Trumbulletin 11-21-19

November 21, 2019

The semester has flown by. We’re just about at Thanksgiving break (and there is just one

week of classes afterwards.)  I think we all need this break.  I wish you all the best whether you are staying here or traveling home or joining friends and traveling at their homes.

Before getting to the break and The Game, though, I want to reflect back on this past weekend a bit.

First, Associate Head Polner and I had the pleasure of attending the ROTC Naval Ball last Friday evening to honor our own Trumbull Navy ROTC students Dav Lindo, Dan Huynh, Griffin Thomas, and Josh Hano as well as our Trumbull fellow, Captain Wayne Grasdock, and new Trumbull fellow, Lt. Quinn Melvin.  A Trum-Alum, Thomas Lopez (TC’05), was also present along with other Trumbull students who accompanied our mid-shipmen.  Thanks go to all of them for serving our country and supporting those who do.  I attach a photo of most of our Trumbull representatives here (some were busy getting ready to dance when we took the photo.) 

I also want to recognize the fact that three members of Trumbull play on the Yale women’s water polo team and participated in a tournament over the weekend.  They are Mariko Rooks, Amanda Ivatorov, and Sophia DeSchiffart. They had one win and two ties which means, of course, that they were undefeated!

Finally, I found out (too late to get there!) that Trumbull is very well represented in Yale’s Danceworks group which performed over the weekend.  We have Choreographers and Dancers including:  Will Cooke, Sophia DeVito, Daniel Guerra, Hannah Geller, Patricia Adaya, Emma Sargent, Marshall Barg, Erin Lippitt, Nellie Conover-Crockett, Sarah McKinnis, Robbie Bickerton, Jeremy Baron and Nick Jacobson (and I may even be missing someone,

let me know if I did.)  I am definitely going to the next performance as it must be the case that Trumbull has more dancers in the group than any of the other colleges.  Let me know when the next show will be and we should schedule an associated reception for the group. 

         The Game! (Our very best wishes go to our Trumbull Football Players)

Best wishes to our Trumbull Football Players for the Game!!!  We’ll be cheering for Yale but know that we’ll be attentive to you and cheering especially for you.  Our Trumbull Football players are:  Alan Lamar, Reid Nickerson, Darrion Carrington, Melvin Rouse, Rodney Thomas, Archie Russ, Grant Neagli, and Jailon Henry.   Best wishes to you all.

Trumbull is also especially well represented this year (as always!) in the Yale Precision Marching Band and I thank all for their participation.  We’ll be watching you and cheering for you as well.  Thanks to all of them. 

Finally, our Trumbull TCC is watching out for our stomachs and welfare during this weekend.

They will be serving us all breakfast sandwiches in the college before the game.  I thank them and urge you all to have breakfast on them and/or at the colleges which will be open for breakfast on Saturday prior to the game. 

With regard to the game, it can be a time of heavy student drinking.  Please be careful in this regard and watch out for your friends.  Do not hesitate to call for help for any student (or yourself) if you are the least bit worried.  Stay safe and be careful as you navigate the streets too. 

I want Yale to win the game but there is one thing that is more important than that to me and it is

that you all stay safe and able to enjoy Thanksgiving with friends and family next week.  I will be here through the weekend if you need to find me.

Be sure to get breakfast and lunch (as noted our TCC will serve egg sandwiches Saturday morning here in Trumbull.  Branford, Saybrook, Stiles, and Hopper will serve a continental breakfast before the game to all Yale students with or without a meal plan and to visiting Harvard students too.  Lunch from 11:00-1:30 and dinner will be served in Branford, Saybrook, Stiles and Morse from 5:00 to 7:00 for meal plan holders.   Lots of food will be served at the Bowl itself. 

We’ll have lots of Harvard guests in the college.  Welcome them.  They will stay in our Buttery.

They are all from Cabot House. 

Do be especially careful with security at this time as more people than usual will be coming and going from the college.  Be careful to lock doors and secure valuables as this is a time when more people and more unrecognizable people may enter the college.

And finally, whereas I’m always in favor of wearing Trum-Gear, I make one exception on this Saturday.  (Our colors are Harvard’s colors).  So, put on something blue and cheer our players on.  Then, after we win, change back into Trumbull gear!

                                                                    Thanksgiving Break

If you are leaving for break:  1) Do not forget your passport if you’re going to need it. 2)  Lock your doors, 3) Turn your heat down but not off (we don’t want frozen pips).  4) Enjoy your friends and family.

If you are staying put:  1) Let us know by sending an email or stopping by the main office, 2) Sign up for our Thanksgiving dinner by noon on Friday, and 3) Watch your email for Trumbull news and gatherings, and 4) keep the following dining information in mind

Yale Dining during Thanksgiving Break

Sunday, November 24 through Wednesday, November 27th

During the first part of Thanksgiving break, Ezra Stiles & Morse dining halls will be open for lunch/brunch and dinner.  Note that meals during this break are included in the meal plan.

Thursday November 28 through Saturday, November 30th 

All colleges are closed.  Note that, on Thanksgiving Day itself Trumbull is sponsoring a dinner that some of you have signed up for.  Also, on Saturday, November 30th Trumbull is sponsoring a dinner (with graduate affiliate Samuel Walter) probably with pizza and salad but definitely good in our Buttery at 6 p.m. on Saturday the 30th.