TrumBulletin 4-26-24

April 26, 2024

TrumBulletin, April 26, 2024

Spring is certainly in the air, with Pamplona returning to Trumbull Courtyard today, and a CPA production in the Trumbull Courtyard later this evening by seniors Daevan Mangalmurti & Sameer Sultan. Tomorrow of course Spring Fling will be held at Old Campus tomorrow, and a Luncheon (by invitation only) honoring senior Awa Cisse being named the Luce Fellowship Scholar at the HoC House.

A quick recap of some events last week. The Spring Formal organized by Trumbull College Council was held at NOA last Saturday. On Monday an Appreciation Luncheon for Trumbull Staff, Student Aides, FroCos, and many others was held at the HoC House. On Thursday, a Trumbull alumnus, a radiologist at Cornell and an author of a recent book entitled “First, Eat Your Frog: And Other Pearls for Professional Working Mothers”, Dr. Elizabeth Arleo presented an emotional Tea at the HoC House.

The Study Breaks start this weekend. Most of them are in the Dining Hall from 9-10pm. Please see below.

  • Sunday April 28th @ 9pm – Fahmeed Hyder & Anita Sharif-Hyder (Ali Baba)
  • Monday April 29th @ 9pm – Jorge Anaya & Teresa Chahine (Sushi on Chapel)
  • Tuesday April 30th @ 9pm – Brian Chang (Garden Catering)
  • Wednesday May 1st @ 4pm – Hannah Savitz (Pup-Cakes @ Trumbull Courtyard)
  • Thursday May 2nd @ 9pm – Surjit Chandhoke (Sitar)
  • Friday May 3rd @ 9pm – Trumbull College Council (BBQ Chicken)
  • Saturday May 4th @ 9pm – Jasmina Beširević (Basil)

Monday, April 29th: The last Mellon Forum Dinner will happen at the HoC House from 6-8pm. This event is for seniors only who have signed up for this semester-long event.

Tuesday, April 30th: The Senior Reception will be at the HoC House from 4:45-5:30pm followed by the Senior Dinner at the Dining Hall from 6-7:15pm. There will be photographs at the Courtyard between these events.

Let’s get through the rest of the semester safe and well. Please rest and recuperate as you get prepared for the upcoming exams. Moo-Rah!


Head Hyder