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Trumbulletin 3-25-20

To all:  We miss you.  Stay safe, keep in touch with family and friends who care about you. Know that our whole Trumbull team, Dean Chandhoke, Leah Jehan, Deborah Bellmore, Debbie Rueb, our dining team, our custodial team, and me too, are still working.  Get in touch with us as you need.  Get in touch just simply to be in touch. Get in touch just to tell us a story or two about spring break, what you are doing now, how classes are going, or just to gripe about something.  Get in touch if we can help with anything. 

Trumbulletin 3-5-20


Dean Chandhoke and I write to update Trumbull on CoVID-19. 

First, we’ve heard plenty of speculation about how Yale is going to handle issues surrounding this virus. I’m sure you have as well. 

Indeed, Tuesday evening during our mid-term study break, I talked with many of you about this and emphasized that current speculations are just speculations.  No decisions regarding changing business as usual at Yale have been made except:

Trumbulletin 2-7-20

TrumBulletin for February 7th

Tomorrow, Saturday, February 8, at 2:00 p.m., a memorial service will be held at Marquand Chapel at Yale Divinity School for Harry Adams, the former Master and long-term Fellow of Trumbull College.  He was very active right up until his passing.  I will attend this service; all are welcome to attend. 

Trumbulletin 1-22-20

TrumBulletin for January 22, 2020

I hope last semester’s finals are a distant memory (but see the attached picture here), that shopping period has gone well for everyone, that courses are good and that all are well-rested and happy after break. 

Trumbulletin 12-4-19

The end of the semester is upon us and many study breaks, wine and desserts for seniors, Dave and Buster’s for sophomores, laser tag for juniors and a very special holiday dinner for first years will happen soon.  (See details below). 

This year, the end of the semester feels more rushed that ever. Thanksgiving occurred late in November and is just one week between Thanksgiving break and the end of classes. 

Trumbulletin 11-21-19

The semester has flown by. We’re just about at Thanksgiving break (and there is just one

week of classes afterwards.)  I think we all need this break.  I wish you all the best whether you are staying here or traveling home or joining friends and traveling at their homes.

Before getting to the break and The Game, though, I want to reflect back on this past weekend a bit.

Trumbulletin 11-12-19

Yesterday was lovely but today the temperatures will plunge and it’s already snowed a little.  So consider this a head’s up for our first-years from warm states.  I think everyone has a warm coat by now but you’ll see that boots, hats and gloves are additional necessities.   Let me know if getting them is a financial issue for you.  Get them for sure!

Also, we have Trumbull activities planned over Thanksgiving week.  Let us know if you’ll be here over Thanksgiving and are interested in dinner and any other activities we’ll host.

Trumbulletin 11-4-19

What’s coming up in Trumbull?

Monday, November 4th, Tonight, Trumbull House: Mellon Forum 6:00 - until the last senior presentation

Tonight is our second Mellon Forum dinner for our seniors in the Mellon Forum and the first night of their presentations in the living room.  We’re looking forward to our dinner hearing from Kat Berman, Cameron Martel, and Heeral McGhee

Tuesday, November 5th, Trumbull House, First Year Reception:  9:00-10:00 p.m.

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