Trumbulletin 11-2-20

November 2, 2020

Tomorrow is the election and, undoubtedly, most of us will be watching the news unfold
throughout the evening (and, perhaps, throughout the coming weeks and even months).

It’s an election with unprecedented turnout and associated with strong feelings.

From a Trumbull perspective, I am worried about the well-being of the college as for tomorrow evening and for the coming days as well as you all negotiate your feelings about the election and all the work to which you still must attend.

Do vote if you have not already done so.  Please be careful as you do so. 

Then, tomorrow night, please plan to stay safe and socially distanced throughout the night
as you follow election returns and news.

To support know that our Buttery staff will be on duty and attending (for free!) to your snacking needs.

Also, I am planning to provide suite/pod based food for all in residence tomorrow evening.  (Don’t worry if you are in a stand-alone single; you too are included!)

Starting at 9:30 p.m. all residents of entryways A, B, C and D and sophomores on Old Campus can come to the Trumbull Common Room to pick up a pizza, some soda, cups and a box of Kleenex (for tears of joy or sadness or to hold on to if you’re nervous).  If your suite has more than four people you may take two pizzas.

At 9:45 p.m. all residents of entryways E, F, G, and H and juniors on Old Campus can do the same.

And, finally, at 10:00 p.m. residents of entryways I, J, K, and L should come and get their pizzas (Note: Resident Fellow Families count!  You are included among those who can pick up pizzas).

What if I’m a genuine enrolled Trumbullian but I’m off campus and perhaps even FAR off campus (you might ask)? 

Order your group a pizza.  You’ll need to pay for it yourselves but save your receipt and turn it in to an envelope on the door to the main office with your name.  We’ll reimburse you.  If you are studying remotely you can order a pizza for yourself.  Just take a photograph of your receipt and send it to me at

Please take the food back to suites to eat it.  Please stay safe.  CoVID cases are rising in Connecticut and at Yale. Please do not gather in non-pod-based groups.  We really, really want all Trumbullians to make it through these last days of the semester safely.  You’ve been great so far.

Then at 10:15 (and continuing on if there is interest) there will be an open Zoom call.  Anyone who just wants to check in with others in the college can join in and chat.  Pop in or out as you please.

Thanks and a TCC Survey.  Our TCC has been wonderful!  I continue to appreciate all that
they are doing for Trumbull such streaming the YSO Halloween Concert, arranging for pictures in the courtyard.  They would like feedback on how they are doing, what you like and would like to see repeated and what might not have worked as well.  Please fill out their survey available at this link:

More thanks.   

I thank:

1. Deb Bellmore and our grad affiliate Jen Strtak for seeing that all our ginger bread haunted house kits were ordered and distributed.

2.  Our TCC and Danny Sanchez for arranging for all who wish to play Among Us to be able to play.

3.  Our dining staff for making Halloween evening special in the dining hall and Manny Portocarrero, pictured below, for donning a wonderful costume (again) for this event.  (See picture here.)

4. Our custodial staff for removing our carved pumpkins as they needed to be removed.

5.  Gianna Baez for being the inspiration for the senior toast and Karen Eisenman for putting all the bags for that toast together.

6.  Our IM secretaries for keeping those efforts going and Trumbullians participating during difficult times.

7. Associate Head Polner for hosting a study break later this week.

8. Grad affiliate Katherine Fang for supporting and mentoring some of our pre-law Trumbullians.

9. Dean Chandhoke and Leah Jehan for keeping us in academic good standing as courses are dropped and advice is needed.

10.  Deb Bellmore and Debbie Rueb for ordering many items for the college and tracking expenses and keeping me on track.

And 11.   All our FroCos for their steady support and guidance of our first-year students. 

It takes a lot of people to keep Trumbull in great shape.  All students have been a part of this.
We’ve been doing well.  We haven’t been the focus of big parties nor of much of a CoVID problem. All is not perfect but we’re pretty close.  It is a tribute to all of you. Keep it up!

Let’s make it through tomorrow’s election and the days leading up to Thanksgiving in good shape.

Head Clark