially in Bingham.  Come over and use the facilities in Trumbull. 

We’ll host some dinners led by our graduate affiliates (who tend not to go away for breaks).  Join in. 

We will advertise these by e-mail.