Trumbulletin 2-7-19

February 7, 2019

Trum-Tea Today, 4 p.m. in the Trumbull House.  Gabby Pascuzzi from Survivor

Today at 4 Gabby Pascuzzi who was a contestant on CBS’ Survivor show (on Fiji) will be our guest.

She will speak of her experiences on a reality TV show, how she came to be on the show, what the experience taught her, and how fans reacted with regard to gender dynamics, the power of social media, and feelings of vulnerability.


I want to thank all members of our (wonderful) TCC members for their contributions to the community. They are the ones who organized and ran our Yule Ball late last semester, who organized our Run for Refugees last Sunday (and it was a beautiful day and a wonderful race), and who hosted our Super Bowl party. They also are the ones keeping our dining hall open and available to all Trumbullians in the evenings.  I am so grateful!

Some free history books, coming up next week.

John Faragher is a well-known American Historian and now an Emeritus faculty member of  history at Yale.  He is a Trumbull Fellow.  For a long time her maintained an office here.

He has a collection of history books he no longer uses and which, he has told me, can be distributed to Trumbull students who might like them.   There are a few other objects that he has also made available to Trumbull students (maps, figurines, for instance.) 

Next week I will set up a display of these items in our art gallery and I will invite anyone in the college who has an interest to come adopt items what they might like.  (I’ll figure out a system to do this fairly if many people show up.)

It will be an evening event so that the greatest number of interested people can come by.

(John Faragher has also donated a framed lithograph of American authors to Trumbull and that will be retained by Trumbull and displayed in our library.)


Seniors:  It is time to start planning senior dinner.  We are looking for a group of 5-7 seniors, including off campus seniors, to represent the TC Class of 2019.  The senior committee helps plan the senior dinner reception menu, dining hall decorations and coordinates and executes the after-dinner program which takes a form they choose. 

The committee canvasses the class to pick a class gift.  previous gifts:  picture frame engraved with the crest and class year; leather bound journal with crest and class year; and 32 oz. glass tankard printed with the TC crest, class year and the name of each senior.  Please know that you are not limited to picking one of these items; they are just examples.  

Also, there is a week prior to graduation that is senior week.   People are relaxed and the YCC plans events for evenings but I am completely open to suggestions from our seniors as to what Trumbull might sponsor during that week (within budget constraints!).  Do let me know your thoughts. 

The committee needs to meet the week February 18th.

If you’re interested, please contact the office ( by 5:00 PM on Monday, February 11, and let us know why you would like to serve!  

Suggestions for senior week are welcome anytime (but earlier gives me more time to arrange things.)