Trumbulletin 4-7-21

April 8, 2021

It’s April.  Spring has been a long time coming.  Its arrival is always welcome yet that’s especially true this year given all the CoVID restrictions and rules to which we’ve all had to adhere.  I know well that work loads are still high and end of the term senior theses and papers remain due but at least you can get outside more.  We are still restricted in what we can do socially but we’ll all be working to provide as many breaks and as much support as we can.

Coming up next is break-day number 4, tomorrow, Thursday, April 8th.  I provide the schedule of Trumbull events for the day below.

Common Room Give-aways.  Our now usual snacks, beverages, give away items and raffle sign up will appear in our Common Room starting after lunch and continuing through the end of dinner at 7:30 PM.   Pick something up you like and take some time to enjoy it. 
Win a Trumbull Plate!

During our last break day two students asked me,  “You know what I’d really like to win?” and they answered before I could ask what that was. They wanted one of our official Trumbull plates which, prior to about 2012 were used in the Trumbull Dining Hall.  For years, each college had their own unique plates.  But, ultimately,  the tradition was stopped because too many were stolen. Seniors especially would often collect one from every college with the result being Dining consistently losing their plates and having to replace them.  They switched to the plain white plates with blue trim which, this year, sadly they have had to replace with plastic bowls and trays.

We still have those traditional plates (pictured here) in the Trumbull House.  We still use for Mellon Forum Dinners, First Year dinners and Senior dinners. (See the attached picture.)  These plates belong to Trumbull and I’m not allowed to give them away.  BUT, it turns out, these traditional plates still can be ordered from Yale/Yale Dining.  We’ve done that and we’ll raffle nine plates off tomorrow. 

The raffle drawing will take place live from the common room via zoom (see link below) at 10:00 PM tomorrow evening.  Thank you Marc Bertoni and Nick Jacobson for being the “raffle drawers”. Off campus and remote students can enter the drawing by and by 4:00 PM on 4/8.  Those eating in the dining hall can enter by putting their name in a bowl in the Common Room after breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Raffle Zoom:
Breakfast sandwiches from The Tasty Yolk!  The truck will be parked on Elm in front of TC from 11AM until 1PM.   You can thank our wonderful TCC (Jerry Zhou, Danny Sanchez, Ilayda Orhan, Lea Cioffi, Abby Leonard, Nashirra Best, Alex Mirrer, Marc Bertoni, Gianna Baez, Nicholas Magdits, Juliet Yates, Daniel Guerra, Isabella Huang, Mary He, Alex Ori) for this.  They suggested it.  Jerry Zhou in particular notes that he spends more money on these sandwiches that just about anything else so they must be good.

Trumbull T-shirts which were ordered will be available for pick up.  Also, if you ordered a new Trumbull t-shirt and haven’t picked up yours up, TCC will be handing them out between 11:00 AM until 3:00 PM from under the tent. 
Handsome Dan will visit!  He will be in Trumbull tomorrow from 12:15 to 1:05PM from the backyard of Trumbull house.  He’s still a puppy.  He is little.  He may be able to wiggle under the backyard fence so his handler and I will be on the look out for that.  I’ll take your picture with him if you wish.  Thanks go to Eric Youshao who will help keep us on schedule (see below).  Yummy Pupcakes will also be on paw (hand).  

We must follow CoVID rules so here is the schedule to see him and we’ll need to keep on time and make sure all you need some puppy-time get it:

OC, A, & B                               12:15 p.m.
Off Campus:                            12:25 p.m.
Entryways: I, J, K & L:          12:35 p.m.
Entryways C, G, H:                12:45 p.m.
Entryways D, E. & F:             12:55 p.m.   

We have three more dogs visiting right after the first one!  After Handsome Dan leaves the backyard of the House, additional therapy pups, Hershey, Phoenix and Jeffrey will appear in the courtyard.  Visit with Hershey & Phoenix from 1-3 and Jeffrey from 2-3. The TCC will supervise the event. I can tell you both that these dogs are cute and gentle and that our TCC folks are never nicer! There will be posters up with Hershey, Phoenix and Jeffrey’s pictures on them so you can get a preview.  Again. we’ll need to do our social distancing. Our TCC members will guide you in this respect.  

Thank you!