Trumbulletin 11-12-19

November 12, 2019

Yesterday was lovely but today the temperatures will plunge and it’s already snowed a little.  So consider this a head’s up for our first-years from warm states.  I think everyone has a warm coat by now but you’ll see that boots, hats and gloves are additional necessities.   Let me know if getting them is a financial issue for you.  Get them for sure!

Also, we have Trumbull activities planned over Thanksgiving week.  Let us know if you’ll be here over Thanksgiving and are interested in dinner and any other activities we’ll host.

Also, the Yale-Harvard game will be occurring soon.  We’ll have lots of Harvard students staying in Trumbull.  We’ll provide food Friday night and Saturday morning.  The TCC will be contacting you to see if you’ll host a Harvard student in your suite. 

Others will stay on mattresses in the Buttery.  Just as a heads-up, though, make sure that things in Trumbull stay secure that Friday evening and on Saturday.  We’ll have a list of Harvard students who will be staying with us.  (Be careful to just let our official guests into the college.)

This week in Trumbull:

Wednesday, November 13, 5:30 p.m. in the Farr Room, PBK dinner with Marvin Chun

There is a dinner in our FARR room on Wednesday at 5:30 with Marvin Chun which includes all Trumbull members of PBK.  Just get your dinner in the dining hall and join us.

Thursday, November 14h at 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. in the FARR Room:  Information session regarding applying for a Class of 1955 Fellowship

The Class of 1955 fellowship provides funds to Trumbull students only, for purposes of travel and activity that will broaden you.   You must be a current Junior in Trumbull.  The fellowship is for an adventure you would undertake this coming summer.   Is there something you’ve always wanted to learn that doesn’t relate to your major or to your professional goals?  Is there a culture with which you’d like to become more familiar?  If so, you may wish to apply for this fellowship. 

The purpose of the Class of 1955 Fellowship is to provide you with an opportunity to pursue an independent project or activity away from New Haven, in a foreign country or within the United States so long as the area is new to you.  The project should be outside your coursework and should expand your personal horizon into an area unfamiliar and challenging to you, but which interests you.

Thursday, November 14th, evening (approximately 7 p.m.; talk by Professor David Blight

Professor David Blight is coming to Trumbull to speak at a Fellows meeting.  Five students have already signed up for the dinner and his talk.  There is more room, not for the dinner at this point, but to attend the talk if you wish.  (It will be in the House if we fit; but we can move the talk to the Common Room if more people are interested. 

Let us know by notifying Deborah Bellmore at that you’d like to attend the talk so we can plan for our space needs. 


To the Yale Men’s Soccer team who won their game this past weekend and, in so doing, won the Ivy League Soccer Championship.  I want to offer special congratulations to our two Trumbullians on that team – Kai Moos (our first-year) and Laz Efthymiou (our sophomore.)  Best wishes to you as you face Princeton this coming weekend and, possibly, tie a Yale record for the most games won in a season.

Upon hearing of the win, a Trum-Alum from the late 1970s, Daniel Sandweiss, (Andy’s father) who is now a professor of anthropology, wrote to me about it.  He was excited about the win and wanted me to know that Trumbull has a proud history in men’s soccer.   When he was in Trumbull himself, Michael Cooke was the Head of the College. Michael Cooke was also the first soccer All American in Yale history and a member (and we believe captain) of the first Yale men’s soccer team to win the Ivy League Championship.  That happened in the mid 1950s.  So, thanks Kai and Laz for helping Yale (with Trumbull representation) to win that championship. 

To Kat Berman, Cameron Martel and Heeral McGhee on being the first presenters in the Mellon Forum and doing so well.  I also loved the warm support our remaining Mellon Forum members provided in their introductions to our speakers, questions for our speakers and endorsement of them. 

To the Yale Ballet Theatre and to the Yale Dancers for their wonderful performances this past weekend.  Olivia Belliveau performed beautifully in several pieces and also choreographed several pieces in the ballet program.  It was also great to see Charlotte Brannon back performing including one piece featuring just Olivia and Charlotte. 

Angelica Walker and Gia Castillo also performed this weekend with the Yale Dancers and they also both danced beautifully and choregraphed for their group.   Angelica along with Allie Bensinger (who is not a Trumbullian but she is the daughter of our current Trumbull residential college seminar leader Peter Bensinger) worked with Angelica in their roles as co-presidents of the Yale Dancers and they clearly do a wonderful job.

I do love it when Trumbullians show up in support of other Trumbullians as shown in one of this week’s pictures.  

Please do invite us to performances you are in and do let me know when great things happen for you.  It’s a joy to see Trumbullians perform and it is also a joy to celebrate their successes.  (Of course, life has its ups and downs so let us know when you need support as well.)


Thanks to Abby Leonard whose baking skills made last week’s tea with Tatianna Schlossberg even better than we anticipated.  Her Trumbull made cookies and lemon treats disappeared more quickly than we’d ever seen.  Indeed, they disappeared so quickly I didn’t get a chance to try one but I heard the uniformly rave reviews.  (Lesson learned:  I’m claiming one early next time.) 

Thanks too go to Trum-Alums Tatiana Schlossberg for leading a tea on her book and to Edwin Edem for his weekend visit.