TrumBulletin 4-23-18

April 23, 2018

Special One-Item TrumBulletin: April 23, 2018

I write about a facilities issue affecting Trumbull (but not Trumbull-in-Bingham Hall). Beginning at the very end of this Tuesday evening (April 24th) meaning midnight and continuing until 6 a.m. the following morning (Wednesday, April 25th) the water in Trumbull-proper will be shut down. (In other words, water is shut down from the very end of tomorrow night (Tuesday) into the early morning hours of Wednesday.)

This is occurring because the City of New Haven must repair a sewer and it is, apparently, urgent. This is not something about which we had any choice (or I’d not have picked this particular week!) This means you will not be able to use the sinks, the showers nor even flush the toilets during this time from this Tuesday at midnight until Wednesday at 6 a.m. This will affect Sterling Library, and many businesses along York Street as well as Trumbull.

Note: This will not affect Berkeley College nor Saybrook College (so you may well wish to visit friends in those colleges if need be). It will not affect Bingham Hall (so, big-sibs, you may wish to visit your little-sibs). I will send out a series of “count-down” messages Wednesday evening to urge, tooth brushing, shower and toilet use prior to the shut-down. I know well that many Trumbullians will be up very late and into the shut-down period getting final work done – especially papers which may be due the next day. Plan as best you can. The bath rooms likely will be unpleasant during this time so use of facilities elsewhere as much possible will be appreciated. (Yet note that I do not wish you to be safe; keep in mind before venturing out that safety is more important than pleasantness.

Important: Anyone with special needs in this regard should contact me to consult on solutions.

(I guess this message is a Head’s heads up on a heads-will-be-down issue. Sorry for having to send it!)