Trumbulletin 4-2-20

April 2, 2020

TrumBulletin for April 2nd

All remains very quiet in Trumbull. Some of the very few students who remained on campus have been able to travel home or stay with friends. A couple of students who were in the four colleges (Franklin, Murray, Stiles and Morse) that are now housing first responders and medical folks have moved here to spaces that were available. Pick-up-your-food-dining is still occurring in our dining hall.

Sadly, CoVID cases are now rising in New Haven and increasing at YNHH. My own niece is a nurse there and has been assigned to a CoVID unit and now must distance from her own family.

This does confirm the wisdom of having everyone who could travel home or elsewhere do so and I hope you and your family and your friends are all safe.

I have a challenge for all of you. Has something light hearted or good arisen out of this situation for you or a family member? Do you have a story or anecdote to tell? Send tales along to me (just use email) and I will compile them for the next TrumBulletin. You can tell me whether you want the story attributed to you (or definitely don’t want it attributed to you!)

Here’s an example from me.

Yesterday a quite young member of our extended family asked his parents whether they had to socially distance when they were young for CoVID 1 through 18. It’s cute, of course, but I hadn’t thought about how all this would appear to a pre-schooler. It’s always important to take others’ perspectives during times like these.

And here are a couple of uplifting Trumbull Links. 

The first is for a virtual concert performed last week by three musical TrumAlums who you may know: Ian Miller, Kevin Garcia and Chris Peters. Ian provided this link.

And here is a link for a Karen Abreu performance from the past (with Ian playing the piano)

Finally, here is an interview with our new Trumbull dining manager Danielle Lucci. This was provided to me by Debbie Rueb.

All these links show just how great Trumbullians can be.

Take care of yourselves and your families and friends. Keep in touch with us and with each other.

I’m going to arrange some Zoom Trumbull receptions soon.

HC Clark