TrumBulletin 3-4-19

March 4, 2019

Wishing Dean Chandhoke the very best on her leave and Introducing our new Interim Trumbull Dean

As of March 8th, Dean Chandhoke is officially on leave for eight weeks.  We wish her, her spouse and her new little one the very, very best – I wish her lots of joy and wonderful family time as well as some peaceful sleep.

And, for Trumbull, I’d note that there has always been A Dean in Trumbull.  And most recently we’ve had Dean B followed by Dean C.   So, who comes next?  Well, of course, it’s Dean D.

I’d like all of you to welcome Interim Dean Margaret Deli to Trumbull.  She’ll take over as we begin spring break and stay for the duration of the semester.

Some of you may already know her because Margaret Deli (Maggie) is an Instructor in the English Department.  There she teaches classes on creative nonfiction (ENGL 120), and also teaches a writing course focused on gossip, scandal, and celebrity (ENGL 114), and a course on the literary history of the female sociopath (ENGL 115).

Maggie will receive her PhD this year.   (She’s just about done; she submits her dissertation in just days.)  Maggie has a BA in English and Art History from Johns Hopkins University. She has master’s degrees from the University of Oxford and Christie’s Education in London and, of course, very soon she will have a Yale Ph.D.

Maggie loves books about art snobs (the topic of her doctoral thesis); she also loves museums and gossip blogs.  

 She’s a fan (she says, “alas” but I’m not worried!) of Netflix.  She also reports being thrilled to serve as your interim dean.

(I haven’t asked her yet but I’m planning on seeing if she’ll host a special Deli-Study Break come finals.)

I’ll introduce Maggie tonight to some of our seniors at the Mellon Forum.  Over break those of you staying put in town should know that she will be available to you.  She’ll be in our dining hall at times this week and I’ll endeavor to introduce many of you to her there. 

Mellon Forum

Just a reminder, tonight we’re on for another senior Mellon Forum in the house. 

To this year’s participants, both your Dean and I have been very pleased with the presentations all year long.  They’ve been interesting, clear and right on time.  It has been great to find out what you’ve been working on.  For members of upcoming classes keep this in mind for your senior year!

Also, thanks go to Debbie Rueb who arranges for the dinners for each Mellon Forum and to Karen Eisenman who makes sure the food is received, kept warm and available as you all arrive for these dinners and to all the underclass Trumbull aides to help to set up and clean up afterwards.  You are all really, really appreciated. 


Congratulations to our Trumbull IM participants are in order.  I’m so pleased to be able to announce that Trumbull has won the overall IM championships in:  #1 IM inner tube water polo (this is the fourth year in a row we’ve won this!), #2 IM swimming, and #3 IM Broomball.  We have many terrific IM players but I do want to highlight goalie extraordinaire, PJ Tuckman, for his crucial goal tending performances in both inner tube water polo and broomball – not just this year but during his entire time in Trumbull.

I also want to take note of and congratulate Trumbullian Andy Sandweiss who won Best Film at the Ezra Stiles Film Festival this past month and who also won “best directed film” at the same film festival last year.  In addition, Kuan Jiang and Josh Swerdlow won best actor awards in Andy’s most recent film.  Robert Scaramuccia, Milo Brandt and Alexander Schlesinger also have been in these films. 


I attended the IM Broomball championships last Thursday evening and learned quickly that dress shoes do not work on Ingalls Rink ice.  Thanks to our Trumbullians who very kindly literally slid me over to the goal so that, after we tied (2 -2) with Hopper, I could watch our winning shoot-out.  I didn’t miss your kindness!  I also now know that one stands on the ice in appropriate shoes, not in the stands, to cheer Broomball players on.  Moreover, I now properly appreciate how hard it is to remain upright while playing Broomball itself.  Players are often down and sliding across the ice – still managing to stop the ball or hit it during the games.  Pretty impressive.

Thanks to Manny Portocarro, our Trumbull chef for voluntarily coming in and spending the night in Trumbull Sunday night (given the impending snow storm) to make sure we all had food this morning.  (This is one example of how our staff goes above and beyond to help us out.  It’s not likely visible to all of you, but I deeply appreciate it.  Please thank Manny when you see him.)

Thanks to Dean Chandhoke for covering FroCo duty allowing our senior FroCos to attend the Masquerade Ball – this is, of course, another example of people going above and beyond for Trumbull.  What a great community!

Requests and Advice

Lock all doors before leaving for spring break!!  Indeed, lock doors regularly while you are here in Trumbull!   Many, many doors are propped open with hangers or doorstops or clothes regularly.  I have been to suites to deliver things and found doors open often with no one present in the suite (judged by my just shouting, “Is anyone here?”) This is unwise.  Know that doors will be closed when this is observed.  I know it is a hassle to take your key when you leave but it’s just a smart thing to do.  Our gates are locked but people often follow others in both gates and entryways.

Do not forget your passports when you leave for spring break.

If you are staying put over break, sign up for one (or more) of our spring break dinners by e-mail.  Details forthcoming!