August 25, 2023

TrumBulletin, August 25, 2023

To our new Trumbull Class of 2027, Welcome! To all our upper-level students, Welcome Back!

I am Fahmeed Hyder, the new Head of Trumbull College. Along with Anita Sharif-Hyder, the new Associate Head of Trumbull College and Leila Hyder our daughter, we moved into Trumbull about three weeks ago. Similarly, newbies to Trumbull College are Resident Fellows Jorge Anaya and Teresa Chahine (with her partner Nils Rudi).

Along with Surjit Chandhoke, the Dean of Trumbull College, and our amazing Trumbull team consisting of Deb Bellmore (Operations Manager), Reese McLeod (HoC Senior Administrative Assistant), Alice Kustenbauder (DoC Senior Administrative Assistant), Karen Eisenman (Service Assistant), Kory Evasick (Dining Hall Manager), Cec Amado (Dining Hall Assistant Manager), and Kodi Scott (Facilities Superintendent) - we have been here most of the summer preparing for your arrival. In case you didn’t know, Trumbull College is full of people attending summer programs coordinated by Yale’s Summer Session and Services. Thus, transition from summer into fall for TC spaces always takes a lot of coordination and cooperation. However, this happens almost seamlessly thanks to our amazing Trumbull Village that provides the comfort we appreciate! We sincerely hope everyone’s summer was relaxing and stimulating. We are thrilled to welcome you to campus. The first year move-in last week went quite smoothly, with special thanks to the FroCos and the Student Aides who provided generous help and we hope the move-in for the upper-level students is effortless this weekend.

Since you are likely overloaded with information, I will try to keep my notes to you short and simple. I have listed a few events/activities coming up the next few days. Please do ask if you have questions. Please be on the lookout for signup emails, as some of these events are first come first serve basis and/or by invitation only. In the weeks to come, you will learn about many other events, activities, and excursions. We will also host spontaneous study breaks, usually at the HoC House and also at the TC Common Room.

  • Aug 29th, 5-5:30pm                First Year Reception (HoC House)
  • Aug 29th, 5:30-7:30pm            First Year Dinner (TC Dining Hall)
  • Aug 30th                                        Yale Classes begin for Fall semester
  • Sep 5th                                            Add/Drop Period ends at 5pm
  • Sep 7th, 5:30-7pm                    Eli Whitney Student Dinner (HoC House)
  • Sep 7th, 8-9:30pm                   First Year Latine Student Mixer (TC Common Room)
  • Sep 10th, 10:15am-2pm         TC Sailing Trip (Mystic, CT)
  • Sep 22nd, 9-12pm                     TC Council Dance (TBD)
  • Sep 25th, 5:30-7pm                 Yom Kippur Celebration (HoC House)
  • Sep 28th, 4-5pm                       Tea with Federica Du Pasquier, Yale World Fellow (HoC House)
  • Sep 30th, 12-4pm                     Submarine Tour (Groton, CT)
  • Oct 7th, 11am-3pm                  Apple Picking at Bishop Orchard (Guilford, CT)

A part of my responsibility as HoC is to promote the intellectual life of Trumbull. To encourage and support you throughout your time at Yale, I need your help. While we already have lined up some exciting speakers, please suggest a guest (from inside or outside Yale), and/or suggest an activity. Please write to me at or simply just find me around Trumbull.

As a reminder, there is a new Yale policy on battery-powered micro-mobility device (MMD) such as an e-scooter, e-skateboard, e-bike, or similar devices. These MMDs are not permitted in or on any residential university properties, including the courtyards and other campus spaces.

Welcome Trumbullians and Moo-Rah!


Head Hyder