TrumBulletin 10-15-21

October 15, 2021

TrumBulletin (weekend edition, Oct. 15, 2021)

Savor the good weather while it lasts.   Enjoy your weekends even as I know well that everyone is facing mid-term tests, p-sets and papers being due.  Oct. break will soon be here.

Please sign the cards (now in the dining room) for our recently retired, long term, Trumbullian Dining Staff members!

Just in front of the fireplace in the Dining Hall are cards to sign for three of our long-term dining staff members who have just retired, Miss Robbie, Marsene, and Nicole.  We’ll be adding a gift for each of them to the cards.  Please sign the cards.  They have been swiping our cards, greeting us, remembering our birthdays and cooking and serving us meals for a long time!  I know for sure that many of us are very grateful for their years of service to Trumbull.

Saturday Senior Receptions

Tomorrow (Saturday, Oct. 16th) I’m hosting two senior receptions in the House – one at 7:30 until 8:30; then a second from 8:30 to 9:30.  Ordinarily we wouldn’t split things into shifts but to adhere to Yale’s CoVid rules I must keep inside events small.   I will repeat this event so that more Trumbullians can join in.

If the weather remains nice (which I think it will), I’ll put lanterns and tables out in the yard and we can spill out of the house to the yard as well. 

We’ll be serving wine and other drinks. We can only serve alcohol for those of you who are 21 and older as I must adhere to state law.  You are most welcome at the reception if you are under 21 and we’ll have things to eat and non-alcoholic beverages.   The primary goal is to relax and socialize.  (We’ll do more receptions as the year goes on.)

Apple Picking:  Breakfast in the Trumbull House from 8:30 to 9:30; board the bus at 9:45.

We’re going apple picking on Sunday.  I’m glad so many of you signed up.  The list filled up quickly!   We were limited by the size of the bus. 

(Know that if you’re on the waitlist know I am keeping that list and the one from our earlier sailing trip and before the semester ends. I’ll host a special “waitlist folks” study break (along with more study breaks by class year to come.)

Be ready to board the bus at 9:45 am Sunday morning.  Gather at the main gate.

Because you alerted us to concerns about the dining hall being closed in the morning and then missing brunch, you are all invited to the House for a light breakfast beforehand.  We’ll have coffee, juice, fruit, cereal and such available.  The back door of the House will be open at 8:30.  Just come in, go to the kitchen and food and drinks will be available.  You can also just grab coffee and something to snack on before heading to bus as well.  Just be sure to do that by 9:30 or so and then proceed to the bus.  We will leave right on time so don’t miss the bus!

Congratulations and thanks.

I thank Marc Bertoni and the entire TCC as well as our Operations Manager Deb Bellmore for making TrumBall happen.  The weather was perfect.  The lights in the courtyard worked.  Many pictures were taken and we’ll be sharing those.  Most importantly fun was had.

I thank Trumbull Fellow Steve Gurney for his support of the Class of 1955 fellowship and congratulate Dav Lindo, Maya Vaknin, Eamon Goucher and Joy Ma for their successful applications for the fellowship last year, for completing their fellowship experiences over the summer and for your excellent presentations with the outcomes in the Trumbull House last evening.   

This fellowship is not your typical fellowship!  Rather, this fellowship supports Trumbull students who wish to try something new that will broaden them in some way.  The idea is really to broaden your horizons, and to expose you to new places, cultures or experiences so unlike most fellowships applications and has to be unrelated to your major and future professional plans.

In November Debbie Rueb will be sending out a notice of an information session for all juniors who may wish to apply for the fellowship this year.  Watch for that. 

And thanks to Debbie Rueb for always remembering Jonathan Trumbull’s birthday and making sure we have cake to celebrate it each year.