Trumbulletin 5-18-21

May 18, 2021

We’ve made it (almost) to the end of the academic year and to the end of our pandemic year.

You’ve been wonderful and I hope we’re back to normal when you return.

As you move out, keep a couple of things in mind.

Our dining hall will close at the end of the day tomorrow (Wednesday).  Our underclass people, of course, do not have to leave the college until 2 p.m. on Thursday.

 We’ll have coffee, juice and breakfast times available in the courtyard on Thursday morning and some snacks at noon as well. 

As you move out, make use of the donation bins near the dining hall and under the archway

between Stone Court and the main courtyard.  If you have things like detergent left over, you may leave that in a box that I’ll place outside the back door of the house; we’ll make use of it

in Trumbull.  Also, there are just a couple of things that we have space for and will distribute to

incoming/returning students if you wish to donate them.  One is fans that are in good shape.  The other are text books that are likely to be re-used for classes next year.  These too can be

left near the back door of the house.  (We’ll pass out fans to those who want them next year and circulate a list of available books too.)

Unfortunately, it remains the case that only students are allowed in the college proper through the end of the year so keep that in mind too as you move out.

Tomorrow evening, Wednesday evening starting at about 8 p.m. I’ll have the backyard of the house open with lanterns and chairs out and some snacks available.

Use it (and the whole courtyard) to relax, socialize and have something to eat.

I hope the end of the semester has gone well for all, that your papers are in, and that your exams are done.  (Be especially kind to Trumbullians who still have exams or work to hand in tomorrow!!)

Best wishes to everyone for a wonderful summer.

If you’ll be in New Haven over the summer email me and let me know.  Trumbull proper will be close for renovations during June and July.  No one will be in the college except the people working on our renovations.  But with good luck we can have some Trumbull nights for pizza or whatever in New Haven.