Trumbulletin Snow Storm Edition 2-1-21

February 1, 2021

EATING IN TRUMBUL during the snowstorm:  The dining hall will close today after lunch and remain closed until tomorrow’s lunch.  This is to allow all workers to get safely home and to stay safe during the current snowstorm.  You will already have been notified but I remind you to pick up lunch, dinner (for tonight) and breakfast (for tomorrow morning), at lunch today.  (In other words, even if you might have skipped lunch today, don’t!  You’ll need to pick up food to carry you through the storm especially because we can’t venture outside the college.)

TESTING: All Yale COVID test sites will close early on Monday at 1:00 p.m. and will open late on Tuesday at 11:00 a.m. Lanman Center will be closed for asymptomatic testing on Tuesday morning. Scheduled appointments after 1:00 pm on Monday or before 11:00 am on Tuesday, will be canceled automatically through MyChart.

YALE HEALTH: Acute Care and the in-patient unit will remain open as usual. All clinics for routine care will close at noon on Monday and decisions on a delayed opening Tuesday are not yet determined, including the lab and the pharmacy. Appointments will be rescheduled.  For urgent care, call 203-432-0123. For a health emergency, call 911.

DON’T FORGET TO COMPLETE YOUR DAILY HEALTH CHECKS!  (You’ll be notified if you don’t; we’ll be notified if you don’t.  It’s easy to fill these out – just do it as a routine each morning.  Put it on your calendar.) 

HATS AND SCARFS AND GLOVES/MITTENS:  If you don’t have a winter hat or scarf, let us know!   Gloves or Mittens too!

Enjoy your first day of classes, the snowstorm and remember that the Ground Hog will tell us how long this will last tomorrow (after he digs out of a snow bank in Pennsylvania). 

I thank all our dining staff for being here for us this morning and for lunch!!!

Warmly, Head Clark