Trumbulletin 10-12-20

October 12, 2020

Today is Jonathan Trumbull’s Birthday.  To help celebrate we’ve ordered some special desserts that you will be able to pick up in the dining hall tonight.  Well, to be honest, it was Debbie Rueb, our Head’s office Senior Administrative Assistant who always remembers Jonathan’s Birthday and always makes sure we have special cake in honor of it.  (Thank you Debbie!!!)

Cold Weather

It’s turning cold.  I hope all our new folks from warmer places have their winter coats (and hats, and gloves and boots) ready.  If not, you should be doing so right now.  If securing these items is a financial burden, please let me know.

Of course, it’s also mid-term paper and exam season.  If you’re feeling a bit stressed just keep some things in mind.  First, you’re not alone.  In the past we’ve often asked, during fireside chats, how many people are ahead on their work (almost none), how many are caught up on work (some, but not too many) and how many feel a bit behind (many).  Second, just do your best.  Pace yourself.  You need not be perfect.  And, last but not least, we’ll have study breaks. 

In that regard:

Wednesday, Oct. 14th, at 8:30/study break for juniors

This Wednesday, starting at 8:30 PM, we’ll have a study break for all our juniors.  We’ll have bags of Halloween themed treats available for you – think cider donuts,  some cider to go with those donuts, some candy and even a little pumpkin to decorate your room.

We will have a bag prepared for each you and you can pick it up at 8:30 in the backyard of the House.  (Although It’s supposed to be cold and wet Monday and Tuesday evenings, Wednesday is supposed to be a nice evening.)

I know that many of our juniors are living off campus.  If those of you off campus want to pick up your bags earlier in the day so you won’t have to troop over here in the dark, let me know who you are and how many bags your living unit needs to cover all Trumbullians there.  We’ll arrange a pick-up time and place.

Thursday, Oct. 15th starting at 3 p.m./plant a plant for your room.

A plant event is a new event for Trumbull and I have no idea how many people will be interested.  But, nonetheless, I’m hosting a plant event in the backyard starting at 3 p.m. 

I’ve purchased narcissus and amaryllis bulbs.  We have a variety of pots and containers and dirt and pebbles. If you put these bulbs in a pot and keep it watered and give it some light, these bulbs should sprout and blossom before you leave for Thanksgiving.  So come over, pick a container, place the bulbs in it and see how you do keeping it alive and thriving.   As noted, you should have blooms by Thanksgiving.   It the meantime you can cheer your plant on and we hope it cheers you up.

Pumpkin Carving, Sunday, Oct. 18th

Our wonderful TCC is hosting a pumpkin carving event.  They will supply the pumpkins and carving tools, you supply the talent.  This event will take place on Sunday, Oct. 18, in the Trumbull Courtyard.  Sign up with your suite for a good time and a chance to win Trum-Gear.

(One year people were a little careless with the seeds and pumpkins sprouted in the spring at the edges of one of our gardens.  We defended their right to exist there and had little second generation Trum-pumpkins in the fall.)  Fill out the TCC’s reservation for a pumpkin.  (See their Oct. 11th email and please sign up by Friday, Oct. 16.)  They’ll have your pumpkin ready for you.

Congratulations are in order!!!!

Senior Trumbullian Daire Lynch (enrolled remotely in Ireland) won bronze in the Men’s Double
Sculls, at the European Rowing Championships on Sunday!!!!  Congratulations!!!

Here’s a link to this news:


Many thanks are due to many Trumbullians.  First, I thank grad affiliate Nicole Sonnert for hosting virtual paint night. 

I thank Adam Sexton, Trumbull Fellow and Trumbull Mellon Forum Coordinator for getting us going on senior Mellon Forum with a dinner and by giving the first talk.  I thank grad affiliate Jen Strtak  for her help with this and ,in particular, for matching each of our senior participants with a graduate student mentor.

(Now that Louise Gluck has won the Nobel Prize, you should know that Professor Sexton was her office mate when he first arrived at Yale. Importantly, Prof. Sexton too is a talented writer with a new book scheduled to come out next year.) 

I thank Alex Mirrer for hosting our voting event and Marc Bertoni, Dayle Chung and Debbie Rueb for their help in organizing  our family weekend event and Patricia Adaya, Wyatt Kremer, Jeremy Baron, Alex Mirrer, Jewel Moore, Danny Sanchez, Jerry Zhou and Dean Chandhoke for their help with that event as well.