TrumBulletin 9-24-18

September 24, 2018

Father Bob Beloin, Catholic Chaplain at Yale and Trumbull Fellow.  It is with sadness that I report the passing of one of Trumbull College’s longtime fellows, Father Bob Beloin.  Father Bob (as he liked to be called) worked at the St. Thomas More Chapel and Golden Center and served the Catholic students at Yale for over 25 years.   I know well from talking with many of you that he was an important presence in many of our Trumbullians’ lives.

Father Bob was one of the very first Trumbull fellows whom I met after I was appointed Head of Trumbull.  I arrived in my Trumbull Office one day during my first week at Trumbull and found a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  He had sent them and they were accompanied by a very kind note wishing me well in my new job, introducing himself and offering his support for Trumbull students – Catholic and non-Catholic alike.  Shortly thereafter I met him and found him to be a warm supportive and wonderful person.  He marched with us each year at graduation.  He was also a true friend and supporter of many and, even recently, was very active in his support of immigrants to the U.S. even when it meant that he would be arrested for protesting deportations. 

The news of his passing arrived yesterday.  I will share details regarding the arrangements for his wake and funeral as soon as I have those details.  You also may go to Saint Thomas More’s website where I am sure those details will also be reported as soon as they are available.


Junior Class Reception, Thursday, September 27, from 9:30 to 10:30 PM at the house.

Board Game Night, Friday, September 28, from 6:30-8:30 in the buttery.

TrumBall, Saturday, September 29, 9:30 PM to 12:00 AM in TC courtyard.

The Arrival of Fall.  Fall is here.  Enjoy the weather, the leaves – just a few of which have turned color so far, and the fall decorations which our terrific dining staff have put out in our dining hall and which our terrific service assistant, Karen Eisenman, has put out in the Trumbull house.  

I want to add a special fall (and coming winter) note for our first year students from areas of the United States and wider world that are consistently warm.  It’s this:  It will get coldSnow will arrive.  If you have not already purchased a warm coat, a hat, gloves and some water and snow proof shoes or boots, now is the time to do so.  If the financial burden is difficult know that the cost of these items can come out of your start-up funds (if you have them) and if those are not available to you, you may contact the YCDO’s office to request support.  Deborah Bellmore, our Operations Manager, can provide instructions.  (I’m also available for consultation.)

I was personally welcomed by the arrival of fall in a fun and unplanned way.  I have some plants on the balcony of the Trumbull house – the result of my adopting the flower seeds from a local restaurant which hands them out after one has dinner there.  Come spring each year, I simply toss them in pots on the house balcony, water them and see what happens.  (I usually toss out the seed packets so I do not necessarily know what is growing in those pots.)  This summer I grew some hardy, trailing, green vines.  They seemed fine, but, really, nothing special.  Then Friday evening around 10 p.m. a somewhat noisy group was in the courtyard.  I went out on the balcony to check things out.  (I sometimes do that!)  It was just a happy, laughing group, assembled in a circle, congratulating one another on something.  It was nice to see them and I was grateful for them having drawn me out to the balcony, for I then noted that those very ordinary green vines were now covered with beautiful, giant white blooms which smelled like lemons.  Weird, I thought, I had never seen blooms on those vines.  So, I took a picture, went inside and googled “big white flowers that bloom at night.”  It turns out they are moon flowers (tropical white morning-glories, ipomoea alba).  The blossoms only come out after dark, then promptly close in the morning.  In New England, the site noted, they only bloom as fall arrives because too much daylight prevents buds from setting. 

Those blooms were right on time – fall arrived at 9:54 p.m. on Friday and I first saw the blooms six minutes later, at 10 p.m. Friday evening.  I welcome this new and beautiful sign of fall – along with the changing leaves.

Congratulations:  Congratulations to our IM players of the week  Jacob Asher Trum ‘21 and Payton Vaughn Trum ‘22.  Moo-rah.   Congratulations to Trum-Pianist, James Carrabino, for a wonderful recital this past Saturday. 

Our terrific dining staff…   We have a terrific dining staff.  An email message I received on Sunday from Cecily Gao reminded me of this. With her permission and with gratitude to Albert and Aliyah, I share her story.  She says, “Trumbull Dining staff are, objectively, the best in the world.”

“At dinner tonight, I lost one of my airpods (a wireless earphone) somewhere in the Trumbull dining hall.  I realized only after it closed for the night and rushed back to search for the elusive bud.  Upon blasting music through the headphone and locating it via GPS, I realized that it was in the plate scrape waste bin.  Defeated, I was about to return to my room to wallow before two of the dining hall staff, Albert Jackson and Aliyah Hawley, offered to help me look for it. They sympathized with the struggle of being a college student with limited funds and pulled their gloves on—after they had clocked out—to help me sift through the garbage.  We eventually found it nestled below the many layers of wasted dinner.”

Thank you Albert and Aliyah!!!!!   We do have the best dining staff.

Lost and found.  Reminder!  Trumbull lost and found items are posted on Trumbull’s website.  So far this semester our “lost” collection has included a couple of jackets, a lovely blanket and a very nice speaker.  Check the website, we may have something you have lost. 

A bike safety class.  I thought some of you might be interested in knowing that Yale hosts bike safety classes and that rumor has it that if you attend you might be given a bike helmet (which is a good item for any bike rider to have and to use.)  The next class is on Tuesday, Oct. 9th from 10 to 11 A.m. at 135 College Street, Lower Level, Room 15.  You need to register for this class.  Search the Yale Training and Certification site if you are interested.  Here are the links: and