Dean’s Notes 2-19-24

February 19, 2024


Three weeks until Spring Recess! Who’s counting? ;) I know many of you are managing a wave of academic work. Hang in there! I’m grateful that the weather has been generally sunny, crisp or super snowy! I hope you’re getting fresh air and having fun in the snow. Sahej has been delighted with the recent snowfall and I had a blast when we all went sledding last week. It was

I understand that when coursework picks up, other things slip, like getting enough sleep, eating well and exercising. These are the most important times of the term to take care of yourselves. Check out the amazing resources available to you at the Good Life Center and over at Poorvu with Academic Strategies. I’m here, too, so please don’t hesitate to set up a meeting with me (see below). Have a great week!

Meeting with me
To make an appointment, please use the Calendly scheduling tool,  Please reach out to Alice with any scheduling issues.  For in-person meetings, please come to the office. We’re right here in Trumbull G104, which you can access across from Entryway A or through Entryway G. Zoom meetings (including open Zoom office hours) will be through my Zoom page:

My OPEN ZOOM office hours for each week are listed on the top of my Calendly page. When you click on the Zoom link, you will be placed into a waiting room. I will speak to students (one-on-one) in the order they “arrive”.  My upcoming open hours are on Friday, February 23rd (10-11:30am).

PLEASE NOTE: I am out of the office today. Alice is in the office Monday, and I have office hours Tuesday morning, but Alice and I will both be away Tuesday afternoon

Double credit
: If you are interested in petitioning to earn double credit in a single-credit course, please read the relevant section in the YCPS, and then consult with me. The deadline to submit this petition is Midterm (March 8th at 5pm), but I recommend that you do so well before that date.

Yale Degree Audit: Yale Degree Audit (YDA) is a tool that tracks your progress toward the bachelor’s degree. You can access Degree Audit through Yale Hub. You can confirm which courses you are enrolled in by checking your Degree Audit “Class History” (click the three dots on the upper right of the page). Degree Audit also displays the Yale College degree requirements that you have already completed and those that are still pending. A “Look Ahead” feature shows you how future course enrollment might apply toward your degree.  If you believe that academic information in your degree audit is incorrect, contact our office.


February 28         Last day to withdraw from a course offered in the first half of the spring term (submission deadline 5pm)

February 28         Last day to convert from a letter grade to Cr/D/F option for a course offered in the first half of the spring term (submission deadline 5pm)

February 29         Courses offered in the second half of the spring term begin.

March 5               Applications for 2024 Non-Yale Summer Abroad close (submission deadline 11:59pm)

Deadlines for group formation and room selection are detailed at Check Room Draw Policies and FAQs for details. Still have questions?  Email"> (always feel free to cc Alice).

Advising Resources

Sc/QR Tutoring

Language Tutoring

Yale College Writing Center
Whether you are working on a reading response, research paper, application essay, or a creative piece, the Writing Center offers one-to-one consultations to help you at any stage of the writing process.

Professional Writing Tutor:  Adam Reid Sexton at Trumbull.  Adam teaches three courses in the English department (The Craft of Fiction, Reading and Writing the Modern Essay, and Writing About Music) and is a Critic in the graduate School of Art.  During summer 2022 he taught Writing About Music for Yale in London.  Adam is also a writer; his next book, Difficult Listening, is due to be published soon.
To meet with Adam, please reserve a half-hour by logging on to, and be sure to email him the document you want help with by 7am on the day of your appointment.  Include the instructor’s prompt, your focus for the meeting, and when the paper is due.  Adam looks forward to working with you!

Writing Partners. Writing Partners are Yale College or graduate students who are talented writers who love helping others. Writing Partners can meet with you to talk through ideas or give feedback on your draft on a first-come, first-served basis. Drop-In hours are in-person at Poorvu or over Zoom.  You can also schedule a Zoom appointment.

Fellowship Writing Partners. Planning to apply to a scholarship or fellowship program and would like to team up with a Writing Partner as you prepare your materials? Fellowship Writing Partners have been through the process themselves and will meet with you at least three times to help plan, revise, and polish your materials! Request a Fellowship Writing Partner here

Weekly Writing Partners.  Taking a writing intensive course or working on a long-term writing project and want to meet with the same Writing Partner each week? Request a Weekly Writing Partner here

Office of Educational Opportunity

Our mission is to help all Yale undergraduate be active, empowered learners at Yale. Though peer academic mentoring, interactive workshops, and connections to resources, we hope to provide you with the tools that can propel you towards your goals.

STEM Navigators.  Want to learn the best practices for succeeding in introductory STEM Courses? Join STEM Navigators, a mentoring network that provides you with information, events, and support to guide you through these crucial first courses. Sign up via this link: STEM Navigators sign up

Disability Peer Mentorship Program (DPMP).  DPMP pairs students with peers of similar backgrounds to create networks of support for people with disabilities at Yale. The diverse experiences of disability in our community include physical & mobility disabilities, chronic illnesses, mental illnesses & psychiatric disabilities, neurodiversity & learning disabilities (including ADHD, dyslexia, autism), sensory disabilities & processing disorders (including vision impairments, blindness, and d/Deafness), and other conditions. You do not need to have a formal diagnosis to participate. Disability Peer Mentors help individual students develop critical self-advocacy skills, connect them to institutional resources, and find community around disability identity. Request a DPMP Mentor here.
First-year students can also request mentorship and guidance about Student Accessibility Resources through the SAS Peer Liaison Program.

Meet with our Learning Specialist.  Have a learning difference or other condition that affects how you accomplish your academic work? We can talk with you about new approaches for meeting Yale’s academic challenges. Contact Karin Gosselink ( for an appointment.

Individual Mentoring.  Get organized for the semester by meeting with an Academic Strategies Mentor. Mentors will help you develop a weekly study routine, offer strategies for approaching complicated readings and p-sets, and help you develop a plan for prepping for those first exams. To request a mentor please email at

Workshops.  Our famous workshop sessions are available in person and online! Register via the YaleConnect links below. FYI: Poorvu CTL M104A is upstairs from the York Street Entrance to Sterling Memorial Library. Poorvu CTL 120 A, B, C, and 121 are the classrooms on the first floor. Poorvu North is a collection of rooms in Kline Biology Tower accessed down the stairs opposite Steep Café.  Questions?  Contact us at

STEM Navigators: Biochemistry, Biophysics Lab Techniques. Are you unfamiliar with biochemistry & biophysics lab techniques and would like more exposure/explanation of concepts from the course? Our STEM graduate mentors are here to help! Come to this workshop for clarification on the most confusing and tested lab techniques for introductory biochemistry and/or biophysics courses! Monday, February 19, 5-6pm, Poorvu CTL Room 120A

Assistive Tech Overview.  Assistive Technologies is a segment of the Disability Peer Mentor Program. DPMP aims to create a sense of community and a network of support within the disabled communities at Yale. To learn more about DPMP or to request a mentor, follow our Instagram @yaledpmp.  Monday, February 19, 8-9pm, Poorvu CTL (online event)

STEM Navigators & OCS: Crafting Your STEM Resume & Cover Letter in Job Searches. How do I prepare my resume as a STEM student? You’re in luck, because STEM Navigators is partnering with Yale’s Office of Career Strategy to teach you exactly how you can start and perfect your resume in its beginning stages, which is important for future job searches - or for future employers to recruit YOU! Join the Office of Career Strategy and STEM Navigators for this workshop that will give you tips on creating a strong resume.  Tuesday, February 20, 5-6pm, Poorvu CTL Room M104A

The Psychology of Time Management.  Ever wondered why it can be hard to manage your time–even when you have already learned the experts’ tips and tricks? Come to this workshop to find out why! You will learn about some of the major cognitive obstacles to organizing your time and take away a set of mental tools for increasing your awareness of these common thought processes so that they can be prevented or interrupted.  Wednesday, February 21, 7-8pm, Poorvu CTL Room M104A

Organize Your Time!  When is the last time you asked yourself “How am I going to get all of this done??” You are not alone! This interactive workshop offers evidence-based strategies and the opportunity to start figuring out what will work best for YOU: you will not only to learn about ways to make the most out of your time, but also do some actual work toward your own scheduling and planning needs.  Monday, February 23, 4-5pm, Poorvu CTL Room M104A

STEM Navigators Study Hall.  Snacks? While studying and meeting peers? Come complete your p-sets, study, and meet your peers in your STEM courses. Snacks and peer mentors are here to help you with any questions about majors, summer opportunities, or classes to take in the future!  NOTE: Tutoring NOT provided by mentors!  Sunday, February 18, 2-5pm, Poorvu CTL Room 120A

The Office of Career Strategy (OCS) offers career advising, professional school advising, employment and internship opportunities, and career development resources. The office works with students and alumni to clarify career aspirations, identify opportunities, and offer support at every stage of career development. Check out OCS events, opportunities, and services at

Yale and outside funding options can help support research, study abroad, public service, unpaid internships, and self-designed projects, in New Haven and around the globe. Postgraduate fellowships support independent projects, graduate study, and much more. The Office of Fellowships and Funding helps students identify funding opportunities and navigate the application process.  Visit to learn more.

Not sure where to begin the fellowships process? Refer to this step-by-step guide on How to Apply for Fellowships.  The first step in planning a strong fellowship application is to identify your short-term or long-term personal and academic goals, which will help you determine the kind of project you want to pursue. Read about Yalies who have previously won fellowships.

Fellowships & Funding Upcoming Events
Info Session for UK Fellowships: Rhodes & Beyond #2.  Postgraduate study in the United Kingdom or Ireland offers all kinds of exciting opportunities, but finding the right fit is key. In this information session, you will learn about available opportunities and the application process, as well as resources to strengthen your application.  Tuesday, February 20, 12:30-1:30pm, 55 Whitney Ave, Room 305

Fulbright Session: General Information Session #2.  Attend this information, hosted by Senior Associate Director and Yale’s Fulbright Program Advisor, Jill Carrera, to learn what Fulbright is, what it covers, and whether the program is a good fit for you. We will also discuss important changes to the on-campus review process for the upcoming application cycle.  Tuesday, February 20, 3-4pm, Online Event (click for Zoom link)

[Deadline]  Yale College Dean’s Research Fellowship and the Rosenfeld Science Scholars Program seek to promote the academic development of promising students through engagement in original scientific research and provide fellowship support for undergraduate STEM research projects. Awardees will be selected from among currently enrolled sophomores and juniors.  Applicants may be pursuing a degree in any major offered by Yale College, but must be proposing research in the natural sciences, engineering, mathematics, and computer science. Apply through the Yale Student Grants Database by Thursday, February 22, 3pm.

[Deadline]  Beinecke Scholarships are awarded to undergraduates to support graduate study at a university in the United States or abroad. The program “seeks to encourage and enable highly motivated students to pursue opportunities available to them and to be courageous in the selection of graduate course of study in the arts, humanities, and social sciences.”  Members of the Class of 2025 apply for Yale’s nomination for the Beinecke by February 23, 1pm

Yale Study Abroad helps students choose from hundreds of study abroad options including Yale Summer Session Abroad, Non-Yale Summer Abroad, and Year or Term Abroad.

Study Abroad Deadlines. All deadlines are 11:59pm ET on the date listed below. Visit the Study Abroad website for more details and list of designated programs.
  Summer 2024
  Credit for Non-Yale Summer Abroad:  March 5
  Petition for Summer Programs not on Yale’s Designated List:  March 5

  Full Year 2024-2025 Abroad
  Credit for Full Year Abroad:  April 2
  Petition for Full Year Programs not on Yale’s Designated List:  April 2
  Balliol College, Oxford University: Junior Year Abroad Program for English Majors:  April 2

  Fall 2024 Abroad
  Credit for Fall Term Abroad:  April 2
  Petition for Fall Programs not on Yale’s Designated List:  April 2

Study Abroad Upcoming Events
IES Abroad: Drop-in Office Hours.  Ranging from a few weeks to a few months, IES Abroad offers summer study abroad programs in a wide variety of disciplines, locations, and languages. Meet with College Relations Manager Lucy Amon to help answer any questions you have.  Tuesday, February 20, 2-4pm, 55 Whitney Avenue, Room 305

SIT Study Abroad Info Session.  Join Melissa Phineus, University Relations Manager & DEI Outreach Specialist for SIT Study Abroad, for an in-person session that highlights the many SIT Study Abroad programs available to you. Wednesday, February 21, 4-5pm, 55 Whitney Avenue, Room 369

Need to Get or Renew Your Passport? 
Don’t wait to ensure you have the necessary travel documents! All passports should be valid at least 6 months beyond the end date of your anticipated study abroad program. Even if you are not yet sure that you will study abroad, you should have a valid passport at least three months in advance, if possible.
U.S. citizens should visit the U.S. Department of State’s website for information about applying for or renewing a passport.  You can apply at the Yale Station post office in New Haven or the New Haven Free Public Library. Get a passport photo at the Yale ID Center (55 Lock Street). 
The current estimated wait time for U.S. passport processing is 6-8 weeks. This process starts once the State Department receives your application and does not factor in mailing times. For additional information, visit our Travel Planning & Logistics page.

Yale Summer Session (YSS) offers a broad range of courses, taught by Yale faculty, for Yale College credit in New Haven, online, and abroad.  Visit to learn more and browse Summer 2024 course offerings.

Tsai CITY Innovator’s Toolkit Workshop: Ambition to Action: Embedding Social Impact in Startup DNA?
  This dynamic workshop will allow you to explore how various stakeholders within a company can both champion social impact internally and measure their social impact footprint as a business, whether you’re interested in creating a startup with social impact from day one or advancing social impact within an existing corporation.  (Wednesday, February 21, 5-7pm, Tsai CITY, 17 Prospect St (click to register!)

Is a Career in Public Health Right for Me?  Yale College students and Yalies from across all professional schools are invited to explore pursuing a Public Health degree and exciting job possibilities where you can make a difference. Please join us for a discussion co-sponsored by 1stGenYale and Yale School of Public Health (YSPH). Tuesday, February 20, 5:30-7pm, Yale School of Public Health, 47 College St, Classroom 106B (Click to Register!)

Opportunity for Seniors:  Woodbridge Fellowship.  Established in 2005 by President Richard C. Levin, the Woodbridge Fellowship introduces recent Yale College graduates to the work and administration of Yale. The fellowship provides valuable professional experience for potential careers in higher education and non-profit organizations, particularly for recent graduates belonging to minority communities currently underrepresented in university administration. Fellowships are full-time paid positions in the offices of university leaders, who take active interest in fellows’ professional development.

For more information on available positions and to submit applications, please visit our website.
To hear from current fellows, attend the upcoming information session on Wednesday, February 28, 3-4pm in WTS B74 (register here)

Apply for Center for Language Study’s Fall 2024 Programs.  The Yale Center for Language Study is now accepting applications for the Fall 2024 semester. The application deadline for either program  is March 1st at 1pm
   *  The Directed Independent Language Study (DILS) Program gives students the opportunity to study a language that is not currently taught in a Yale classroom.
   *  The Fields Program gives students the opportunity to pursue advanced-level language study within the context of their academic area of focus (generally in areas other literature if the language is taught at Yale, since advanced coursework in literature would likely be available).
Both are non-credit programs, open to all enrolled Yale students. In each program, students work with a Language Partner—a native speaker of the target language (not a formal instructor)—in two 1-hour sessions for 12 weeks. The sessions aim to develop linguistic and cultural competence through active conversation and practice of what you are studying independently. With a limited number of slots available, a selection committee reviews all applications for their merit and appropriateness, and notifies students of its decisions within four to six weeks after the application deadline.
Details on each program and how to apply can be found at these links:
   *  Directed Independent Language Study (DILS):
   *  Fields Program:
Please note that all applications must be received by the application deadline, March 1, 1pm (this includes applications for continued study from current DILS or Fields students)

Job Opportunity:  Pathways Summer Scholars Programs is seeking Yale students to serve as Teaching Assistants or Residential Advisors. Every year, the Yale Pathways Summer Scholars Programs welcomes over 150 local public high school students to campus free of cost to take part in STEM and Arts & Humanities classes with Yale faculty and students. Students will have the unique opportunity to learn about coding, neuroscience, engineering, art-making, art history, college essay writing, and more.  Join us this summer in inspiring the next generation! For more information and to apply, search “Pathways” at
   Teaching Assistants (TAs).  TAs help with logistical needs of the program, plan activities, serve as mentors and chaperones to students, and aid instructors in the classroom. To get a better sense of what Summer Scholars looks like, check out last summer’s Closing Ceremony videos for the STEM and Arts & Humanities programs! Prospective TAs must be able to commit to a one month-long commitment, July 1-August 2. This is a full-time position with an hourly wage; we’ll be working from 8:30am to 4:30pm five days a week.
We’re looking for folks with maturity, enthusiasm, organizational skills, a sense of humor and a genuine interest in young people and outreach. If you have worked or volunteered in education, tutored young people, or anything else that’s related, we want to hear it in your application. Previous work with youth is preferred but not required, and content knowledge in STEM or Arts & Humanities is not required.
    Residential Advisors (RAs).  During the STEM program, about 40 rising high school seniors are granted the special opportunity of living in one of the Residential Colleges, returning home on the weekend between each one week-long session. RAs live with students in the Residential Colleges and their primary responsibility will be to supervise and mentor residential students. They will also be asked to help with logistical needs, plan activities, and participate in college readiness programming. Each RA will be responsible for about 10 students.  Prospective RAs must be able to make a three week-long commitment, July 1-19.  This is a full-time paid position; with shifts starting at 3pm. Room and board are provided for the duration of the program in addition to a $1600 stipend.

Walden Peer Counseling. Walden Peer Counseling is one of the oldest anonymous and confidential hotline and walk-in peer counseling services in the US. Staffed exclusively by Yale undergraduates, we are available to talk about anything that’s on your mind. We are open every weekday and weekend night during the academic year when classes are in session; the hotline operates from 8pm to 8am every night. Our office, in the Welch B basement, is open from 8pm to 1am Sunday through Thursday. The number for the hotline is (203) 432-TALK (203-432-8255).

From YC3
Mindfulness Mondays. This new YC3 program explores meditation skills that can help benefit the body and mind, while being effective for stress management solutions. Research shows that meditation practice can help reduce stress, improve sleep, and boost self-compassion with 10 minutes of daily practice. This space is useful for continued learning of experienced meditators and for beginners. Drop-ins are welcomed, but you’ll get more out of your practice if you come every week! Monday, February 19, 1-1:30pm, Good Life Center lounge in Schwarzman

The Art of Standing on Business: How to make & feel good about your decisions.  Do you often feel indecisive or hesitant when having to make a choice? Do you sometimes feel fearful of making the wrong decision? Do you feel overwhelmed by having too many options to choose from? Do you struggle to stick with your choice/decision? YC3 is here to help you feel confident thinking through your options and making a well-informed decision in all aspects of life: academic classes, relationship dilemmas, finances, living accommodations, etc. Thursday, February 22, 3-3:45pm, Good Life Center Lounge in Schwarzman (click to register)

The Power of Perseverance.  Do you often find yourself overthinking, always trying to be perfect, revisiting past failures? This workshop will focus on growth mindset, the idea that we can improve and learn from our mistakes, while approaching challenges as opportunities for growth, and stepping out of our comfort zone.  Friday, February 23, 3-4pm, Good Life Center Lounge in Schwarzman (click to register).  

From the Yale Library
First Steps With Zotero.  In 30 minutes, get started using Zotero, free software to help you manage your research, take notes, and create a bibliography.  Monday, February 19, 8pm, Online Event (click for link!)

Class of 2025 Info Session: Senior Exhibit Fellowship At Yale Library.  Learn about the Senior Exhibit Fellowship at Yale Library, including tips for creating a successful proposal, review past exhibitions for inspiration, and be able to ask questions to librarians and exhibit staff.
  Tuesday, February 20, 4pm, Online Event (click for link)
  Thursday, February 22, 12pm noon, Online Event (click for link)

Latte With A Librarian.  Meet with a librarian for a drop-in research consultation. Any student who asks a library or research-related question will receive a FREE Yale Library travel mug!  Wednesday, February 21, 12:30pm, Thain Café, Bass Library

Therapy Dog Thursday.  Visit Bass Library to meet with Heidi, a yellow Labrador Retriever, whose sole job is to be a calming, comforting presence. See you there!  Thursday, February 22, 2pm, Bass Library

Advanced Search Techniques.  In 30 minutes, learn skills to research like a librarian, including how to use advanced search techniques to find books and articles in Quicksearch.  Sunday, February 25, 1:30pm, Online Event (click for link)