Trumbull Notes

Trumbulletin 10-15-19

I hope all have enjoyed the wonderful weather these past few days.  Now

we’re at October Break which seems to have both arrived quickly and also just

when we all need it.

For all of you:  Get some sleep.  Get some exercise.  Catch up with friends and family and take some time to catch up on work if need be. 

Trumbulletin 10-7-19

TrumBulletin:  Oct. 7th, 2019

I hope all enjoyed Family Weekend this past weekend and that workloads are not becoming too stressed.  (Yet know, October break is coming up.  That can be really helpful in terms of catching up on both sleep and work.) 

Trumbulletin 9-23-19

I hope you have gotten the courses you wish, that all is going well and that you are enjoying the start of fall, the good weather, and your courses. 

For those of you new to the Northeast, savor this weather, enjoy the changing of the leaves but also do plan for colder weather and be sure you have a good coat, boots, gloves and hat for the coming winter. (Ask a northeasterner for advice on what to get). Just when the first truly cold days will hit is a bit unpredictable but I urge you to be ready by mid-October. 

Trumbulletin 4-26-19

After returning from spring break, time always seems to whip by.  Today is the last official day of classes for the semester.  It’s time for Pamplona in the college, then Spring Fling, then reading week and, finally, finals.

For the moment do relax.  Enjoy the (finally) warmer weather

TrumBulletin 3-4-19

Wishing Dean Chandhoke the very best on her leave and Introducing our new Interim Trumbull Dean

As of March 8th, Dean Chandhoke is officially on leave for eight weeks.  We wish her, her spouse and her new little one the very, very best – I wish her lots of joy and wonderful family time as well as some peaceful sleep.

Trumbulletin 2-7-19

Trum-Tea Today, 4 p.m. in the Trumbull House.  Gabby Pascuzzi from Survivor

Today at 4 Gabby Pascuzzi who was a contestant on CBS’ Survivor show (on Fiji) will be our guest.

She will speak of her experiences on a reality TV show, how she came to be on the show, what the experience taught her, and how fans reacted with regard to gender dynamics, the power of social media, and feelings of vulnerability.


TrumBulletin 11-29-18

As usual, I can’t believe the semester is almost over.  Next week is the last week of classes and then there is reading period and finals.  From now until the end of finals there will be many papers due and many exams accompanied by many study breaks later and early in the morning.

I wish everyone the best as we all work hard.  Pace yourself.  Do your best.  Get enough sleep.  Get some exercise.  Be supportive of one another (and quiet as people work).

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