Dean’s Notes

Dean's Notes 12-7-2021

Apologies for the delay in sending out Dean’s Notes this week! Here we are: the last week of classes. You’re busy with assignments/exams/papers/projects – hang in there everyone! Know that I’m here to talk. I have a couple of sets of open Zoom hours (one this afternoon!) this week in addition to appointments (see below). Please know that I will hold in-person and Zoom office hours until the last day of finals.

Dean's Notes 11-29-2021

TRUMBULL COLLEGE: November 29, 2021

Hope you had a nice November Recess! I hope you took some time to rest and rejuvenate. It took me a little while to truly unwind, but once I did, it was restorative. I did a lot of the cooking on Thanksgiving Day at my parents’ house and it was fun – Sahej was happily occupied with all of his grandparents doting on him. :)

And now for the final stretch of the term! I know the next ~four weeks are going to be very busy. However, right after that, we’ll have another, more restorative break! Hang in there.

Dean's Notes 11-15-2021

A few more days, and there will be a nice, one-week break! Have fun at The Game! All the best to our football players!

Since there won’t be Dean’s Notes next week, I’ll also take a moment now to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving. You make my life here at Yale and in Trumbull incredibly rewarding – I’m thankful that I get to be your Dean. Seeing you, in-person, in the dining hall, my office and around campus has been such a blessing.

Dean's Notes 11-8-2021

Two more weeks of classes before The Game and November Recess! Hang in there, Trumbullians! :) Please know that I’m here for you – to listen/talk, for support, and to cheer you on.

It was so nice to see many of you at Rumble on Friday – huge thanks to TCC for such a wonderful event, particularly given the emergency that afternoon! I particularly loved the switch to hot cider this year!! :)

Dean's Notes 10-4-2021

TRUMBULL COLLEGE: October 4, 2021

Although today is clearly different, it sure was a beautiful weekend! Congrats to TCC on a successful Trumball! Sahej did some quality control and tested the dance floor on Friday afternoon – he wanted to make sure it was ready for everyone. ;)
I know it’s a busy time. I wish you all the best with your exams, psets, essays/papers and projects (and everything else) this week! Please know that I’m here for support, so don’t hesitate to set up a meeting, or visit my Friday morning open Zoom office hours (more info below).

Dean's Notes 9-27-2021

TRUMBULL COLLEGE: September 27, 2021

I know that your academic work is really starting to pick up and believe it or not, midterm season has begun. I strongly encourage you to carve out some time for the upcoming Academic Strategies workshops, which are tailored to what you might need right now: Exam Study Strategies, Managing a Heavy Reading Load, Time Management (!), etc – check them out below. You also may find it helpful to meet with an Academic Strategies Mentor. Also, see the blurb under “Tutoring” about our amazing TC Writing Tutor, Adam Sexton!

Dean's Notes 9-20-21

TRUMBULL COLLEGE: September 20, 2021

Hope you are all enjoying this crisp Monday! I love this weather, and am glad that we stocked up on fall clothes for Sahej, since he has grown a lot since the weather was last on the cooler side (He “turned” 2 ½ yesterday – he had a bowl of brownie pudding in the dining hall :)).

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