Trumbulletin 2-8-23

February 8, 2023

TrumBulletin. Tuesday, Feb. 8th, 2023

I hope the semester is going well for every one of you.  I wanted to write a bit about the unfortunate and frightening “swatting” event in Bingham as well as about upcoming events in Trumbull.

Bingham Hall Swatting

First all of us in Trumbull and in Hopper are sorry that there was a very frighting and late night “swatting event” in Bingham Hall right at the start.  As Chief Anthony Campbell has written to the entire community in some detail, reports of violence occurring and threatened in Bingham Hall came into the YPD resulting in a major response, lots of YPD and New Haven police responding and our Trumbull first year students and our first year counselors having their lives disrupted. Given the nature of the phone calls received, the police acted quickly and in large numbers.  I personally so appreciated affected students being willing to meet with me in Bingham and later, with me and our Dean in Trumbull.  There were mis-steps in process and communication and we promised to alert the police to your reactions and concerns.  Both our Dean and I have done that; so too have the Dean and Head of Hopper done that.

Yet it is important, I think, for the police to have a chance to hear about your experiences directly from you, in your own voices.  Chief Campbell is sympathetic to that and an event will be held in the Trumbull House (for both Trumbull and Hopper students) for this purpose.  It has not yet been scheduled but it will be soon. I hope our first -year students and first year counselors will attend.  People were affected in a variety of ways; it is important that all voices be heard so that there are constructive steps for the future. Of course, I hope nothing like this happens again.

A Trumbull tea on mental health, tomorrow, Feb. 9th at 4:00 p.m-5:00 pm. in the Trumbull House with Chirlane McCray

As First Lady of New York City, Chirlane McCray redefined the role of First Lady of New York City, managing a robust portfolio to advance an ambitious agenda in support of New Yorkers.
Nationally recognized as a powerful advocate for mental health reform and named a 2019 “World Health Organization Champion,” Ms. McCray created ThriveNYC, the most comprehensive mental health plan of any city or state in the nation. She led the Cities Thrive Coalition, bringing together more than 200 mayors, county officials, and thought leaders from all 50 states to improve delivery of mental health and substance use care.
As Chair of the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City, she brought together leaders across government, philanthropy, and the private sector.  The Fund raised more than $60 million through its COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund—fueling New York City’s pandemic recovery through initiatives like the Restaurant Revitalization Program, which guaranteed displaced workers a fair wage.

She also served as Co-Chair of the Taskforce on Racial Inclusion and Equity, whose mission was to ensure New York City’s recovery from COVID-19 was rooted in fairness and justice. Ms. McCray rallied city agencies and leaders in common cause to help revive the hardest-hit communities with access to critical resources and services like mental health care and small business support.
Ms. McCray’s other responsibilities were extensive. As co-chair of the Commission on Gender Equity, she was a persistent voice for creating a 50-50 city and world. She led the city’s Domestic Violence Task Force, and in 2015, with her signature, New York City became the first city in the country to join the United Nations Women’s Safe Cities Global Initiative. She also launched and led the NYC Unity Project, an unprecedented citywide effort to make sure LGBTQIA young people in New York City are safe, supported and healthy.
While a fellow at Yale, Ms. McCray is looking back at ThriveNYC’s success in innovating and expanding mental health and substance use treatments, and making recommendations for the path forward.

(For those of you students who have signed up to have dinner with Chirlane, that dinner will occur immediately after the tea in the Trumbull Dining Room.  The dinner is currently full but if anyone drops out a tea attendee (or two) who wish to stay for dinner will be able to do so.)

Skiing this weekend, Sunday, Feb. 12th

Trumbull is going skiing this coming Sunday.  Associate Head Polner is leading the trip with the assistance of our Head Grad Affiliate Jen Strtak.

The trip is full right now and if you’re signed up you will have received lots of emailed directions.  Be sure to follow them.

I can’t tell you how happy I am that we did not schedule the trip for this past weekend when it was so bitterly cold!  The weather for Sunday looks as if it will be fine. Sometimes things work out well!

The bus leaves at 5 a.m.!!!  Breakfast is available at 4 a.m.!!  (I’ll be personally serving breakfast.  I will be up at that ridiculous hour and you are welcome to come grab juice, coffee, some pastry and fruit in the House.  Enter through Stone Court.   I’ll send you all off on the bus at 5 a.m and then promptly go back to bed. 

(I’d actually go skiing myself ordinarily but, instead I’ll be heading out to join those of you who have signed up for the IRIS run for refugees on the same day.)

For all skiiers:  Know that the college has heavily subsidized the ski trip.  There was a wait list so we’re counting on you pulling off getting up very early and being on the bus by 5am!  (You can bring a pillow and sleep on the bus; if I were you I’d do that!  It will be a nice bus.)

Running for Refugees on Sunday, Feb 12th

We have a nice size group participating in the Run for Refugees on Sunday.  I’ll be there myself.  We all must get to the start on our own.  (This is possible on the Yale Shuttles and Deb Bellmore will be sending out instructions to everyone in that regard. 

I’ll be at the starting venue where you pick up your number and your t-shirt.  I’ll bring a large Trumbull Sign.  Before the race we’ll gather for a Trumbull picture along with (if he’s not too busy) Chris George who runs IRIS and is, himself, a Trumbull Fellow.

Coming up Next Week:

On Wednesday, Feb. 15th, Trumbull is sponsoring (together with Pierson College and the AfAm Cultural House) a showing of Kaepernick and America in the Law School auditorium followed the next day, Feb. 16th by a Trumbull Tea with the NFL sportswriter, Steve Wyche, who first broke the story of Kaepernick’s protests and who is, himself, featured in the film. 

The film will be shown Wed., the 15th  from 6-8 p.m. in the Yale Law School Auditorium at 127 Wall  Street.  You need to RSVP at TINYURL.COM/SEEKAEP.  

The Tea occurs on Thursday, Feb. 16th at 3:00 p.m. in the Trumbull House.  The tea is open to everyone.  Note that this tea is scheduled one hour earlier than the typical Trumbull Tea time in order to accommodate the journalist’s schedule. 

Keeping Trumbull spaces in good shape and Trumbull equipment in Trumbull

Earlier this year, we were sad to note that the cymbals for the Trumbull drum set in our music room had disappeared.  No one had signed them out and we had to replace them (at considerable expense).  Recently, after being missing for weeks, those missing cymbals reappeared.  Whereas we are very pleased to see them reappear, we’d appreciate knowing where they had been.  (Anyone wish to fess up?)  Going forward, know that the drums, the cymbals and other equipment in Trumbull (for example, everything in our courtyard) should not be removed from the college without prior approval.  We’ve lost many other things (our corn hole game, our fire pit, a white board from the seminar room) in the past and each time we have to spend money to replace things it pulls money away from other initiatives. 

This applies to the Trumbull student kitchen as well.  We try to keep that space in shape for all to use it when they wish to do so.  If you use dishes, please wash them. If you take a dish out of the kitchen please return it.  Do use other supplies such as paper towels and dish washing liquid as you need them (that’s what they are there for) but please do not take them in bulk from the kitchen.

We’d like to keep nice things in that space but if they keep disappearing (as has happened with many blenders and mixers!) we give up. 

And a related note to our fellows:  If you have kitchen items – sets of plates, cups, mixing bowls, cake pans, glasses a blender or mixer or whatever that are in good shape and that you might want to donate think about Trumbull’s student kitchen. We’ll gladly accept such items!  We have over 400 students who would probably be able to make good use of such items.

On Friday Feb. 24th, a “young fellows” art show in our art gallery (Trumbull artists:  Consider volunteering to help).

We are holding an art show for our Trumbull Fellow’s children and grandchildren (pre-school through high school) in our art gallery on Friday evening, Feb. 24th.  It will be mounted on Thursday the 23rd and a dinner will be held in the House for all artists.  Then we’ll move to the art gallery for the show.  We have many young artists who have signed up to show their work.

I’d love to have some of our Trumbull artists involved.  (We have many!). If you are  up for either helping to: a) mount the show on Thursday and/or to b) attend the dinner and/or to c) be a commentator on the art and/or to d) hand out prizes/gifts to the artists, please let me know.  Mixing our college students with our fellows and Trumbull children for this event would be terrific. 

Did you participate in my silent study breaks at the end of last semester and leave your nice water bottles in the House?

If you are missing your water bottle (this should be true of two people), let me know.  I’ll give those bottles back!