Dean’s Notes

Dean's Notes 3-14-2022

TRUMBULL COLLEGE: March 14, 2022

We’re approaching midterm this Friday, March 18th. In addition to appointments that can be booked through Calendly, I’ll have three blocks of open Zoom hours over the coming week: TODAY, March 14th (2:30-4:30pm); WED, March 16th (10am-noon); and FRI, March 18th (10am-noon). With open hours, I’m able to talk to more than 4 students per hour, which is important at certain times of the term! Please know that I’m here for you if you want to talk through pretty much anything.

Dean's Notes 3-7-2022


I hope you all had a good weekend. Let the countdown to Spring Recess begin (I sure did miss that last year!)! Spring is very much in the air. Scroll to the end if you want to see what Sahej was up to yesterday… :)

Of course, between now and break will be a very busy time for everyone. I’ll reiterate this: Please know – I’m here – if you want to talk through anything.

Dean's Notes 2-28-2022

TRUMBULL COLLEGE: February 28, 2022

I know many of you have midterms/papers/projects/thesis work in full swing over the next few weeks. I wish you the very best with your work. You can do it!! And remember, self-care is very important! For some of you, get well soon – for others, stay well! Here is my once-per-term reminder that orange juice is a great source of Vitamin C! (I had a glass this morning!)

Please know – I’m here – if you want to talk through anything. Have a good week and take care.

Dean's Notes 2-21-22

TRUMBULL COLLEGE: February 21, 2022

I hope you are all enjoying this lovely Monday – the weather has been all over the place lately, but I feel like spring is coming soon!! I know that things have been picking up with exams/psets/papers/projects. Hang in there! I’m here if you want to talk through anything (please take note of my open Zoom hours, too).

The CCE application is due today – please see the blurb under “Other”.

It’s that time of year! Please save the date for next week and see the note about SAS accommodations below:

Dean's Notes 2-14-2022

TRUMBULL COLLEGE: February 14, 2022

Happy Valentine’s Day! :) I hope you all had a lovely weekend. What weird weather! It was very confusing for Sahej, who wanted to wear his winter hat on Saturday, but then didn’t want to wear a scarf yesterday. Oof.

As you scroll through the DNs, you’ll notice that there are a lot of deadlines this week, including tomorrow, February 15th (Professional School Course Blue form & YSS Study Abroad).

Dean's Notes 2-7-2022

TRUMBULL COLLEGE: February 7, 2022

I hope you are all settling in nicely for the term and hope you enjoyed the weekend. Class schedules are set, and in-person classes start today! I am sure it will be a bit of an adjustment this week, particularly navigating when you have back-to-back classes. Wishing you all the very best. The days are getting a little longer each day, which is a wonderful thing! :)

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