Trumbulletin 3-9-21

March 9, 2021

TrumBulletin, March 9, 2021

Good morning.  Welcome to Break Day #2. 
It’s very salient to me that it’s been just about a year from last year’s spring break.  That it’s been just about a year since the pandemic struck in the U.S. We had no idea what was in store for us last year on March 9th but reality quickly struck. Some of you were stuck abroad as you were traveling for spring break and had to struggle to get back to the U.S.  Some of you were at home and stayed put for the remainder of the semester with much of your stuff stuck back here.  Still others were here in Trumbull over break. I vividly remember our very last group gathering for those who remained in Trumbull over spring break. It was a dinner held in the FARR room.  As we gathered (imagine that – gathered!) it was just becoming clear to all that there would be no in person end of the semester at Yale.  I’ll never forget one of our senior FroCos looking at me during that dinner and saying “I think our seniors will never all be together in one place again.” (I hope that’s not true.) 
Now we have no spring break. Instead we have “break days.” I’m glad we have them and whereas it is totally understandable why there is no spring break (to protect all of us from travel related cases of CoVID), I just want to acknowledge knowing that not every professor is honoring all rules about break day and, even more importantly, that I know this is a point in the semester at which work has built up and that many of you are using these break days to catch up.
Still, you do need a break. I hope you do use this day to sleep late, to take a bit more time than usual to connect with friends here and with family members at home, to get outside and take a walk (it may reach 60 degrees today!) and so forth. Taking a break can help with handling all the academic tasks you must handle.
Again, we’ll make snacks and some simple and silly games as well as St. Patrick’s Day items available in the Common Room. Lots of different things will appear.  Some of you will be able to adopt a plant, all of you may adopt snacks and games. Help yourself to something you’ll enjoy. 
Then, this evening the crepe cart that we’ve traditionally had at TrumBall in the fall will return.  It will be in our courtyard. I hope that both our off and on campus people enjoy it (and I’m happy that the weather will be good for this event!).  And, for those of you off campus who don’t use the dining hall know that Karen Eisenman has prepared little goodie bags to pick up along with crepes this evening so that you don’t miss out. (Thank you Karen!)
For this evening keep in mind that we’re still not allowed to host group gatherings and group eating events outside.  :-<   Thus, don’t gather in groups beyond your pod when you utilize the crepe cart.  Do social distance! 
I’ll be out there myself both to see you (the important piece) and to remind you to socially distance (which we just have to do).  
We have a schedule for getting your crepes that appears below.  Follow that schedule. (I cannot wait until this pandemic is over and so that I can encourage rather than discourage group gatherings and have you all gather in the Trumbull House again.)
Here’s that schedule:
This evening beginning at 8:00 pm, Crepes Choupette will be in Alvarez Court, main courtyard, making crepes to order!  Follow the pick-up schedule for your entryway below so we maintain.  Off campus students, we are using the name of your street to designate your crepe pick up time. We’re doing this by street rather than name so that if you live with a group you can all come to our courtyard together.  (For those of you who are remote, we’ll do a special encore visit of the Crepe Cart for you when you return.  Meanwhile, be on the lookout for some Trum-gear coming your way later this month.)

8:00 pm              Entryways A, B, J, K, L 
8:20 pm              Old Campus and F   
8:40 pm              C and H
9:00 pm              E and I 
9:20 pm              Off campus  - Streets A-L 
9:40 pm              Off campus  - Streets M-Z
And, just some reminders:
l.  A Zoom Tea with Dean of Yale’s School of Public Health, Dr. Sten Vermund:  On Thursday, March 18th at 7:00 in the evening, I’m hosting a Zoom Tea with the Dean of Yale’s School of Public Health and Trumbull Fellow Dr. Sten Vermund.  If you’ve signed up already, I’ll be writing to you with the link. If you want to sign up, just send me an email. 
We’ve all had quite a pandemic year. That “quite a year” descriptor is multiplied for Dr. Vermund given his specialty.  We’re grateful to him for finding time for this tea.  Come with questions and comments as well as to listen to his experiences.  (I’d note that Dr. Vermund has told me, on many occasions, that he really would like to connect with undergraduates at Yale particularly our Trumbullians.)
2.  Other Zoom Teas.  There soon will be additional teas including one with Yale’s Provost, Dr. Scott Strobel, and for people interested in medicine, law, the arts, as well as those who have no idea what they wish to do after Yale (which includes many people). Write to me if you’re interested. 

3.  Richter Grants:  There are considerable funds to support undergraduate research of any sort that you may apply for now.  I’d really like to see lots of you receive these grants.  If you’d like to consult with me on this opportunity, just send me an email. 

For more information regarding the guidelines for applicants, and to apply, visit: (Richter Fellowships are ordinarily awarded to juniors, but first years, sophomores and graduate affiliates are eligible. Seniors are not eligible.)